The Weekend Report: Itching for a Campaign and A Look Behind The Curtain

Anchorman-2-Melbourne-Cup-01-e1383627479409-600x328Howdy everyone, it’s Severus here with your weekend report.  Lots of stuff has been going on in my nerdy world lately.  I have tons of ideas now, I just need to focus!  My gamer ADD is way out of control.  Outside of 40k and fantasy, I have rekindled my love of Battlefield 4, played the Destiny Beta (which rocks!), and have been trying to find some locals for games of Netrunner.  Not to mention that fantasy flight is putting out a 40k based card game called Conquest.  Looks awesome!

Anyway, back to the hobby realm.  I have been slowly plugging away on my flash gitz.  I have taken to painting models individually to completion.  Since they are supposed to be a bit of an eclectic bunch, I am trying out new things with each of them.  What I learned is I love checkered patterns!  Annoying to paint, but so fun to look at!

Speaking of orks, I rolled them out again this weekend for a game against none other than Shorereaper and his space sharks.  We ended up playing malestrom.  I hate to say it, but it turned into a sound beating for poor Shorereaper.  The list I took worked pretty well.  I am still getting used to my ork characters being squishier than before (poor mad dok died horribly fast when I issued a challenge, turns out he is not that tough.).  Don’t worry, the irony was not lost on Shorereaper and I when I won after posting that article friday.

Now, in terms of fantasy (yes, I do play fantasy…), I have been trying to reach out to find some new players in the area.  My vampire counts have not seen a table in almost 8 months.  I started a twitter account (@Nordic_Dude) and started talking to a few guys (including the hosts of Garagehammer, I love that show).  They put me in contact with a few tournament players they know in the area.  Hopefully if I start meeting up with them, we can get some Fantasy content up here.

Finally, I was listening to the latest episode of The Independent Characters today.  They were talking about running campaigns with there gaming groups.  Reminded me of last summer at the good ol’ White Marsh Games Workshop.  We actually had 2 campaigns last summer that were a blast to play in.  Made me miss that.  So now I am trying to mess around with some rules for a simple campaign.  Nothing to complex, I want it to be easily approachable.  I want new guys that I have seen around Critical Hit lately to feel comfortable jumping in.

Finally, a look behind the curtain here at the Twenty First Legion.  As you know, we lost Ralshenik to the warp a few weeks ago.  Augustus has been silent for a long time as well.  So it has mainly been myself (and that damn Kaptain Klaw whenever he sees fit to barge in).  Shorereaper has been stepping up to the plate lately and helping me with a lot of content.  I appreciate his hard work, because frankly I was starting to feel the burn of running this blog along.  So get ready for his in depth review of the tyranids!  Until then, Severus out.

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