Unit Review: Tyranid Dimachaeron

Shorereaper here, and I thought I would get an early review of my newest Tyranid unit, the Dimachaeron. I know, a couple of reviews are already out there, but I wanted to give my own opinion. And obviously, my model is a work in progress.

Dimachaeron 2

First, the model looks awesome. It really looks so much better in person than it does in pictures. It is about the size of a Mawloc, and towers over the Swarmlord. I had some issues with assembly, but in the end it still looks amazing.

This past weekend, I got two games in with the Dimachaeron, and I had mixed results with it. The first game was against Severus and his Tau. The Dimachaeron died before it did anything productive. Granted, it took almost the entire Tau Army to bring him down, but he was brought down in the end. The second game was against Augustus and his Minotaurs. That game went much better for the Nids and me… and the Dimachaeron. In the game the Dimachaeron took out 5 Sternguard, most of Mawloc’s guards, and he didn’t even die. Like most Tyranids, this thing is a beast in close combat.

The Dimachaeron is a fast attack choice for the Tyranid Army, and it has a Stat line of WS8, BS3, S6, T6, W6, I6, A5, Ld10, and a 3+ save. The unit type is Monstrous Creature (Leaper). As a leaper, he still moves six inches in the movement phase, but if he chooses to leap in the movement phase, he can leap over terrain, but then he cannot leap in the assault phase. Like jump infantry, if he begins or ends his move (while leaping) in difficult terrain, he must take a dangerous terrain test. If the Dimachaeron leaps in the assault phase, he gets +1S to his hammer of wrath attacks, and the strikedown special rule.

The special rules that the Dimachaeron has are the Instinctive Behavior of Feed and Rampage. Its weapons are Sickle Claws, Grasping Talons, Thorax Spine-maw, and Adrenal glands. So, it has furious charge and fleet, as well as all the rules a Monstrous Creature come with, like move through cover.

Dimachaeron 1Next, I am going to try and give a summary of its weapons, without going into too much detail. The Talons are melee weapons that are +1S, AP2, and have the special rule of Spine-maw Strike. What Spine-maw brings to the table is one extra initiative 1 attack if the controlling player rolls any To Hit rolls of 6. This attack can be made against any infantry units that do not have the extremely bulky special rule and is resolved at +4S, AP1, and caused instant death and Digestion Spine. Digestion Spine gives the Dimachaeron a number of plasm tokens equal to the number of wounds the model removed had, base wounds, not wounds at the time of removal. Are you confused yet? For example, a Captain would give up three plasm tokens. At the of each of it’s following turns, the controlling player removes one of these plasm tokens. As long as it has one of these tokens, the Dimachaeron has Feel No Pain (4+) special rule.

The Sickle Claws are much less confusing. Attacks with the Sickle Claws are resolved at the users strength and on a To Wound roll of 4+, they cause instant death.

So, to recap, the Dimachaeron has 5 attacks base, plus one for the second close combat weapon, plus D3 attacks for Rampage, Hammer of Wrath attacks, potentially another attack at initiative one, plus one more for the charge, and finally with feed, the Dimachaeron can get another one on the charge. This Monster has the potential of 13 attacks on a charge. I am not saying that he is unbeatable, that is very possible, but he is a beast. In fact, in my opinion, he may even be underpriced.

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