Tournament Review – Tyranids

Yesterday was a 40K tournament at Critical Hit, and I finished third! It’s not as good as it sounds; I finished third out of four players. The turn out was lower than I hoped and I was hoping that I could try my list out against some new players. However, all I got to do was test the list against players I usually play against, Augustus and one other semi regular player. The list I played was not the one I listed on here earlier; I made some changes to that list.


The Swarmlord
Three Tyrant Guards (with toxin sacs)
Flying Hive Tyrant with 2 TL Devourers w/ Brainleech worms
30 Termagants
Hive Crone
Three Genestealer Broods
And finally the Dimachaeron


The first game I faced Augustus and his Eldar. I wasn’t even all that competitive, but for how many of my Nids that died, I was winning the game until about turn four. Truthfully though, by the end of the game, I was nearly tabled. I couldn’t make a charge, my fleet roles were usually worse than the original roles, even when I was rolling ones. It was a fun game, but it was not a good game for the Tyranids.


The second game went a lot better for me. It was my Nids vs. the Sisters of Battle. This time, a lot went my way. I was able to get off charges, my run rolls were so good I hardly needed to use fleet, and I when I was in close combat, I was very successful. It was a brutal game for those poor women. The Swarmlord, his Guard, and the Dimachaeron took on the Saint, her unit, and two more units with only three wounds on the guard and one on the Dimachaeron to show for it. My Tyranids just ate up the competition.

After this game, being 1 – 1 in the tournament, I decided that since there was no winnings for second place, I would concede the third game to Severus and his Tau. I did play that list before and I know what it could do.

So, I finished third out of four players, but not all was a loss. I did win best painted. And truthfully, I entered to have fun, see how my list would do against other players, and to try and win best painted.


My only disappointment was in the turnout; I wish there were more players to play against.

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