Waaagh! Ghazghkull Review: Part 2!

Orks_attack3Oy you humies, Kaptain Klaw here.  Dat git severus and I has come to an understandin ’bout things.  Dat iz Orks iz Da Best, so I can writez whenever I wants.  I had to use me klaw to get it through dat gitz thick head, but he came around to my way of thinkin!  So, I am here to finish educating you lot on day new Ghazghkull book!

Now where waz we?  Oh yeah, onto da formations.  Dis book is chocked full of new formations for you to use when ya runnin’ da boyz.  Formations is really interesting, makes building an army a whole different ball of grot snot.  Dere are so many options!  Nothin better dan having options on how best to kill a git.

Council of Waaagh iz da first one.  Basically, bring old Ghazzy, Mad Dok, 2 warboess, a big mek, and a group of da nobz with a waagh banner as a single unit.  Talk about a death star.  Da unit is fearless and +1WS from da banner and all other orks within 12″ re-roll moral and pinning.  Plus dem warbosses get another +1 to there WS (makin’ dem a total of 7).  Don’t forget old Ghazzy, he gets 2 more ork warlord traits from his own book!  It’s a big old pricy unit, but da options are endless with all those characters!  Maybe dat group can finally put down dat Asterion Moloc and Ivanus Enkomi dat has been runnin’ a muck in my local group! Ghazghkull’s Bully Boyz is up next.  Dey look damn good.  Three units of 5 megaboz armed however you wantz.  Dey get fear, fearless, and +1WS.  Pretty much just throw dem at an enemy.  Better yet, stick dem in a trukk and drive head long into dere linez!  Don’t let dem have all da fun though.

Da Vulcha Skwad is led by Boss Zagstruk.  I never liked dat git, seemz like some dok rammed a boss pole up his arse or somethin.  Anyway, it’s him and three squadz of his stormboyz.  Dey can either be separate units or you can combine all three and Zaggy into one big mob.  Dey all have to deep strike, but dey only scatterz a single d6.  Dey also gain shred on dere hammerz of wrath.  Dey look like fun.  I just want ta see da look on me opponents face when zaggy and 90 of his boyz drop out of da sky in front of dem.

Da Blitz Birgade is a group of 5 battlewagons with deff rollas or rams.  Dey can all scout.  For you less educated gitz, dat is a 12 inch re-deployment (even moving out of your own deployment zone).  Dat can be super face smashin awesome!  Anything inside da transports can’t assault turn one though. So, better bring some dakka!

Da Dread Mob has some cool abilities.  It’s a big mek, a pain boy (because why not), 2 gorkanauts or morkanauts, 3 deff dreads, and 3 units of kill kanz.  Dat iz a ton of armor (hehe, get it?).  Dey gain ‘ere we go, which we all know is awesome!  Dey also get to cause D3 hammer of wrath each!  Throw a kustom force field in dere, maybe a morkanaut for more protection.  Get a waagh from a nearby warboss!  Now you got walkers that can mve 6, run upto 6, den charge (with a re-roll).  Get ready for a wall of armor to come crashing into da enemy linez!

Not to be forgotten (because da sneaky gitz is always hidin’) is Boss Snikrot’s Red Skull Kommandos.  It’s old Snikity Snikrot and 4 units of his kommandos.  Dey all have to stay in reserves, come in on a single reserve roll, best of all though, dey can come in from ANY table edge snikrot wants.  If dey don’t shoot dat turn, dey can re-roll dere cover savez.  Don’t forget, every unit in da formation getz shrouding instead of stealth da turn dey show up.  Sounds like dat group could be good for causing some chaos!

Finally, we get to da mother of all formations, da green tide!  It’s one lucky warboss and 10 units of boyz!  You gets to allocate your hitz from da mob rule chart (because randomizing hits on a unit of 300 boyz may take a while…).  Da get hammer of wrath if dey roll more dan 10 on dere charge distance.  Best of wall, dey get to waagh each turn after da first if da warboss is da warlord (…and still alive).

You gitz think that’s it?  Nope, dere is still more crap in diss giant book.  Dey gotz all deez different missions you can plays, you know if you want to feel like Ghazzy.  Personally, I don’t have time for all dat.  I just want to run forward and krump some ‘eads.

I think dat about does it for me, Da Kaptain.  I didn’t forget me sign off line dis time ( I had a grotz write it down for me).  Until next time dis be Kaptain Klaw sayin’ +++++Transmission Interrupted++++

Crap, how did that damn ork get control of the vox feed again?  Sorry everyone, Severus here again.  Seems that the Kaptain went ahead and sent out his report without my approval.  He is clearly not following the terms of our agreement.  Then again, how much can you really trust a Ork Freebooter?  Anyway, hope it wasn’t to bad of a read.  That damn ork really needs to learn about spell check.  My head hurts just looking at it.

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