All Is Not Lost: Severus’ Return From The Warp (and his ork experience)

SMShipsWarpHowdy everyone!  Severus here, and I am back from my time in the warp.  Or at least it felt like it was the warp.  Took forever for me to get through, but doesn’t seem like much time has passed here.  I had family in town and no time off from work, so sadly the blog took a back seat as did the hobbying this week.

Since Kaptain Klaw took over for a bit there, I didn’t get to fill you guys in on how my orks have been fairing.  Don’t worry, I agreed to let the kaptain finish his segment on the Ghazghkull supplement if he left peacefully.  So expect that next week.

Anyway, I wanted to go back over how my lovely boys in green have been doing lately.  I have about half a dozen games in with various lists and I am starting to see some themes come out of that army.

First off, screw trukk boys.  I know you love them, I sure do.  Seriously though, the only time a group of boys is effective in a trukk is if NO ONE ever shoots at them until they assault.  Trukks would be okay for tougher units that have some form of save.  They could also work well if you spammed trukk boys.  Running them like I used (aka 2 units of trukk boys to cause trouble) just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Secondly, multiple big mobs walking across the field are amazing.  The sweet spot seems to be about 90 boys at the 2k level, 60 at the 1500 level.  Put a nob in each with a boss pole and power klaw.  That old combo still works fine for me.  All in all, you are spending about 1/3 of your points on boys.  Still plenty of room to get fun toys.  The boys move up the field.  Either you opponents spends his time killing them or takes an assault from them on turn 2 or 3.  Also a great place to hide characters (cough….mad dok….cough).

Third, elite units (as in big tough units, not the force org slot) seem to be on there way out.  I have played with nobs on foot and nobs on bikes.  Ultimately, I think more boys or regular bikers would do just as well.  They just seem to fragile for there points and you get more use out of there less expensive versions.  The exception here seems to be mega nobz.  They are point for point cheaper than a ‘eavy armor nob with a power klaw and no one else can run a 2+ save in the army.

Forth, and stay with me here, Ghazghkull as a lord of war is a great thing.  The ork codex is clogged up in the HQ section.  There are tons of good options and only so many slots available.  Moving Ghazzy over to a lord of war frees up a slot and he is just as good as before.

Five, the ork horde detachment is totally worth it.  In the end, competitive players always like the idea of objective secured.  Orks do not hold objectives.  Gretching maybe, but not ork boys.  If you give up using the objective secured crutch (yeah, I said it), you can open yourself up to some really good opportunities.  That extra HQ slot from the horde is always useful.  Taking 3 troops is not a big deal.  Re-rolling your ork warlord trait is great so you can get that 1, 2, or 3 you really wanted.  Who cares if the opponent has un-contestable units.  Just kill them if they are in your way.

Sixth, and I guess finally, chose wisely in that heavy support section.  There are a lot of great options there.  Mek guns are super cheap and can deal tons of damage.  Flash gits are great anti-infantry shooting (they just need a vehicle to ride in).  Battlewagons are still great, even with a nerf to the deff rolla and a points bump.  Lootas still rock.  The Gorkanaut and Morkanaut look fun, but I am still scared to sink the points into them.  Maybe one of you guys can take that plunge and tell me how it goes.  The only poor choices there are the kans and maybe the deff dread.  Personally, after I get my boys in the list, this is my next stop.  It can really help define a list.

That’s it for today gentleman (and ladies if there are any of you out there).  I will be at my usual stomping grounds (Critical Hit) on Saturday with my orks.  Then Sunday is a Netrunner tournament.  Don’t forget Dragon’s Teeth, the new Battlefield expansion.  I need lots of gaming this weekend.  Severus out!

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