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Hello everyone! The time has come to unveil my Space Marine: Minotaur collection. I chose this chapter mostly because I love the color scheme. Ideally I would have chosen an army with a Roman, rather than Greek background, but Ultramarines, who have the most clear Roman roots, do not have the gold/bronze and red that I was looking for. As for the specific paints to use, those were recommended by the Primarch, and I believe turned out to be a great combination.

I also wanted to use this opportunity to showcase Critical Hit’s new imperial sector scenery, made using the new GW tiles and existing building kits. All of the pictures you see here are taken with it as the backdrop.

Drop Pods
Let us begin with my Space Marine transport of choice. I wanted to build a Drop Pod army, because it is the most unique and powerful feature that this army has. As an opponent, I had felt the shock and awe of this tactic, and definitely wanted a piece for myself:

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Besides the color scheme, I used both etched brass and transfers to make my minotaurs look unique. Both come with five greek letters, and it just so happens that there are 5 squads in my 2,000 point list. Therefore, each squad is assigned a letter, and matching drop pod.

Tactical Marines

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This is my army’s basic color scheme, using Forgeworld transfers for the shoulder pads:

20140803-045359 pm-60839577.jpg

20140803-045359 pm-60839824.jpg


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I really love the look of these models. The special weapons, unique shoulder-pads and tabards definitely make them unique. I decided not to use the Forgeworld shoulder pads on tactical marines, because I really liked how the transfers looked. Therefore, I kept the pads for my veteran units, starting with the Sternguard:

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20140803-051339 pm-62019309.jpg

That’s it for now, see you next time for flyers and HQ!

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