Severus’s Return and Weekend Report

Gandalf_the_White_returnsHowdy everyone, Severus here again.  I (and my massive ego, yes I am comparing myself to Gandulf the White) have returned.  It was nice to take a week away from the hobby and the blog.  Like a crack addict though, I was not able to stay away for long.  So what did I miss?

Apparently the Space Wolves are out in full force now.  Looks like a trickle release so far, although they did drop the book week 2.  So, that’s awesome.  In terms of the book, I have yet to lay my hands on one.  No massive rumblings on the net so far in terms of internal army issues.  Although, I have seen some sneaky gits talking about using a drop pod (which can be purchased as a fast attack slot) to bring various allied units down into battle.

I really want to see the space wolves on the table.  I personally don’t like them, but nothing gives me more pleasure than killing them.  Unfortunately, there is not an active space wolf player in our local group.  So unless one of the son’s of fenris steps out of the den they are hiding in, I doubt we will get much exposure to them.  In other words, don’t expect an in depth review of the codex.

I actually got a few games in since I last reported in.  Before I left, I got a game in against the Lord Primarch with his orks versus my clan sorrgol Iron Hands.  Generally speaking I tend to run my Iron hands in a lot of vehicles.  I try to punch forward into my enemy’s lines then dump all the marines out and fight my way out.  Well, in this case I did not drive far enough forward.  In the end I ended up with 3 combat squads way to far back and that let the orks sneak out a win against me.

I got another game in Saturday with my Iron Hands against the much loathed Tau Empire.  It ended up being a crusade game with dawn of war deployment.  My opponent did not have the hardest tau list ever. Wall of fire warriors, 4 broadsides, a riptide, a hammerhead, Aun’Shi, Cadre Fireblade, a razorshark fighter, some marker drones, and about 40 kroot. Regardless, it made for a decent firebase with the kroot on both flanks waiting to jump on juice targets of opportunity.

I was able to weather the fire power pretty well in my transports. This time I got out at the right spot (aka 6 inches from the tau lines) and was able to break his lines quite well.  It turned into a very one sided affair by the end, a 10-4 victory for the Iron Hands.  The Iron Hands really showed there resilience that game.  Tanks were hard to take down and the feel no pain saves came in handy.

I guess to wrap this up, I wanted to give a report on our little community at Critical Hit.  Our 40k community continues to grow slowly.  We see a few new guys trickle in each month, I hope you guys keep coming back.  We are prepping for a little in store tournament at the end of the month, so start trying out some 1750 point lists.  In terms of fantasy, I have talked to a lot of guys lately about getting together.  Just waiting on word from a club that plays in Dropzone Games. We should have a game day setup soon.

That about does it for me.  Hope you guys enjoy the articles Shorereaper and Augustus brought you while I was out.  Until next time, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

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