GW New Release Schedule, Too Much of a Good Thing?

mit_fire_hoseHowdy everyone, Severus here.  I wanted to take a moment today to step away from the game and look at the business side of things.  For those of you living under rocks, GW has had a blistering fast release schedule lately.  It got me wondering, when is it going to be to much of a good thing?

Lets look back two years.  A few months after 6th edition dropped, GW started increasing the speed of there release schedule.  It started to boil down to one army and the associated models each month.  I for one was happy with this.  You got a big wave of new stuff.  Then you got 3 or 4 weeks to sort of digest all of that.  You got a chance to wrap your head around it, decide if you wanted it or not, learn to play against it, ect.

I think most people would agree that the monthly release schedule was better than GW’s previous “every once and a while” schedule.  Now, they never really marketed their new stuff up until the week before.  We had to rely on leaks and rumor websites to let us know what was coming.  To an extent, that was great marketing for GW.  We got little bits of info for a whole month, then BOOM!  New book, new models, nerds rejoice!

This January, things changed.  GW went to a weekly release with a weekly white dwarf.  Internally, they locked it down on the leaks.  We are essentially at the point that we have no idea what is coming until monday when someone leaks the coming friday’s white dwarf.  Then we wait a week from them to actually get the models in hand.  Is it a problem to have a weekly release with no real leaks letting us know what is coming?  No, life will go on regardless.

Or at least that’s what I would have told you prior to June.  Since the first week of June, GW has released at least one product every week that personally I wanted.  That’s when I really started to feel it.  My hobby budget is not getting any bigger, so there is only so much I can do.  I bought what I could, and put the rest on the want list.  Then good ol GW drops a box set I don’t need with a limited edition model in it. The want list is growing way to fast now.

Crap.  I am a bit of a competitionist when it comes to my armies.  I want to have it all eventually.  I didn’t buy the stormclaw box.  I missed out on a limited edition model and a few formations for my orks.  Life will go on.  Ultimately though it started to feel to me like drinking out of a fire hose.  I just can’t keep up with GW, model release and rules wise.

Now, personally, I don’t like space wolves.  Looks like they are next coming down the GW fire hose.  So, that will give me time to breath and catch up.  What about that space wolf guy though, is he going to get overwhelmed?  Is he going to feel like he can’t keep up with it all.  Is that going to drive him away from the hobby?

I don’t know.  I can tell you that I am starting to not like the weekly release schedule.  I am wondering if the gamer market is getting over saturated with new products.  We are just not that excited by the weekly releases anymore.  Some of use are feeling the financial burn, others the time burn it takes to keep up.  I know a few guys walking away from the hobby for those reasons.

How do you guys feel about the weekly release schedule?  Is it the right pace for you, or is it becoming to much?  Do you struggle to keep up on new models and rules?  Did you even know that besides a table, GW released a set of resin scenic bases to go along with it?  Let me know what you think in the comments.

3 thoughts on “GW New Release Schedule, Too Much of a Good Thing?

  1. 1) Trust me: GW aren’t releasing any more product for armies, etc than they were in the monthly releases so they’re not over saturating the market.

    2) The fact there’s something each week that you want to buy simply means that GW are releasing more stuff that you want, nothing more.

    3) If my hobby budget is ‘x’ per month the release schedule isn’t going to change that. I’ll spend the same regardless.

    I like the weekly releases. News throughout the month, the occasional curve ball, and it gives me something new to talk about with my mates each week.

    Previously it was pretty much all over by the end of the first week until the first blurry photos of next months WD hit the net. Just my tuppence worth

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