Waaagh! Ghazghkull Review: Part 2!

Orks_attack3Oy you humies, Kaptain Klaw here.  Dat git severus and I has come to an understandin ’bout things.  Dat iz Orks iz Da Best, so I can writez whenever I wants.  I had to use me klaw to get it through dat gitz thick head, but he came around to my way of thinkin!  So, I am here to finish educating you lot on day new Ghazghkull book!

Now where waz we?  Oh yeah, onto da formations.  Dis book is chocked full of new formations for you to use when ya runnin’ da boyz.  Formations is really interesting, makes building an army a whole different ball of grot snot.  Dere are so many options!  Nothin better dan having options on how best to kill a git.

Council of Waaagh iz da first one.  Basically, bring old Ghazzy, Mad Dok, 2 warboess, a big mek, and a group of da nobz with a waagh banner as a single unit.  Talk about a death star.  Da unit is fearless and +1WS from da banner and all other orks within 12″ re-roll moral and pinning.  Plus dem warbosses get another +1 to there WS (makin’ dem a total of 7).  Don’t forget old Ghazzy, he gets 2 more ork warlord traits from his own book!  It’s a big old pricy unit, but da options are endless with all those characters!  Maybe dat group can finally put down dat Asterion Moloc and Ivanus Enkomi dat has been runnin’ a muck in my local group! Ghazghkull’s Bully Boyz is up next.  Dey look damn good.  Three units of 5 megaboz armed however you wantz.  Dey get fear, fearless, and +1WS.  Pretty much just throw dem at an enemy.  Better yet, stick dem in a trukk and drive head long into dere linez!  Don’t let dem have all da fun though.

Da Vulcha Skwad is led by Boss Zagstruk.  I never liked dat git, seemz like some dok rammed a boss pole up his arse or somethin.  Anyway, it’s him and three squadz of his stormboyz.  Dey can either be separate units or you can combine all three and Zaggy into one big mob.  Dey all have to deep strike, but dey only scatterz a single d6.  Dey also gain shred on dere hammerz of wrath.  Dey look like fun.  I just want ta see da look on me opponents face when zaggy and 90 of his boyz drop out of da sky in front of dem.

Da Blitz Birgade is a group of 5 battlewagons with deff rollas or rams.  Dey can all scout.  For you less educated gitz, dat is a 12 inch re-deployment (even moving out of your own deployment zone).  Dat can be super face smashin awesome!  Anything inside da transports can’t assault turn one though. So, better bring some dakka!

Da Dread Mob has some cool abilities.  It’s a big mek, a pain boy (because why not), 2 gorkanauts or morkanauts, 3 deff dreads, and 3 units of kill kanz.  Dat iz a ton of armor (hehe, get it?).  Dey gain ‘ere we go, which we all know is awesome!  Dey also get to cause D3 hammer of wrath each!  Throw a kustom force field in dere, maybe a morkanaut for more protection.  Get a waagh from a nearby warboss!  Now you got walkers that can mve 6, run upto 6, den charge (with a re-roll).  Get ready for a wall of armor to come crashing into da enemy linez!

Not to be forgotten (because da sneaky gitz is always hidin’) is Boss Snikrot’s Red Skull Kommandos.  It’s old Snikity Snikrot and 4 units of his kommandos.  Dey all have to stay in reserves, come in on a single reserve roll, best of all though, dey can come in from ANY table edge snikrot wants.  If dey don’t shoot dat turn, dey can re-roll dere cover savez.  Don’t forget, every unit in da formation getz shrouding instead of stealth da turn dey show up.  Sounds like dat group could be good for causing some chaos!

Finally, we get to da mother of all formations, da green tide!  It’s one lucky warboss and 10 units of boyz!  You gets to allocate your hitz from da mob rule chart (because randomizing hits on a unit of 300 boyz may take a while…).  Da get hammer of wrath if dey roll more dan 10 on dere charge distance.  Best of wall, dey get to waagh each turn after da first if da warboss is da warlord (…and still alive).

You gitz think that’s it?  Nope, dere is still more crap in diss giant book.  Dey gotz all deez different missions you can plays, you know if you want to feel like Ghazzy.  Personally, I don’t have time for all dat.  I just want to run forward and krump some ‘eads.

I think dat about does it for me, Da Kaptain.  I didn’t forget me sign off line dis time ( I had a grotz write it down for me).  Until next time dis be Kaptain Klaw sayin’ +++++Transmission Interrupted++++

Crap, how did that damn ork get control of the vox feed again?  Sorry everyone, Severus here again.  Seems that the Kaptain went ahead and sent out his report without my approval.  He is clearly not following the terms of our agreement.  Then again, how much can you really trust a Ork Freebooter?  Anyway, hope it wasn’t to bad of a read.  That damn ork really needs to learn about spell check.  My head hurts just looking at it.

All Is Not Lost: Severus’ Return From The Warp (and his ork experience)

SMShipsWarpHowdy everyone!  Severus here, and I am back from my time in the warp.  Or at least it felt like it was the warp.  Took forever for me to get through, but doesn’t seem like much time has passed here.  I had family in town and no time off from work, so sadly the blog took a back seat as did the hobbying this week.

Since Kaptain Klaw took over for a bit there, I didn’t get to fill you guys in on how my orks have been fairing.  Don’t worry, I agreed to let the kaptain finish his segment on the Ghazghkull supplement if he left peacefully.  So expect that next week.

Anyway, I wanted to go back over how my lovely boys in green have been doing lately.  I have about half a dozen games in with various lists and I am starting to see some themes come out of that army.

First off, screw trukk boys.  I know you love them, I sure do.  Seriously though, the only time a group of boys is effective in a trukk is if NO ONE ever shoots at them until they assault.  Trukks would be okay for tougher units that have some form of save.  They could also work well if you spammed trukk boys.  Running them like I used (aka 2 units of trukk boys to cause trouble) just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Secondly, multiple big mobs walking across the field are amazing.  The sweet spot seems to be about 90 boys at the 2k level, 60 at the 1500 level.  Put a nob in each with a boss pole and power klaw.  That old combo still works fine for me.  All in all, you are spending about 1/3 of your points on boys.  Still plenty of room to get fun toys.  The boys move up the field.  Either you opponents spends his time killing them or takes an assault from them on turn 2 or 3.  Also a great place to hide characters (cough….mad dok….cough).

Third, elite units (as in big tough units, not the force org slot) seem to be on there way out.  I have played with nobs on foot and nobs on bikes.  Ultimately, I think more boys or regular bikers would do just as well.  They just seem to fragile for there points and you get more use out of there less expensive versions.  The exception here seems to be mega nobz.  They are point for point cheaper than a ‘eavy armor nob with a power klaw and no one else can run a 2+ save in the army.

Forth, and stay with me here, Ghazghkull as a lord of war is a great thing.  The ork codex is clogged up in the HQ section.  There are tons of good options and only so many slots available.  Moving Ghazzy over to a lord of war frees up a slot and he is just as good as before.

Five, the ork horde detachment is totally worth it.  In the end, competitive players always like the idea of objective secured.  Orks do not hold objectives.  Gretching maybe, but not ork boys.  If you give up using the objective secured crutch (yeah, I said it), you can open yourself up to some really good opportunities.  That extra HQ slot from the horde is always useful.  Taking 3 troops is not a big deal.  Re-rolling your ork warlord trait is great so you can get that 1, 2, or 3 you really wanted.  Who cares if the opponent has un-contestable units.  Just kill them if they are in your way.

Sixth, and I guess finally, chose wisely in that heavy support section.  There are a lot of great options there.  Mek guns are super cheap and can deal tons of damage.  Flash gits are great anti-infantry shooting (they just need a vehicle to ride in).  Battlewagons are still great, even with a nerf to the deff rolla and a points bump.  Lootas still rock.  The Gorkanaut and Morkanaut look fun, but I am still scared to sink the points into them.  Maybe one of you guys can take that plunge and tell me how it goes.  The only poor choices there are the kans and maybe the deff dread.  Personally, after I get my boys in the list, this is my next stop.  It can really help define a list.

That’s it for today gentleman (and ladies if there are any of you out there).  I will be at my usual stomping grounds (Critical Hit) on Saturday with my orks.  Then Sunday is a Netrunner tournament.  Don’t forget Dragon’s Teeth, the new Battlefield expansion.  I need lots of gaming this weekend.  Severus out!

Maelstrom: The Great Randomizer

Having played a few games in seventh edition, and a few of those being with the new maelstrom games, I can honestly say that I really do like the new options for game play. That is not to say that I will not play the classic games, I still really like them as well, but the Maelstrom games add an entire new depth to the 40K gaming world.

I was originally referring to Maelstrom as the great equalizer, but as the Lord Primarch stated, it is more of a randomizer. If you had a strategy going into the game, you would probably have to throw it out the window by turn one. The goals of the game are completely different.

In the Eternal war games, the typical strategy would be to jump on the objectives on the last turn. Basically, the strategy would be to steal the win. I’m not saying that it isn’t a fun game to play, but the strategy for maelstrom is completely different, and it completely randomizes the outcome.

A prime example of this is a game I played against the Blood Angels. It was a fun game, and the killing was really one sided. My Tyranids really dominated the BA, and I just marched through my opponent’s army. However, I lost the game with a score of 18 – 10. And it didn’t even seem like it was that close. I just couldn’t seem to score any points.

We were playing the spoils of war. In this game, not only can you score the “secure objective x” cards, you opponent can score your cards as well. And even though I was dominating the game in terms of kills, I just couldn’t score the objectives. Even my opponent noticed that I seemed to draw the cards that he could score, and he wasn’t drawing anything I could score. The entire game I was playing catch up, and I was never able to catch up.

Another example would be the first game I played with maelstrom rules. I infiltrated my genestealers as I usually do, not all that far away from one of the objectives. One of the first three cards I drew was to control that objective. Instead of sticking with my strategy, I immediately pulled my genestealers back and put them on top of the objective. I had to; every point is vital in this game, so I scored that point. My plan of attack didn’t even last one turn. I lost that game as well.

I believe I have won about half of the games I have played with Maelstrom rules. With Objective Secured and so many possible objectives to be scored, almost every army would be successful with this style of play. I believe Tau would be a little held back, at least if you played the usual battle line tactics. Blood Angels, with fast moving troops actually benefit from Maelstrom game play.

I’m not really sure how the Nids would hold up. Fast moving troops with objective secured may be worth their weight in gold. In Eternal War, I would just park my Tervigon troop choice on top of an objective and not worry about it for the rest of the game. In Maelstrom, that tervigon’s objective may never even score me a point.

Again, the strategy that I usually use is out the window by turn one, hopefully I can adapt.

Shorereaper’s Struggles

*This was being written as Severus was posting Ork reviews everyday, so I updated it till the day it was posted.

Shorereaper here, and I am finally getting around to the ranking that apparently was expected of me. I hate usual rankings. For example, I firmly believe that in an overall ranking Tyranids would be ranked higher than Dark Eldar, but the Dark Eldar would give me some serious problems with all of those poisoned weapons against my Monstrous Creatures. So, rather than giving a ranking, I wanted to talk about how I have done against the other armies.

Adepta Sororitas – 
The ladies of the imperium. So far I managed to play only one game against these women with the new codex, and it went very well for me. Their ability to counter my psychic powers on a 5+ concerns me, as does their psychic cannon which would cause my to perils. However, in that one game, I almost tabled my opponent. They have the potential to cause my Nids a headache, but I think in most games the Nids would win.

*I actually had to face those guns that cause perils, and surprisingly, I only took 2 wounds.

Astra Militarum – 
Ah, the Imperial Guard. Tanks to fight, and troops to end up as food for my Nids. I have actually had a lot of luck against the guard. Yes, the first round is usually a struggle, as my Tyranids are geared up for close combat, for the most part. And if the list I am facing has psykers in it, the psychic phase could turn out to be pretty interesting (or really dull). Just the seer amount of firepower causes me a headache. However, when you have units of tanks, my Tyranids can just march through them, if I can get close enough. Sure, I may not be able to cause the tanks to explode, but I can usually wreck them pretty easily. I would actually say the Guard is a worse army than the Tyranids.

Chaos Daemons – I have yet to face Daemons in 7th, but they do concern me. If I face the psychic heavy list, I see the Nids struggling. I do, however, actually look forward to facing it though, as I want to see how my standard list works against it. Over all, I believe that in standard (not too competitive) lists, I think my Nids will come out ahead. It is possible that the Daemons are about equal with the Tyranids, and excluding the psychic bomb lists, The Tyranids may even have a slight edge.

Blood Angels – I have managed to face these speedy red devils a few times, and overall I have come up ahead. Yes, there have been some losses (including one game where I lost by one dang point), but I have held my own very well. The Blood Angels desperately need a new codex. The Baal Predators wreck havoc with my Genestealers, and would probably drop a swarm of gants with ease, but my MCs chew through them with no problem. Right now, I would say the current Tyranid codex is better than the Blood Angels.

Chaos Space Marines – Another army I haven’t faced yet. I believe that this would be a decent fight, but again, I think the Tyranids have the advantage. With some of the changes in 7th, even their best unit, the Helldrake was neutered. However, the helldrake would still give the swarm parts of my army something to worry about.

I honestly believe that this army would be much better if it had one more thing. I don’t know what it is… Drop Pods, And they shall know no fear, Combat squads… something would make this army better.

But right now, I believe that the Tyranids have an advantage.

Dark Angels – Another space marine chapter that I have had some luck against. This army suffers with their lack of grav-guns, which would chew through my MCs with ease. I’m not saying my nids would dominate them, but I believe in most cases I would be able to pull off a victory. In the last game that I faced them in, I even marched through two land raiders. Granted, it was two Carnifexes that did it, but 270 points in Carnifexes taking out 2 Land Raiders is worth it.

Dark Eldar – Ah, the bane of my existence. Even before 7th came out, I always struggled against this army. I have yet to play them in 7th, but they make me nervous. Poisoned weapons everywhere give them the best ability to deal with my MCs. Sure, I will get my armour saves, but I will have to take a lot of them. I do think that in 7th they will be easier to fight, especially with template weapons wounding troops inside of vehicles. And while I would rank the emo eldar very low on a ranking, I firmly believe they would win more games than they would lose against the Tyranids. I may be wrong about this, but I believe that when they get a new codex, they will continue to give me struggles.

Eldar – Eldar, definitely one of the top two armies right now, and I believe that shows in my games against them. In every game I have played against them, I have gone down swinging, but I still went down. This army is fast enough to keep away from my close combat army, and they have enough psykers to make me struggle in that phase as well. I may be competitive, but I would lose more often than not. If I could get into close combat, I would march through this army, it’s just getting there that is the problem. I would rank the Eldar way above the Nids.

Grey Knights – Another Army I have yet to face, and another concern. Their ability to nullify my psychic phase, and probably cause me to peril, could create some issues. I don’t know enough about this chapter to really know if I should be concerned, or what I should be concerned about. I do think that this army improved in the 7th, but I don’t know by how much. I really can’t even rank them against the Tyranids, they may be better or worse. I just do not know.

Imperial Knights – Ah, the imperial titans… sort of. This would be an interesting fight. I do not think that most of my army would be able to do anything against them. But my MCs, and maybe my genestealers on good rolls, could be effective. But facing a knight in close combat would be interesting. I believe my Carnifexs would be ok, but with smash reduced to one shot, all my other MCs would probably have issues.

Necrons – Now while I have yet to face the men of metal in 7th edition, I know that they can be decent. While I would rank them below the Tyranids, I know that they can beat the Nids. Their flyers could create havoc with my flyers. And that resurrecting ability drives me nuts, even more so than the mindshackle scarabs, although they do as well.

Orks –  Ah, the new codex. In the old codex, I pretty much ran over the orks without a second thought. Now, while I do not have a lot of experience facing the new codex, the one game I played was highly competitive. I lost, but it was a really close game. I firmly believe that the new Ork codex brings the army inline with most of the newer codexes.  I need more games to give an honest opinion, but right now I would rank the orks on par with the Tyranids. The loss makes me want to place them way above the Nids, but we are probably about even.

*I got a game in against Severus’s orks, and it wasn’t pretty. I nearly tabled him. If an army does not have anything to deal with my flyers or my swarmlord, the game can get ugly. Plus, the crones having a flame template and causing wounds to the models inside an open-topped tank is a great help. And if the orks ride in a covered tank, they can’t shoot out.

Space Marines – I have greatly struggled against the Space Marines. I believe that 7th edition greatly helped the marines, in fact, I would put them as one of the top three armies right now, and I would easily rank Marines above the Tyranids. Objective secured, grav guns, decent flyers, and loads of other things give them plenty of options to deal with my MCs or even swarm armies. Genestealers would beat the marines in close combat (usually), but the marines make it very hard to get there. In fact, in two of my last three games against the marines, I was tabled. Once by turn three.

It was a disaster.

Space Wolves – This is another army in desperate need of an update. Last game I played against the Wolves was in 6th edition, and I tabled the army in three turns. I would rank the wolves way under the Tyranids, even in 7th. Maybe when they get a new codex they will move up and pass the Tyranids, but at the moment, They just cannot compete.

Tau Empire – The shooty communist fish who need glasses. While 7th edition did equalize Tau vs Tyranids, the Tau have an advantage thanks to their powerful shooting. Strength 5 weapons against my toughness 6 MCs gives them an advantage that most other armies do not have. Well, I shouldn’t call it an advantage, but the higher strength gives them a better wound rate than most other armies. Obviously, they hit less than most armies, but when they, they wound more often. If my Tyranids can survive to get to close combat, I can pretty much march through the Tau, and the great R’varna. If a carnifex gets into combat with battlesuits, the carnifex will cause instant death.

Now, I know some of my fellow bloggers… ok, one fellow blogger thinks that since the Tyranids do not have tanks, they should be ranked low on the overall listings. I disagree, I would say that the Nids are 4th or 5th in the rankings. Tanks are not everything in this game. They are harder to explode, but I have had no issues with blowing through them. And the flying MCs are not something you can ignore, they are very tough to deal with.

Waaagh! Ghazghkull Review Part 1

Warlord_Ghazkull_ThrakaHowdy you gitz!  It’z me again, Kaptain Klaw.  I tricked dat humie Severus into thinkin’ I was gone again.  Sometimes you gotz to be kunnin like good ol’ Mork.  Anyway, I saw dat git was workin’ on da ork codex review.  Dem boyz is startin’ to shape up pretty well.  Now it’z my turn, and I’m talk about dat new codex supplement named after me best mate, Ghazghkull.

Dis book is pretty darn good.  It’s got lotz of dem pretty picture of Ghazzy’s boyz and what notz.  Dey also got a great story on how Ghazzy got off da stinkin rok he started out on and started his great Waaaagh!  Now, for some reason dey forgot to mention meself or Kaptain Badrukk.  I think dem lads over at GW will be gettin’ a visit from da Kaptain to refresh dere memories.

You lads ain’t here for dem pretty pictures and words though, you want to here about da crunch of da book.  Well, let me tell ya lads, dere is plenty of crunch in dis little book.  First off, Ghazzy’s army has a load of new special rulez.  Biggest an’ da Best is day first rule, it makes your warlord always issue and accept challenges.  Like a propa ork should!  Da problem iz dat sometimes da weaker warboss and big meks get krumped by some of dem bigger nasties out dere.  I’m lookin’ at you Swarmylord.

Now, some of you gitz may not know dis, but Ghazzy runs his waaagh wit an iron fist (err…klaw).  So da next special rule dey git is Da Boss iz Watchin’.  It adds 2 to your rolls on da mob rule table; now though you get d3+3 S4 hits instead of D6.  Dat meanz dat you always want big mobz with characters, dat way you never have to worry about runnin’.

Now to take an army like Ghazghkull, you need to either take da formations dat we will talk about next time or Ghazzy’s own special detachment, da Great Waaagh! Detachement.  It is a normal force org (da git Severus has a note dat says “normal as in the combined arms detachment”).  Da changes iz dat you are required to take one elite choice, and can have up to 5 of demz total!  Hope ya boyz like da nobz, cause we going to have tons of dem lads.

Dat detachement comes with two special rulz.  Da right Boss for Da Plan lets ya re-roll your ghazghkull warlord trait.  Tellyporta strike is da other one.  You roll a die for each unit before da deployment.  Troops getz a +1 to da roll.  On a 6, dat unit gains da deep strike special rule.  Dat can be freakin awesome!

Now speakin of dat warlord chart, you can use Ghazzy’s chart if you warlord comes from his fromation or his detachment.   Generally speakin’, deez traits are sort of like da personal traits from da main book.  Dey make ya warlord more killy, like giving him BS 3, Crusader, Rage, or Feel No Pain.  I don’t know, I think I like da ones from da main ork book more.

Anyway, da last bit for today is Orkimedes Kustom Gubbinz (which you can only use if da model is from a Ghazzy formation or detachment).  I always liked dat git Orkimedes, but he always charges to many damn teef.  Once I want to get me a bigger and better klaw, and dat git told me he wanted 330 teef.  Well, I can’t count dat high, so I just gave him a chest dat I borrowed from Badrukk, I think it was enough.

So anywayz, Orkimedes Kustom Gubbinz are expensive.  But dey sure look like dey are worth it.  Choppa of Da Ragnarork could be awesome; a ‘uge choppa dat each round of combat it kills something, it gets +1 strength and -1ap.  Could turn ya into a strength 10 ap1 swingin’ at initiative.  Just going to take a while of krumpin’ heads to get dere.

Da big boss pole is great.  It gives whatever unit it is in fearless, for 20 points (whatever dose thingz are).  I dunno about you, but I always love me some fearless ladz.  You can always count on dem to take a beatin’.

Da Supa-Cybork is really expensive, but could be worth it. It gives a git feel no pain, eternal warrior, and relentless for 50 points.  I am sure some of you more kunnin ladz out dere can find a good use for dat relentless rule.  Although, I think dat just some good ol’ mega armor would do da job just as well.

Da Killa Klaw is a bigger and better power klaw (kinda like mine).  Da boss using it can decided to switch all his attacks for a single attack with da instant death special rule.  Squishy squishy sayz da klaw.

Da Mega Force Field is for one of ya big meks.  It works like a kustom force field but a little better.  It gives out a 4+ invuln instead of a 5+.  For only 25 points more than da regular version, I think it iz worth it.

Lastly, da Kill Dakka.  Dis crazy gun you roll for once before deployment. Based on da result it ends up being some special dakka for dat boss.  It’s got just about every option on dere you can think of.  Personally, I prefer me good ol klaw da some fancy shoota.

Anyway, dere ya go you gitz.  Dis be da Kaptain sayin…..err crap. I had something for dis, but now I forgot.  Oh well.  WAAAAAAAAGH!

Mission Accomplished: Ralshenik Says Goodbye


Like his Shaqness, I leave with no regrets.


Hello again readers, once again it’s your absentee blog contributor Ralshenik!  Today unfortunately my writing is taking a more somber tone as I have made the extremely difficult decision to leave the hobby I have loved so much for the last several years.  This choice comes at a time in my life where I am looking to explore new personal ventures and honestly just don’t have the free time available to wargame like I want to.

As I said, this is not an easy choice, for the last 5-6 years I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this hobby while making friends and memories that will last a lifetime.  I was exceptionally blessed with one of the most friendly and welcoming  group of gamers any nerd could ask for.

Though my writing experience for this blog was short-lived, it was an absolute blast to be able to share my thoughts with you guys and engage fellow gamers in conversation all throughout the world.  Severus and Co. are a great bunch of guys, I wish them and this blog nothing but happiness and prosperity.

There won’t be any gnashing of teeth or angry lamentations in this article; i’m not going to sit here and tell you the reason i’m leaving is cause the game of 40k has jumped the shark or GW is just a bunch of money hungry English devils.  I’m not going to champion some other system and explain to you why it is so much better than 40k and why you should make the choice to leave like me.  None of that is true, this is simply a personal choice made due to various circumstances in my life currently.

Consider this a goodbye letter to a game that has thoroughly entertained me over the last 6 years, as I walk out the proverbial door I do it with my head high and a bright optimism about the future.

Perhaps the cold lure of the grim dark will pull me back someday? Perhaps I (like many 40k players before me) am only experiencing the first of many retirements and un-retirements?  I would never bet against that.

For at least the foreseeable future however,  I say goodbye Warhammer 40,000, thanks for the friends and fun times.  I wish all the readers of this blog the best in their hobby times, I hope the game is as good to you as it was to me.

Farewell Twenty First Legion and the 41st Millennium!   Till the day we meet again…..



Ork Shooting Horde List!

Howdy everyone, Severus here.  I have been tinkering with a few ork lists lately.  I wanted to give you guys an idea on what I am currently running.  Now granted, this list has never seen play, but I ran a similar list that did quite well.  It all but tabled a chaos marine force.  I just couldn’t bring down Abaddon.

Anyway, here it is.  Remember, my local meta plays 2000 point lists:

  • Kaptain Klaw- ‘Eavy Armor, Power Klaw, Boss Pole, Cyborg Body, Da Finkin’ Kap (warlord)
  • Mad Dok
  • Big Mek – ‘Eavy Armor, Kustom Force Field, Da Fixer Upper, Boss Pole
  • Boyz – 30 slugga choppa boys with a Nob (Power Klaw and Boss Pole)
  • Boyz – 30 slugga choppa boys with a Nob (Power Klaw and Boss Pole)
  • Boyz – 30 shoota boys with a Nob (Power Klaw and Boss Pole)
  • Dakka Jet – Additional Supa Shoota
  • Dakka Jet – Additional Supa Shoota
  • Lootas – 15 Lootas
  • Flash Gitz – 10 Flash Gitz
  • Battlewagon (dedicated transport for flash gitz) – Big shoota, Grot Riggers, Extra Armor, Deff Rolla
  • Tank Bustas – 5 with a trukk

So, here is the concept.  2 big mobs of slugga choppa boyz to move up field and put on some pressure.  I can split the warboss and mad dok up or put them into one super unit.  The shoota boyz can hold a back field objective or move up and provide support.  That makes 90 boys pushing up the field (30 are fearless and have feel no pain).  Buried in there are 5 power klaws.

Now, providing back up are the lootas and dakka jets.  They need no introduction.  The flash gitz are a new idea.  10 of them in a battlewagon can lay down some serious fire power.  They are pretty fragile out in the open, hence the battlewagon.  The big mek is there to try to keep the battlewagon alive.  That makes 4 very good shooting units in support of my pseudo green tide.

The wild card in the list is the tank bustas.  They are super cheap.  They are my answer for av13 or 14.  5 melta bombs should put an end to that heavy armor pretty well if I can get them in.  Now, the problem is that it is a super small unit and trukks aren’t durable.  So, I will have to keep them hidden until there right moment.

The big take away from that list is this.  Find a way around the mob rule.  Large mobs of boys with characters have a 5/6 chance of passing.  Yes, you will lose a few boys in the process.  What’s worse, losing boys or getting pinned/falling back?  Also, a fearless mob is useful, they can take on anything and never break.  A great tarpit for certain chosen of the chaos gods.

The units that are most vulnerable in my list are the lootas, tank bustas, and flash gitz.  I gave the flash gtiz the mek with a boss pole for a leadership upgrade.  The lootas are 15 strong to try to avoid half of the mob rule chart.  The tank bustas are pretty much screwed.  If anything does enough damage to them to require me to test on the mob rule, they are probably worthless anyway.

We will see how this list works out this weekend.  Until then, have a good weekend.

Ork Codex Review: Lords of War

633820285931151815-OrkStompaSeverus here and we are finally making it to the end of the ork codex.  Sneak preview, I feel like the Ghazghkull supplement is really ork codex part 2.  So, I will give my finally impressions of the codex after we finish that book.  For now though, we still have lords of war.

First off, let’s get this out there.  Lords of war are going to become a new unit type that GW will continue to support through out this edition.  They introduced them in escalation.  They continued to support them in the new rule book.  Now, they have them as part of the regular codex.  Even forgeworld put out a list of it’s units that can be used as lords of war.  Are they balanced as a unit type?  Only time will tell.

The first one to appear in our lovely codex is good ol’ Ghazghkull Thraka.  Statline wise he stayed the same, so no new surprises there.  Same with his points.  His special rules changed a bit based on his wargear.  The change to cyborg body means he lost his all the time invuln.  They also dropped the adamantium skull rule but gave him eternal warrior.  So, essential he lost hist +2 attacks on the charge.

Finally his waaagh received a nice buff.  It is still only allowed on turn two or later if he is alive and your warlord.  When he calls it in addition to the normal waagh affects, he gains a 2+invuln until the beginning of his next turn.  Additionally Ghazzy and all other models in his unit with mega armor can run that turn despite the slow and purposeful special rule.  He also has the prophet of the waaagh warlord trait, so he will give everything fearless until the start of there next turn.

I liked Ghazghkull before, no need to stop liking him now.  His move to the lord of war slot means he won’t hog up an HQ slot.  Overall I say he is great.  Opponents weren’t banning him before as an HQ choice, they have no reason to ban him now that he is a lord of war.  Interesting to note:  Think of all the other 4 wound special characters around the 200+ points mark in other codexes.  If we take Ghazzy here as the standard we could see a lot of things moved to that lord of war slot.

Okay, and finally the Stompa!  So, he wasn’t in the last codex, so I am comparing him to his rules in the 6th ed Apoc book.  Guess what, no changes.  He is still a big old AV 13,13,12 12hp super heavy walker.  He still has all the same guns and rules for them.  He can hold 20 boyz, hands out a 6″ fearless bubble, and can take extra rokkits.  Grot riggers give him it will not die.  Now you want to be super cheesey?  Put a big mek with a kff in him to give him an invuln save and the ability to repair.  Throw more meks in for more repair chances.

So, is the stompa worth it?  He is a huge chunk of points for most games.  I feel like if you bring him you will be a much smaller elite force.  You will have to try to kill a lot of your opponents stuff or table them.  Which is possible if you don’t lose that stompa.  It’s sort of a bet big to win big scenario in my head.

That covers it.  Ork codex (part 1) is done.  Lots of cool options.  Some nerfs.  Lords of war are going to become a more common sight I think.  At least Ghazzy.  Okay, tomorrow we delve into the supplement!  Or maybe I will share list idea that I want to use this weekend.  Take care, Severus out!

Ork Codex Review: Heavy Support!



Okay everyone, Severus again to bring us into the home stretch of the Ork codex review.  We got Heavy Support today, then lords of war, then the ghazghkull supplement (which I will have to break into at least two parts).  Alright, who am I kidding? I’ve got plenty of ork crap to go.  Anyway, onto the heavy sections.

Up first, the mek gunz or the unit formally known as big gunz.  These guys got a new awesome looking kit and a points drop.  The basic kannon, lobba, and zzap gun are super cheap.  Now we also have 4 new options thanks to the new kit.  They are all a points bump over the previous models, now at 30pts a piece.  Still a steal for a grot manned artillery unit.  My favorites are the traktor kannons, they are some awesome anti-air with their traktor special rule.  Overall, these units are super cheap and provide some amazing fire support that can fill any roll you army needs.  If they weren’t so damn expensive I would have 5 right now.

Up next the trusty battlewagon!  This workhorse of the army got a little more expensive but otherwise stayed the same.  The biggest change is the rules to the deff rolla.  Now it basically increases your ram strength to 9 and causes d3 strength 10 ap4 hits on a unit that elects to death or glory.  It still allows the re-roll to dangerous terrain.  All in all, now it’s not as effective as it used to be, but for only 10 points I say it is a worthy choice.

The deff dread is next. Once again, no major changes profile wise.  He is a little cheaper if memory serves me.  The biggest change to affect him is the change to grot riggers.  Now they give a vehicle it will not die.  He also sort of has a little more use now due to the changes to killa kans.  Honestly though, I think he will be out competed in this section of the codex.

Speaking of which, the killa kans.  also saw some changes.  They went up in points, but now rokkits are a free upgrade.  They can now run in units up to 6.  They lost power klaws and gain their own version called kan klaws.  It is still ap 2, but only adds +2 strength instead of doubling it.  They also more or less gained a rule that makes them subject to moral tests when taking 25% casualties. Deff dreads can make the test easier to pass as does a large mob. Overall, I feel like they got weaker.  Or at least weaker in comparison to the other heavy support options.

Okay, on to the new model.  First the gorkanaut.  Its a big old beefy walker, sporting 5 hull points.  It can still die to a lucky explodes results, so he is not a mini super heavy like we all secretly wanted.  This variant has some decent shooting with a lot of strength 6 shots.  Ultimately though he shines in close combat due to his rampage special rule.  Don’t forget he has a transport capacity of 6, so he can drop of some nobs, meganobz, or flash gitz to have some fun.  I like him, although I am still leery of investing all those points in a model that could die to a single anti tank weapon.

The morkanaut is the more survivable variety.  It has a little better shooting and can take a kustom force field (at a hefty price though).  This puts a nice big footprint out for that 5+ invuln.  I see this unit as more of a back field support unit or going up field to protect some other vehicles.  A list needs to be built around this one I think to best take advantage of it’s KFF.  Once again, my biggest complaint is that it could die to a lucky shot.

Now for our trusty lootas.  Stat wise they are the same.  They saw a little bit of a points drop (like a single point).  Every little bit helps though.  The big change is access to a trukk as a dedicated transport.  Now, of course we have to mention their move from elite to heavy support.  Just makes more competition for those heavy slots.

Finally, my beloved flash gitz.  They are a great fire support unit.  They are super cheap compared to their previous rules.  They can put out quite the volume of fire at 3 shots a piece and strength 5.  They still have their random ap value, but theoretically they can have ap3 or less half the time.  That makes them marine hunters to me.  They have nob stats with only a 6+ save.  That makes them vulnerable actually.  Good news is that they can take a trukk or battlewagon as a dedicated transport for some protection.  All in all I like them and think I will be running them for a bit.

Overall the heavy support is filled with good choices.  There are only a few that I think are not worth it, mainly deff dreads and killa kans.  The rest of them look like decent choices in my book.  So have at it and see who can make the loudest boom!

Codex Ork Review: Fast Attack!


Howdy everyone, Severus back again.  It’s time to move onto the fast attack section of our review of the ork codex.  You can check out our codex review section to catch the previous sections.  In case you missed it, I put the Trukk in the troop section.

Okay, up first is the stormboyz!  These guys saw a points drop, down to 9pts.  That puts them a mere 3 points over the basic boy.  What do you get for that points bump?  The ability to move like jump pack infantry.  Plus now they can run up to 2d6.  There is a draw back, if you choose to run, they do take dangerous terrain tests.  Personally, I think they are a solid unit.  If you position them well and move, run, and charge on a waagh turn you can have up to a 36 inch threat range.  Yes, you will take some loses from the dangerous, but come on.  That’s why you take 30 of them.

Up next, the new and improved deff kopta.  Now, this unit pretty much functioned exactly like it has in the past.  Lets be honest, we all have those black reach models, so we run them with twinlinked rokkits.  GW must be aware of this, because now they made the rokkits a free upgrade.  That’s right, a 30 point T5 2w model with twinlinked rokkits.  Not to mention it is a jetbike that can scout.  I have never been able to do it myself, but I hear they make a great flanking unit to take down armor.

Now, on to my beloved dakka jets.  These things were my babies before.  For a mere 130 points you could put out 18 strength 6 BS3 twinlinked shots at any target.  They have seen a bit of a points increase, up to for 145pt for the extra gun and and the flyboss upgrade.  They also changed the waaagh rule, now they fire and extra per gun instead of double shots.  So, objectively they got weaker.  Ultimately though, I still feel like they a strong choice.

Okay, on to the less popular flyer choice, the burna bommer.  This guy is probably a decent choice.  It has two bombs that it can drop, large blast str5, ap4, ignore cover.  Probably on of the most reliable weapons for clearing infantry in cover in the ork list.  It is fairly cheap for the basic model, 115pts.  Problem is that after it drops it’s bombs it isn’t that good anymore.  A twinlinked big shoota and supa shoota aren’t that impressive.  The missile upgrades are cool but really spendy at 10pts a pop.  I take them occasionally, but in the end, I prefer the dakka jet still.

The last flyer is the blitza-bommer.  It’s more or less an anti-tank flyer with two strength 7 ap2 armor bane large blast.  Now it has a special rule that gives it good orky chart.  A chance to fail, a chance to win, and lots of chances to be average.  Once again, after it dropped it’s bombs, its efficacy drops dramatically.  I would not rely on this one myself, but it can be fun.  Probably up there with the tankbustas with best anti-tank units.

Ahh, warbikers, these boys are going to be fun.  They are fairly cheap at 18pts a piece.  The have some pretty good shooting from the warbike and are armed with slugga and choppas for the extra close combat weapons.  It’s like a boy that can move fast, shoot well, punch hard, and take a punch.  That is a huge win.  If only they could still be troops.  Regardless, these guys are a good buy in my book.

Lastly, the lowly ork warbuggy.  Now, they are damn cheap at 25pts a piece for an armor 10 all around with 2 hp.  They are fast, can outflank, and the kicker is that they can take a twinlinked rokkit for free.  They can come in up to units of 5, so for 125pts you can have 5 twinlinked rokkits with 10hps.  I say theoretically they are a great choice.  The problem is that the model is from like 2nd edition.  It is almost embarrassing that GW has yet to update that model.  Personally, I refuse to use those models until I get a good conversion idea or a 3rd party that doesn’t cost 40 bucks.

Overall the fast attack section is packed full of good choices.  Even the bad options are not horrible and only look bad when compared to the strong choices.  Ultimately I think filling out your fast attack choices depends on what role you need to fill in your list.  Be it anti armor, anti infantry, a jack of all trades, or just a distraction unit, you got plenty of options.  Choose wisely!  Severus out.