Weekend in Review

Well, this weekend was full of lessons. First, it takes a lot less time to get to the airport than I thought it did. Dropping off Severus was supposed to take 45 minutes; it actually took about half an hour. Of course after I dropped him off, I ran to the game store, and my Tyranids took a beating.

The Lord Primarch brough out his Ultramarines, and decided to teach me a few lessons. Lesson one; lists that he believes will do OK usually do fantastic. Lesson two, trying to march the Swarmlord up the field when there are Centurions with grav guns on the table is a bad idea (I should have known this). Lesson three; Keep Tyranids in cover (I really should have known this too). And lesson four; it is possible to lose so bad that you have to concede in turn two.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what the Primarch fielded in his list. I lost badly. The Swarmlord died in turn one to the Centurions. I know now that I should have been cover hopping (I really should have known that), but I got cocky, I thought I could make it further up the field. Yea, 11 wounds with AP2 is going to march straight through the Tyrant Guard and the Swarmlord. Tactics did me in.

By the end of the first turn the Primarch killed the Swarmlord, his three guard, a carnifex, 13 of 14 Genestealers, and seriously wounded the other Carnifex. And in turn two, when I used my Raveners for the first time, they died in his half of turn two. I guess that is lesson five, which I should have already known as well. One does not deepstrike with an assault unit. I had to decide if I should run or shoot. Running would help me spread out and avoid massive damage from a blast template and get me into cover. Shooting may kill one of the three centurions. I chose to run. The Raveners took a lot of firepower, but they did end up falling in the end. It would have helped if I remembered that I got off Catalyst on them, but I didn’t and I removed them from the table.

Sure, the Raveners took a lot of firepower, but it doesn’t make up for the fact that they did nothing else but roll over and die.

Sadly, because of how late I started, and how demoralized I was, I couldn’t get a second game in on Saturday. And no one was around to get a game in on Sunday. However, looking at the positives, I did learn a lot (of stuff I should have already known) during one of the shortest games I ever played in.

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