Carcharodon Week

In honor of shark week I decided to do a quick review of my second army, the Carcharodons. First, everyone needs to understand why I picked the Space Sharks. They were not my first Army; in fact, they were my 5th Army (and now have the nickname “The F-ing 5th). I never really thought building a loyalist chapter. But someone who became a good friend of mine, the Lord Primarch, showed me a picture of the Carcharodon emblem and I had to have them as an army.


See, I am a certified diver who is fascinated by sharks, the Great White Shark specifically. In fact, I have even had the opportunity of going cage diving with great whites off the Island of Guadeloupe (an experience I highly recommend and will be doing agin myself). So, the Primarch showed me Forgeworld’s Carcharodon icon, and I immediately had to start collecting a loyalist chapter. And with me being me, I went all in. It did not take long before I had more than 2K in points, Forgeworld orders, and even the FW Badab War book set. My name is Shorereaper, and I have a problem, I am addicted to Warhammer 40K.

tzitzimitl - air demon

Now, the chapter itself I find fascinating. The founding chapter of the Carcharodons is unknown, meaning that one does not use any of the Chapter Tactics in the Space Marine codex. They are a very aggressive chapter. I have heard them compared to the Raven Guard and the Night Lords but I am not sure they fall under either of those Chapters (and the Night Lords theory is just scary). I like the mysteriousness of not knowing exactly who are the progenitors of the Carcharodons. But, with that, you have to use Forgeworld chapter tactics and rules. And for the Carcharodons, this is interesting.

First, all models with the Carcharodon Chapter Tactics gain the Fear special rule, something I usually forget. Second, any model in a tactical squad can exchange their boltgun for a second close combat weapon at no cost or add a second close combat weapon at a cost of 1 point per model keeping the boltgun. The rules also say that all of this must be represented on the model. So far I am lucky in that none of the people I play have held me to that. I do usually upgrade my tactical squads with the extra close combat weapon, but I also keep them equipped with the boltguns. At one point per model, it seems like a steal.

The Carcharodons also get the Blood Hunger. What this means is that after a Carcharodon unit either destroys an infranty unit or causes one to fall back (in close combat for both), they gain the Rage special rule. However, they also have to consolidate towards the nearest enemy unit that they can damage in assault. It should also be noted that unless Forgeworld changes their rules, the Carcharodons can only ally with imperial units as Desperate Allies. I guess this makes sense though, with how violent they are, they must seem to be on the verge of falling to Chaos to the other loyalist Chapters.

The Chapter Master of the Carcharodons is Tyberos the Red Wake. He is a 190-point model with the standard Chapter Master stat-line. I would give nearly anything for him to have eternal warrior, but all he has is the standard Terminator Armour. In almost every game I have used Tyberos in; he died via instant Death. The Chapter Master is equipped with Hunger and Slake. Basically, Tyberos is equipped with Lightning Claws and a Chainfist, which explains his point value. He does have the ability to split his attacks between Hunger and Slake; he is not limited to one or the other.

Tyberos brings some interesting benefits as well. First, if the Red Wake becomes subject to Rage, he and any units with Rage gain +1 Strength for the duration of the battle. Second, any Army that includes Tyberos may include a unit of Terminators equipped with lightning claws as Troops. This opens up the option of a Land Raider with objective secured. Finally, if Tyberos is included he must be the Warlord, and his warlord trait is Savagery Beyond Reason. Tyberos and any unit he joins has the Preferred Enemy (Infranty) special rule. So, You can a squad of Lightning Claw equipped Terminators with Shred, Prefered Enemy, +1 Strength, and Rage. If one ever gets their unit to that point, they are close combat fiends. Plus their Land Raider is an armour 14 Objective Secured Tank.


Now, when I play my Carcharodons, I usually have two units of bikes as Troops (I know, I have to have a captain on a bike), a Tactical Squad with the extra close combat weapons, and those Terminators. It is a fun and somewhat fluffy list. Add in some Stormtalons for Anti-Air and a unit of Sternguard for Anti-MC, and it is a decent, but not an amazing list.

So, there you go. In honor of Shark Week, a brief review of the Carcharodons. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Always great to see more Carcharodon posts.

    A little new info on their background: Horus Heresy 3 pretty much spells it out explicitly but without naming names, that the Carcharodons were the “original” Raven Guard who were sent away by Corax. Apparently the Primarch didn’t like how brutal they were and how they would often engage in missions that reminded him of the slave masters from his youth, so he sent them on a mission outside the galaxy and never called them back.

    The Nicor also has the honor of being one of the Imperium’s greatest and strongest warships, with shields and a main gun you can only find on ships far larger than the Nicor.

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