Tournament Tyranids List 1750 PTS

Tournament Tyranids List 1750 PTS

So Augustus and Severus blogged about the lists they expect to take to the Tournament in a few weeks, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt if I did. I am going to run my Tyranids, but I am entering the tournament to have fun and see how my 2K-point list would do, obviously reduced to 1750 points. In my list I am including:

The Swarmlord
Hive Guard Brood (3)
Flying Hive Tyrant with 2 Twinlinked Devourers W/ Brainleech Worms


10 Genestealers (and one extra talon)
30 Termagants

Hive Crone
Hive Crone

Carnifex with Adrenal Glands
Carnifex with Adrenal Glands

So, do I think this list will be competitive? Truthfully, it is not the most competitive list I could bring. I know I could drop the Genestealers for another Crone, Carnifes are not the best unit for their price, and dropping the Swarmlord for another Flying HT would probably be a much better list. But I know this list; it’s not a list that I will be playing for the first time.

The Swarmlord, with his guard, has 11 wounds, meaning I will probably be able to get him into close combat, and just wreck units. The Flying HT will give me synapse where I need it (in theory), plus 12 twin-linked shots at S6 is a powerful weapon. The Venomthrope gives me +2 to my cover saves, meaning I may be able get more units across the table with some wounds. Sure, it may give up first blood, but the cover will help.

10 Genestealers is a unit that cannot be ignored, but I expect them to be eliminated pretty quickly. I may actually split them into two small units, forcing my opponents to aim at them and split their fire. The Tervigon is a massive T6 MC with 6 wounds and objective secured. Plus it will be spawning at least one more objective secured unit. And of course, I took 30 Gants that will have to be knocked off an objective.

Two Hive Crones are my anti-air, and with a S6 AP4 template, I could cause some serious damage to anything, except for those darn Space Marines.

Finally, two Carnifexes with Adrenal Glands, my heavy anti-tank units. These I am just going to march right up the table. And with the Adrenal Glands giving me Fleet, I have an even better chance of getting off some good run moves.

I still see this as a weaker list, but I think it could be fun. I know I am going to struggle against those darn space elves, but at least Augustus is not bringing that damn Moloc, I hate Moloc. But I do see me struggling. I may do ok against the Orks, but Severus talked about an evil Tau list that may make me cry.

Not knowing exactly what I am facing, I am going in for the fun and the experience. And who knows, maybe the Tyranids will pull of the upset. Or maybe I will be the one who ends up upset.

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