Tournament Ork List 1750pts

Howdy everyone, it’s Severus again.  Last week I talked about the tournament woes of the orks.  I think I found a list that could compete, so I decided to test it out prior to the tournament.  Nothing like jumping into the deep end, I tried it out against Augustus’ Eldar.  Before we get into the battle report itself, lets go over the list.

First off it is 1750 pts and I decided to use a single combined arms detachment.  I know, I have argued about the benefits of the ork horde detachemnt.  Honestly though, I felt like I didn’t need that third HQ slot, so I took the CAD to get objective secured.

Mad Dok Grotsnik
Pain Boy

30 boys, Nob with power klaw and boss pole (slugga choppa)
30 boys, Nob with power klaw and boss pole (slugga choppa)
30 boys, Nob with power klaw and boss pole (shootas)

Dakka Jet with additional supa shoota
Dakka Jet with additional supa shoota

Battlewagon with extra armor, deff rolla, grot riggers, and big shoota
15 lootas

Total is 1740pts

The idea behind this list is that with 90 boys I can make a big enough footprint that the enemy can’t skirt around my force.  Something should make it into assault range, and there we will shine.  Pushing 90 bodies up the table applies some real pressure.  The lootas and dakka jets offer some shooting support to try to cover my advance.

Mad dok goes in one unit of boys.  Giving them fearless and feel no pain is huge, plus he aint bad in a fight.  Ghazghkull goes in another.  His leadership 9 is great for the mob rule, and of course he is a beast in a fight.  His waaagh also allows him to run even though he is slow and purposeful, gives him a 2+ invuln and makes all the boys and lootas fearless for a game turn.  I throw the pain boy into to Ghazzy’s unit to make them that much tougher.  That is 60 T4 wounds with feel no pain.  Plus with a little clever use of cover they can be tougher.

I throw my lootas in the battlewagon for protection.  Allows them to hide in relative safety and can move quickly if the need to re-position.  This unit has done well for me recently.  Leaving lootas out in the open (even in cover) is a dangerous choice.  If your opponents realize the fire they can put out, they target them quickly.

The dakka jets are there for more fire support and to give my list some anti air.  I know, they are not that good.  I am limited by the models I have.  If I had 5 mek guns, I would easily run them over dakka jets.  In a pinch though, dakka jets will work.  The only thing I have had real trouble with in the past is the stormraven (an now it’s space wolf cousins).

So, that was theory behind the list.  Lets see how it played out.


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