Fantasy: My conundrum.

2014-04-12-starwarsepisodeivhologramf22a7ae401c6d2a3Howdy everyone, Severus here.  I recently took to the twitters (@Nordic_Dude) and started a conversation with @Garagehammer about how my local fantasy community has died.  Since twitter is not the best place to tell a lengthy story, I decided to do it here.  I will confess, I was part of it’s down fall.

So, here is how it went down.  We had a nice little organised meet up at our FLGS (critical hit) every Sunday.  It worked out quite well for me.  40k on Saturday and fantasy on Sunday.  We even had a few small tournaments that were fun to play in.  Then some of the regulars stopped showing up.  Things came up, life happens, whatever no big deal.

So, less games were to be had.  Not a problem, most of my friends I game with also are combi-gamers (yes, I just made that term, trademark in progress).  So we would just bust out our 40k on Sunday as well.  It was around January that the shift really started to happen.  The dedicated fantasy guys all stopped coming in, so we just started to assume no more fantasy on Sunday.  We stopped bringing our armies, so when a random guy would show up there wouldn’t be any games for him.  And the cycle continued.

The garagehammer pod cast has literally been the only thing keeping my interest in fantasy over the last few months.  I have been working on many other projects (Iron Hands, Tau, Orks) since my VC was “complete”.  Let’s face it, an army is never complete.  Anyway, since the army was off the work bench it sort of became out of sight out of mind.

So, here I stand.  The local community we once had has all left.  I want to rally the men, get them back in and playing.  I just don’t know how.  There has been some talk between a few guys about making a sort of rotating fantasy group that hits a few of the stores in the area.  That way no one guy is always driving the big haul.  That seems like a lot to manage and keep going consistently.

I am not a good fantasy player by any means.  I am not even that sure on some of the rules anymore.  I am not the kind of guy you want organizing any sort of event, for fantasy at least.  So, I write this article to you, the warhammer twitter community (by the way, there needs to be some sort of better name than that).  Help me, you maybe my only hope.

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