Tournament Test Game – Orks

Howdy all, Severus here.  Time to get rolling with my view on the battle.  You can check out the ork list here and the eldar list here.  Any who, the mission type was crusade with the three objectives scattered around no-man’s land.  Deployment was Dawn of War.  Augustus won the roll so he chose his side and chose to setup first.  He setup with a heavy concentration of fire power (bikes, 2X wave serpents, wraithknight, and war walkers) all on what would be my right flank (left in the picture).

SeaLife DC1400My counter deployment was pretty good.  I put the battlewagon with the lootas near center.  With AV14 on the front, I could feel safe about it not having cover.  I placed a shoota boy mob around it. The wagon gave them cover and they bubble wrapped the softer rear and side armor to keep pesky warp spiders out.  To the left of my battlewagon (right in the picture), I put a mob of slugga choppa boys.  I stuck a pain boy and Ghazzy in there.  Augustus is smart enough to stay well away from Ghazzy, so I hoped that would keep him from trying to sweep around to that flank.  To my right (left in the picture) I put my second mob of slugga choppa boys with good old mad dok.  I know they lacked cover, but feel no pain and fearless should keep at least some of them alive.

PICT0020Turn 1 started off with bad news.  No night fighting and no seizing.  I knew going second would be tough.  Concentrated fire power and doom on mad dok’s unit killed all 30 boys.  The good news was mad dok lived with 2 wounds, so he was free to join another unit.  I had to change my game plan now.  My shoota boys would not be able to make combat this turn, and exposing them to more shooting would likely kill them.  So I decided to try to move up slowly between the rock formation and the Battlewagon.  My other unit of slugga choppa boys moved as fast as they could towards the eldar lines.  Unfortunately they could not run due to Ghazzy’s slow and purposeful.  The lootas didn’t do any damage to the wave serpent they targeted thanks to its jinking.

Turn 2 gave me a chance.  Augusts poured EVERYTHING into the shoota boy mob.  Both units of warp spiders showed up on my right flank, shot, and then hid behind the rock formation.  I was making cover and feel no pain saves like a fiend.  August was clever and tried to move his bikes and warp spiders up at such an angle that they could put wounds on Mad Dok, but he lived again.  All in all, I lost another 23 boys.

SeaLife DC1400In retaliation, I called my waaagh.  One dakka jet showed up and targeted the bikes, killing one (they only had a 3+ armor and no re-rolls, so I thought I could do more damage than that).  Mad Dok and his remaining boys moved in on one unit of warp spiders.  Ghazzy and his boys moved straight across the table, they had two targets.  If I rolled well on my run I could make a decent charge on the bike unit, if I failed I could charge the other warp spiders.  I rolled a 1 for the run move.  In other news, the lootas took aim at the now poorly positioned war walkers and killed all three.  In combat both units of warp spiders died, leaving my boys uncomfortably exposed.

Turn 3 saw the death of both mobs of boys (despite still very awesome saves on my part), the death of mad dok, the pain boy, and Ghazzy (who had his 2+ invuln still).  After that it was all over but the crying.  We played it out to turn 5, but by then I had a single hull point dakka jet left.  So, consider it a tabling.

Looking back, I know I made a few mistakes.  I should have deployed more in cover.  Feel no pain helped a lot, but adding a cover save on top of that would have been better.  Losing a third of my infantry before I got to move was a big blow.  Ghazzy was a poor choice.  He slowed his unit down and because of that never saw any meaningful combat.  A regular warboss would have been just fine and a lot cheaper.  I also needed to be much more aggressive, sitting and hiding turn 1 really gave the momentum to Augustus.  I should have pushed forward as planned.

Still, despite my errors, it was clear to me that this list can not handle that eldar list. It was not a close game, it was a slaughter.  In the end, I killed 3 war walkers, 10 warp spiders and a jet bike.  I think I killed a few dire avengers with dakka jets at one point also.

In tournament terms, it is back to the drawing board.  I have another list that I want to try out, but now I am not so sure the orks can hang with the big dogs (space marines, eldar, and tau).  Starting to think I may dust off the tau for the little in-store tournament.  I already wrote a list.  I named it Hobby Killer.

Be sure to check out Augustus’ version of events here.  Until next time, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

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