Unit Review: Tyranid Dimachaeron

Shorereaper here, and I thought I would get an early review of my newest Tyranid unit, the Dimachaeron. I know, a couple of reviews are already out there, but I wanted to give my own opinion. And obviously, my model is a work in progress.

Dimachaeron 2

First, the model looks awesome. It really looks so much better in person than it does in pictures. It is about the size of a Mawloc, and towers over the Swarmlord. I had some issues with assembly, but in the end it still looks amazing.

This past weekend, I got two games in with the Dimachaeron, and I had mixed results with it. The first game was against Severus and his Tau. The Dimachaeron died before it did anything productive. Granted, it took almost the entire Tau Army to bring him down, but he was brought down in the end. The second game was against Augustus and his Minotaurs. That game went much better for the Nids and me… and the Dimachaeron. In the game the Dimachaeron took out 5 Sternguard, most of Mawloc’s guards, and he didn’t even die. Like most Tyranids, this thing is a beast in close combat.

The Dimachaeron is a fast attack choice for the Tyranid Army, and it has a Stat line of WS8, BS3, S6, T6, W6, I6, A5, Ld10, and a 3+ save. The unit type is Monstrous Creature (Leaper). As a leaper, he still moves six inches in the movement phase, but if he chooses to leap in the movement phase, he can leap over terrain, but then he cannot leap in the assault phase. Like jump infantry, if he begins or ends his move (while leaping) in difficult terrain, he must take a dangerous terrain test. If the Dimachaeron leaps in the assault phase, he gets +1S to his hammer of wrath attacks, and the strikedown special rule.

The special rules that the Dimachaeron has are the Instinctive Behavior of Feed and Rampage. Its weapons are Sickle Claws, Grasping Talons, Thorax Spine-maw, and Adrenal glands. So, it has furious charge and fleet, as well as all the rules a Monstrous Creature come with, like move through cover.

Dimachaeron 1Next, I am going to try and give a summary of its weapons, without going into too much detail. The Talons are melee weapons that are +1S, AP2, and have the special rule of Spine-maw Strike. What Spine-maw brings to the table is one extra initiative 1 attack if the controlling player rolls any To Hit rolls of 6. This attack can be made against any infantry units that do not have the extremely bulky special rule and is resolved at +4S, AP1, and caused instant death and Digestion Spine. Digestion Spine gives the Dimachaeron a number of plasm tokens equal to the number of wounds the model removed had, base wounds, not wounds at the time of removal. Are you confused yet? For example, a Captain would give up three plasm tokens. At the of each of it’s following turns, the controlling player removes one of these plasm tokens. As long as it has one of these tokens, the Dimachaeron has Feel No Pain (4+) special rule.

The Sickle Claws are much less confusing. Attacks with the Sickle Claws are resolved at the users strength and on a To Wound roll of 4+, they cause instant death.

So, to recap, the Dimachaeron has 5 attacks base, plus one for the second close combat weapon, plus D3 attacks for Rampage, Hammer of Wrath attacks, potentially another attack at initiative one, plus one more for the charge, and finally with feed, the Dimachaeron can get another one on the charge. This Monster has the potential of 13 attacks on a charge. I am not saying that he is unbeatable, that is very possible, but he is a beast. In fact, in my opinion, he may even be underpriced.

Tournament Tyranids List 1750 PTS

Tournament Tyranids List 1750 PTS

So Augustus and Severus blogged about the lists they expect to take to the Tournament in a few weeks, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt if I did. I am going to run my Tyranids, but I am entering the tournament to have fun and see how my 2K-point list would do, obviously reduced to 1750 points. In my list I am including:

The Swarmlord
Hive Guard Brood (3)
Flying Hive Tyrant with 2 Twinlinked Devourers W/ Brainleech Worms


10 Genestealers (and one extra talon)
30 Termagants

Hive Crone
Hive Crone

Carnifex with Adrenal Glands
Carnifex with Adrenal Glands

So, do I think this list will be competitive? Truthfully, it is not the most competitive list I could bring. I know I could drop the Genestealers for another Crone, Carnifes are not the best unit for their price, and dropping the Swarmlord for another Flying HT would probably be a much better list. But I know this list; it’s not a list that I will be playing for the first time.

The Swarmlord, with his guard, has 11 wounds, meaning I will probably be able to get him into close combat, and just wreck units. The Flying HT will give me synapse where I need it (in theory), plus 12 twin-linked shots at S6 is a powerful weapon. The Venomthrope gives me +2 to my cover saves, meaning I may be able get more units across the table with some wounds. Sure, it may give up first blood, but the cover will help.

10 Genestealers is a unit that cannot be ignored, but I expect them to be eliminated pretty quickly. I may actually split them into two small units, forcing my opponents to aim at them and split their fire. The Tervigon is a massive T6 MC with 6 wounds and objective secured. Plus it will be spawning at least one more objective secured unit. And of course, I took 30 Gants that will have to be knocked off an objective.

Two Hive Crones are my anti-air, and with a S6 AP4 template, I could cause some serious damage to anything, except for those darn Space Marines.

Finally, two Carnifexes with Adrenal Glands, my heavy anti-tank units. These I am just going to march right up the table. And with the Adrenal Glands giving me Fleet, I have an even better chance of getting off some good run moves.

I still see this as a weaker list, but I think it could be fun. I know I am going to struggle against those darn space elves, but at least Augustus is not bringing that damn Moloc, I hate Moloc. But I do see me struggling. I may do ok against the Orks, but Severus talked about an evil Tau list that may make me cry.

Not knowing exactly what I am facing, I am going in for the fun and the experience. And who knows, maybe the Tyranids will pull of the upset. Or maybe I will be the one who ends up upset.

Tournament Test Game – Orks

Howdy all, Severus here.  Time to get rolling with my view on the battle.  You can check out the ork list here and the eldar list here.  Any who, the mission type was crusade with the three objectives scattered around no-man’s land.  Deployment was Dawn of War.  Augustus won the roll so he chose his side and chose to setup first.  He setup with a heavy concentration of fire power (bikes, 2X wave serpents, wraithknight, and war walkers) all on what would be my right flank (left in the picture).

SeaLife DC1400My counter deployment was pretty good.  I put the battlewagon with the lootas near center.  With AV14 on the front, I could feel safe about it not having cover.  I placed a shoota boy mob around it. The wagon gave them cover and they bubble wrapped the softer rear and side armor to keep pesky warp spiders out.  To the left of my battlewagon (right in the picture), I put a mob of slugga choppa boys.  I stuck a pain boy and Ghazzy in there.  Augustus is smart enough to stay well away from Ghazzy, so I hoped that would keep him from trying to sweep around to that flank.  To my right (left in the picture) I put my second mob of slugga choppa boys with good old mad dok.  I know they lacked cover, but feel no pain and fearless should keep at least some of them alive.

PICT0020Turn 1 started off with bad news.  No night fighting and no seizing.  I knew going second would be tough.  Concentrated fire power and doom on mad dok’s unit killed all 30 boys.  The good news was mad dok lived with 2 wounds, so he was free to join another unit.  I had to change my game plan now.  My shoota boys would not be able to make combat this turn, and exposing them to more shooting would likely kill them.  So I decided to try to move up slowly between the rock formation and the Battlewagon.  My other unit of slugga choppa boys moved as fast as they could towards the eldar lines.  Unfortunately they could not run due to Ghazzy’s slow and purposeful.  The lootas didn’t do any damage to the wave serpent they targeted thanks to its jinking.

Turn 2 gave me a chance.  Augusts poured EVERYTHING into the shoota boy mob.  Both units of warp spiders showed up on my right flank, shot, and then hid behind the rock formation.  I was making cover and feel no pain saves like a fiend.  August was clever and tried to move his bikes and warp spiders up at such an angle that they could put wounds on Mad Dok, but he lived again.  All in all, I lost another 23 boys.

SeaLife DC1400In retaliation, I called my waaagh.  One dakka jet showed up and targeted the bikes, killing one (they only had a 3+ armor and no re-rolls, so I thought I could do more damage than that).  Mad Dok and his remaining boys moved in on one unit of warp spiders.  Ghazzy and his boys moved straight across the table, they had two targets.  If I rolled well on my run I could make a decent charge on the bike unit, if I failed I could charge the other warp spiders.  I rolled a 1 for the run move.  In other news, the lootas took aim at the now poorly positioned war walkers and killed all three.  In combat both units of warp spiders died, leaving my boys uncomfortably exposed.

Turn 3 saw the death of both mobs of boys (despite still very awesome saves on my part), the death of mad dok, the pain boy, and Ghazzy (who had his 2+ invuln still).  After that it was all over but the crying.  We played it out to turn 5, but by then I had a single hull point dakka jet left.  So, consider it a tabling.

Looking back, I know I made a few mistakes.  I should have deployed more in cover.  Feel no pain helped a lot, but adding a cover save on top of that would have been better.  Losing a third of my infantry before I got to move was a big blow.  Ghazzy was a poor choice.  He slowed his unit down and because of that never saw any meaningful combat.  A regular warboss would have been just fine and a lot cheaper.  I also needed to be much more aggressive, sitting and hiding turn 1 really gave the momentum to Augustus.  I should have pushed forward as planned.

Still, despite my errors, it was clear to me that this list can not handle that eldar list. It was not a close game, it was a slaughter.  In the end, I killed 3 war walkers, 10 warp spiders and a jet bike.  I think I killed a few dire avengers with dakka jets at one point also.

In tournament terms, it is back to the drawing board.  I have another list that I want to try out, but now I am not so sure the orks can hang with the big dogs (space marines, eldar, and tau).  Starting to think I may dust off the tau for the little in-store tournament.  I already wrote a list.  I named it Hobby Killer.

Be sure to check out Augustus’ version of events here.  Until next time, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

Tournament Ork List 1750pts

Howdy everyone, it’s Severus again.  Last week I talked about the tournament woes of the orks.  I think I found a list that could compete, so I decided to test it out prior to the tournament.  Nothing like jumping into the deep end, I tried it out against Augustus’ Eldar.  Before we get into the battle report itself, lets go over the list.

First off it is 1750 pts and I decided to use a single combined arms detachment.  I know, I have argued about the benefits of the ork horde detachemnt.  Honestly though, I felt like I didn’t need that third HQ slot, so I took the CAD to get objective secured.

Mad Dok Grotsnik
Pain Boy

30 boys, Nob with power klaw and boss pole (slugga choppa)
30 boys, Nob with power klaw and boss pole (slugga choppa)
30 boys, Nob with power klaw and boss pole (shootas)

Dakka Jet with additional supa shoota
Dakka Jet with additional supa shoota

Battlewagon with extra armor, deff rolla, grot riggers, and big shoota
15 lootas

Total is 1740pts

The idea behind this list is that with 90 boys I can make a big enough footprint that the enemy can’t skirt around my force.  Something should make it into assault range, and there we will shine.  Pushing 90 bodies up the table applies some real pressure.  The lootas and dakka jets offer some shooting support to try to cover my advance.

Mad dok goes in one unit of boys.  Giving them fearless and feel no pain is huge, plus he aint bad in a fight.  Ghazghkull goes in another.  His leadership 9 is great for the mob rule, and of course he is a beast in a fight.  His waaagh also allows him to run even though he is slow and purposeful, gives him a 2+ invuln and makes all the boys and lootas fearless for a game turn.  I throw the pain boy into to Ghazzy’s unit to make them that much tougher.  That is 60 T4 wounds with feel no pain.  Plus with a little clever use of cover they can be tougher.

I throw my lootas in the battlewagon for protection.  Allows them to hide in relative safety and can move quickly if the need to re-position.  This unit has done well for me recently.  Leaving lootas out in the open (even in cover) is a dangerous choice.  If your opponents realize the fire they can put out, they target them quickly.

The dakka jets are there for more fire support and to give my list some anti air.  I know, they are not that good.  I am limited by the models I have.  If I had 5 mek guns, I would easily run them over dakka jets.  In a pinch though, dakka jets will work.  The only thing I have had real trouble with in the past is the stormraven (an now it’s space wolf cousins).

So, that was theory behind the list.  Lets see how it played out.


Tournament Test Game -Eldar

Alright, so here is my perspective on how our test game played out. For reference, this is the Ulthwé list that I played, while here are Severus’ Orks.

Pre-game I decided to have my Farseer as my warlord, in case I needed to designate my Autarch for a suicide-mission later on, or challenge a character. My Farseer began the game with Guide, Executioner, Doom, and Eldritch Storm. My warlock had Conceal and Protect. As it turns out Doom was very effective in this game, as was Guide. Eldrich Storm killed perhaps 10 orks, and Executioner slew 2; lending weight to our Primarch’s view that witchfire powers are rather underwhelming.

I knew from the beginning that the Battle-Wagon would be very hard for me to destroy, because of my lack of long range anti-tank, and Severus’ wise decision to surround it with boys, preventing me from teleporting behind it. Two of his three giant mobs also had feel no pain, meaning that they would absorb a lot of firepower, and the third was mostly in cover.

Aside from good power rolls, I was also lucky to win the deployment roll, have it not be night fighting, and for Severus to not steal the initiative. I decided to concentrate my fire and take down one mob at a time. Doom was key in this, because it essentially affected my entire army each turn. Sure I was wounding on 2s anyway, but there ended up being a great many 1s!

Despite having Feel No Pain, I think we were both amazed that my first turn of shooting managed to kill 30 boys, leaving mad dok alone, with two wounds left, and giving me first blood. My second turn saw the arrival of all of my reserves, thanks to my Autarch ( I rolled two 2s). One squad of spiders materialized 9″ away from mad doc (direct hit), while the other took advantage of my warlord’s trait and also did not scatter.

However, I did make several tactical errors this turn. First, I moved my walkers into the open in an effort to wipe out Doc’s new mob of 30 boyz. Despite causing an impressive 20 wounds, only 5 models were removed as casualties! In retaliation, Severus’ Lootaz completely annihilated them; scoring about 5 penetrating hits and 4 glances. I also forgot my psychic phase…twice…

Next, I miscalculated how far the spiders were from the nearest boyz. I only rolled a 2 for my battle-focus run (that fleet turned into a 3), which was not enough to allow them to fire their weapons. Finally, I completely forgot about the Waaagh rule, and moved my jetbikes and spiders too close!

Lucky for me, Ghazghul’s unit rolled a 2 for their run move, which made a charge against my warlord all but impossible (needing a 12). By turn 3 I was down both squads of spiders as well as the war walkers. Even so, the damage had been done, and I was able to eliminate the last mob in the next two rounds of shooting. After that it was just a question of mopping-up and claiming the objectives.

The final score was 12-0. Considering how badly it went for the Orks, in spite of some truly amazing saving rolls, I can only conclude that this was a very rough match-up for Severus’ list. I think that going first made a huge difference, as it allowed me to eliminate a third of Severus’ infantry before he could do anything. Even so, I don’t think that it would have changed the outcome. The orks were still too slow and the lootaz, while amazing, did not provide enough fire power to truly threaten me.

Tournament Eldar List 1750pts

Hello everyone. Severus mentioned that our local group will be having a small tournament in about two weeks. Details can be found at Critical Hit’s Facebook page.

This will be my first tournament in several months, and I have decided to compete as Eldar. Severus and I had a test game, which we will get into in a later post. For now though, here is my army and my philosophy behind it:

Farseer (jetbike, runes of Witnessing, & Stone of Anath’lan)
Autarch (jetbike, fusion gun, laser lance & banshee mask)
Warlock (jetbike and spear)

6x Guardian Jetbikes (2x cannons)
5x Avengers (SL/SC Wave Serpent)
5x Avengers (SL/SC Wave Serpent)

5x Warp Spiders (FS/TL Exarch)
5x Warp Spiders (FS/TL Exarch)

3x War-walkers (Scatter Lasers)
Wraithknight (Sun-cannon & Shield)

All of this totals to 1747. The general plan was to have a highly mobile and flexible army. Ideally my Autarch would have the Shard of Anaris, to make the jetbikes fearless, but with the limited points available I would have to do without. I chose him mostly for the crucial +/- 1 to reserves, seeing as I will probably have at least 3 units in reserve in each match. A fusion gun never hurts either, and he can provide very good MEQ close combat support. Meanwhile, the Farseer provides a guaranteed Guide/Prescience & other powers depending on rolls. Finally, the warlock guarantees the ability for the jetbikes to obtain a 2+ cover save.

I think jetbikes in some form are always a good idea. In this case I opted for a large unit of 8, so that my characters could not easily be sniped. This way I have a solid, fast unit that can split into 3 should it need to grab objectives end-game. Wave Serpents are also a great choice, so really the question is how many. I think two is reasonable at this points level. I am not convinced that spamming them is a good idea, and I only have three anyway. They may have lost some shooting reliability, but I think being a pretty tough and fast Objective Secured Vehicle makes up for it in spades.

My flyer of choice is the Nightwing. It has two bright lances and two Shuriken Cannons. It only has Armor 10 and two hull points, but benefits from shrouded and vector dancer. At 145 points I think it is very cost effective. With the Crimson Hunter becoming more survivable, I may revisit that opinion, but I don’t have the model, and having a Guardian pilot fits my Ulthwé army much more nicely!

Warp spiders are also a great option in my book. Their mobility is excellent, and they can be very good anti-tank options, with 11 Str 7 shots. They are also great against MC with low initiative, not only because of their high strength, but also the Monofilament rule allowing the wounds caused on a roll of 6 to be AP1. I gave the exarchs twin-linked rifles so that my spiders could double as anti-air if needed.

War Walkers are another must have. They are extremely fragile, and quite expensive at 210pts for three, but the ability to put out 24 Str 6 shots at 36″ and benefit from Battle-Focus is well worth it. Meanwhile the Wraithknight is a good source if AP2, and is mostly there to deal with Centurions, Broadsides and Obliterators. Of course, it is also exceptionally mobile and very good in combat as well.

As always, I think that flyer heavy lists will be a challenge for me, as will high armor vehicles, but otherwise I think that this is a pretty balanced list, with every unit having either a high volume of fire or the possibility to ignore armor (or both). We shall see how it plays out though!

Can Orks Compete?

Howdy everyone, Severus here.  I have been wondering lately if orks can compete with the big boys (space marines, tau, and eldar).  Each of those big three poses a different challenge to my beloved green skins.  Well, we are preparing for a little in store tournament, and I am deciding which force to field.  Orks or Iron Hands.  It’s a generally accepted thought that Iron Hands are a pretty good space marine list.  So, that brings me to my point, can the orks compete?

I have run TONS of different ork lists since the 7th ed book dropped.  I have fought the previously mentioned big three in the past, and my orks have not done well.  So lets take a look and see if we can’t break this down somehow.

Space Marines are tough as nails (particularly when you have a lack of ap 3 in your army).  They can also split up into combat squads.  Ultimately this boils down to one issue with my games.  When it comes to the end of the game, they have more units left alive to hold objectives (with objective secured) than I do.  A crafty player can feed my ork horde small units to keep them held out of position and then make a run at objectives late game.  Nothing is more frustrating than to lose a game because you whittled a tactical squad down to 1 guy and he ended up claiming the game winning objective.

The counter to that is playing an MSU ork list.  I feel like those lists don’t work well with boys.  You would need to go MSU with tough units, likely mega nobz.  They can either take on the big nasty space marine units or spread out to hunt down the stray.  Plus a decent armor save should help against the massed bolter fire that marines can put out.

On to eldar.  My biggest issues in the past with them has been there speed.  They shoot well (like the tau), but they are so hard to pin down.  Board control becomes an issue.  If you can take away there mobility, you can squash them.  Problem is that they tend to have many fast skimmers, jet bikes, flyers, jump pack monstrous creatures, ect that can way out pace your orks.  Ultimately they tend to just dance around you and whittle you down.

The best counter I can think off with them is board control with several large mobs of boys.  Make a giant foot print with them and try to hem the eldar.  You will need a few mobile units to chase down any units that break through your blockade.  You should be able to get the vehicles pinned, bikes maybe harder.  Although with the new mob rule your orks threat range is much longer, so it maybe hard for the eldar to slip through your ork grip.

Tau I feel are probably the worst match up for the orks.  They have mobile units in the form of stealth suits, crisis suits, and riptides that can lay down fire on you while trying to stay out of assault range.  The have plenty of decent long range units to blast your boys, aka fire warriors, broadsides, and hammerheads.  They have plentiful access to ignore cover, and most of there weapons are ap 4 or 5, ignoring you armor.  Ultimately with tau, if you can reach there gun lines you can mess them up.  It’s just a matter of weathering the storm and catching those faster units.

The best counter I can think of for surviving is pain boys.  Feel no pain will cut down on your losses since there is not much strength 8 running around in shooting anymore.  Also deploying up on the line and going first (hopefully) and move as fast as possible at the fire base.  Try to minimize the amount of turns you get shot at.  Ultimately, I almost think ignoring the fast moving elements maybe easier.  If you get the chance to assault one of them, take it.

So the question becomes can you build a list that has durable infantry, lots of them to control the board space, with some fast moving elements to hunt down smaller units that escape your noose.  I think you can.  I have a list worked up that I want to test out, so for now I will leave you in suspense.  Hopefully shorereaper and I can give our tournament lists a go and make a batrep out of it.  Until then, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.

Carcharodon Week

In honor of shark week I decided to do a quick review of my second army, the Carcharodons. First, everyone needs to understand why I picked the Space Sharks. They were not my first Army; in fact, they were my 5th Army (and now have the nickname “The F-ing 5th). I never really thought building a loyalist chapter. But someone who became a good friend of mine, the Lord Primarch, showed me a picture of the Carcharodon emblem and I had to have them as an army.


See, I am a certified diver who is fascinated by sharks, the Great White Shark specifically. In fact, I have even had the opportunity of going cage diving with great whites off the Island of Guadeloupe (an experience I highly recommend and will be doing agin myself). So, the Primarch showed me Forgeworld’s Carcharodon icon, and I immediately had to start collecting a loyalist chapter. And with me being me, I went all in. It did not take long before I had more than 2K in points, Forgeworld orders, and even the FW Badab War book set. My name is Shorereaper, and I have a problem, I am addicted to Warhammer 40K.

tzitzimitl - air demon

Now, the chapter itself I find fascinating. The founding chapter of the Carcharodons is unknown, meaning that one does not use any of the Chapter Tactics in the Space Marine codex. They are a very aggressive chapter. I have heard them compared to the Raven Guard and the Night Lords but I am not sure they fall under either of those Chapters (and the Night Lords theory is just scary). I like the mysteriousness of not knowing exactly who are the progenitors of the Carcharodons. But, with that, you have to use Forgeworld chapter tactics and rules. And for the Carcharodons, this is interesting.

First, all models with the Carcharodon Chapter Tactics gain the Fear special rule, something I usually forget. Second, any model in a tactical squad can exchange their boltgun for a second close combat weapon at no cost or add a second close combat weapon at a cost of 1 point per model keeping the boltgun. The rules also say that all of this must be represented on the model. So far I am lucky in that none of the people I play have held me to that. I do usually upgrade my tactical squads with the extra close combat weapon, but I also keep them equipped with the boltguns. At one point per model, it seems like a steal.

The Carcharodons also get the Blood Hunger. What this means is that after a Carcharodon unit either destroys an infranty unit or causes one to fall back (in close combat for both), they gain the Rage special rule. However, they also have to consolidate towards the nearest enemy unit that they can damage in assault. It should also be noted that unless Forgeworld changes their rules, the Carcharodons can only ally with imperial units as Desperate Allies. I guess this makes sense though, with how violent they are, they must seem to be on the verge of falling to Chaos to the other loyalist Chapters.

The Chapter Master of the Carcharodons is Tyberos the Red Wake. He is a 190-point model with the standard Chapter Master stat-line. I would give nearly anything for him to have eternal warrior, but all he has is the standard Terminator Armour. In almost every game I have used Tyberos in; he died via instant Death. The Chapter Master is equipped with Hunger and Slake. Basically, Tyberos is equipped with Lightning Claws and a Chainfist, which explains his point value. He does have the ability to split his attacks between Hunger and Slake; he is not limited to one or the other.

Tyberos brings some interesting benefits as well. First, if the Red Wake becomes subject to Rage, he and any units with Rage gain +1 Strength for the duration of the battle. Second, any Army that includes Tyberos may include a unit of Terminators equipped with lightning claws as Troops. This opens up the option of a Land Raider with objective secured. Finally, if Tyberos is included he must be the Warlord, and his warlord trait is Savagery Beyond Reason. Tyberos and any unit he joins has the Preferred Enemy (Infranty) special rule. So, You can a squad of Lightning Claw equipped Terminators with Shred, Prefered Enemy, +1 Strength, and Rage. If one ever gets their unit to that point, they are close combat fiends. Plus their Land Raider is an armour 14 Objective Secured Tank.


Now, when I play my Carcharodons, I usually have two units of bikes as Troops (I know, I have to have a captain on a bike), a Tactical Squad with the extra close combat weapons, and those Terminators. It is a fun and somewhat fluffy list. Add in some Stormtalons for Anti-Air and a unit of Sternguard for Anti-MC, and it is a decent, but not an amazing list.

So, there you go. In honor of Shark Week, a brief review of the Carcharodons. Thank you for reading.

Foam or as I call it: The Stuff I Hate Buying

Severus here, and I would like to take a moment today to talk about my least favorite thing to buy.  Foam.  I can get excited about new dice, templates, paints, models (obviously), books, cards, whatever.  I hate buying foam.  It’s one of those things you probably need to take good care of your models.  I always feel like I could be spending my money in better ways though.

Back in the dark ages (read: early 2000’s), I tried to go foam free.  I had fishing boxes lined with paper towels and old rags.  My models where in poor condition, so I didn’t really care about there transport method.  When I returned a few years ago (and I started caring about the quality of my minis) I decided to pony up and buy some foam.  I shortly ended up with two small black GW cases and 1 large green one.

I am torn about those cases.  The foam kind of sucks, but I got them all second hand and cheap as dirt.  So, I guess I don’t hate them.  I would not pay full price for them.  Some days I wonder about buying third party foam (KR or Battlefoam) to go into them, but then I would end up with excess foam.

That leads me to my next problem, something to carry the foam in.  Later I ended up with a few custom KR cases for some of my tau and my iron hands.  They worked out well, and were decently priced for custom foam.  Problem was I got the card stock boxes for them.  Works okay on a short trip from the house to the shop.  I really want a hard case to store them in for any bigger trips though.

Hard cases can be expensive.  Which brings me to my point.   When working with a limited hobby budget, it feels like a huge drain on your collection when you blow a lot of money on foam and a case.  Granted this may be the most important piece in your collection.  So, here I sit, with tons and tons of models on shelves, and foam for about 25% of them.  Of that foam I have hard cases for 50% of it.

Then we get to vehicles.  There is no nice way to say it, vehicles can be horrible space inefficient in some cases.  My orks could take up a whole double sized GW case with just there trukks, battle wagons, and dakka jets.  So my vehicles currently ride around in a big plastic tray (that I have to be extra careful with).

Customizing foam gets me a little annoyed as well.  I want my foam to be multi-purpose.  I am the kind of gamer that likes to be able to switch out which models he is playing with.  It would be insane to have foam for all my stuff.  So foam that can work for multiple armies works best for me.

How do you guys handle all that?  What do you do?  Splurge on custom foam for all your models?  Use pluck and infantry trays to be able to accommodate multiple forces?  Say screw it and use a shoe box?  Don’t even get me started on my fantasy minis.  I have found nothing that works well for my mortis engine and terrorgheist.  Until then, this is Severus (with a headache looking at all his foam options) saying have a good one and take it easy.

Severus’s Return and Weekend Report

Gandalf_the_White_returnsHowdy everyone, Severus here again.  I (and my massive ego, yes I am comparing myself to Gandulf the White) have returned.  It was nice to take a week away from the hobby and the blog.  Like a crack addict though, I was not able to stay away for long.  So what did I miss?

Apparently the Space Wolves are out in full force now.  Looks like a trickle release so far, although they did drop the book week 2.  So, that’s awesome.  In terms of the book, I have yet to lay my hands on one.  No massive rumblings on the net so far in terms of internal army issues.  Although, I have seen some sneaky gits talking about using a drop pod (which can be purchased as a fast attack slot) to bring various allied units down into battle.

I really want to see the space wolves on the table.  I personally don’t like them, but nothing gives me more pleasure than killing them.  Unfortunately, there is not an active space wolf player in our local group.  So unless one of the son’s of fenris steps out of the den they are hiding in, I doubt we will get much exposure to them.  In other words, don’t expect an in depth review of the codex.

I actually got a few games in since I last reported in.  Before I left, I got a game in against the Lord Primarch with his orks versus my clan sorrgol Iron Hands.  Generally speaking I tend to run my Iron hands in a lot of vehicles.  I try to punch forward into my enemy’s lines then dump all the marines out and fight my way out.  Well, in this case I did not drive far enough forward.  In the end I ended up with 3 combat squads way to far back and that let the orks sneak out a win against me.

I got another game in Saturday with my Iron Hands against the much loathed Tau Empire.  It ended up being a crusade game with dawn of war deployment.  My opponent did not have the hardest tau list ever. Wall of fire warriors, 4 broadsides, a riptide, a hammerhead, Aun’Shi, Cadre Fireblade, a razorshark fighter, some marker drones, and about 40 kroot. Regardless, it made for a decent firebase with the kroot on both flanks waiting to jump on juice targets of opportunity.

I was able to weather the fire power pretty well in my transports. This time I got out at the right spot (aka 6 inches from the tau lines) and was able to break his lines quite well.  It turned into a very one sided affair by the end, a 10-4 victory for the Iron Hands.  The Iron Hands really showed there resilience that game.  Tanks were hard to take down and the feel no pain saves came in handy.

I guess to wrap this up, I wanted to give a report on our little community at Critical Hit.  Our 40k community continues to grow slowly.  We see a few new guys trickle in each month, I hope you guys keep coming back.  We are prepping for a little in store tournament at the end of the month, so start trying out some 1750 point lists.  In terms of fantasy, I have talked to a lot of guys lately about getting together.  Just waiting on word from a club that plays in Dropzone Games. We should have a game day setup soon.

That about does it for me.  Hope you guys enjoy the articles Shorereaper and Augustus brought you while I was out.  Until next time, this is Severus saying have a good one and take it easy.