Waaagh! Ghazghkull Review Part 1

Warlord_Ghazkull_ThrakaHowdy you gitz!  It’z me again, Kaptain Klaw.  I tricked dat humie Severus into thinkin’ I was gone again.  Sometimes you gotz to be kunnin like good ol’ Mork.  Anyway, I saw dat git was workin’ on da ork codex review.  Dem boyz is startin’ to shape up pretty well.  Now it’z my turn, and I’m talk about dat new codex supplement named after me best mate, Ghazghkull.

Dis book is pretty darn good.  It’s got lotz of dem pretty picture of Ghazzy’s boyz and what notz.  Dey also got a great story on how Ghazzy got off da stinkin rok he started out on and started his great Waaaagh!  Now, for some reason dey forgot to mention meself or Kaptain Badrukk.  I think dem lads over at GW will be gettin’ a visit from da Kaptain to refresh dere memories.

You lads ain’t here for dem pretty pictures and words though, you want to here about da crunch of da book.  Well, let me tell ya lads, dere is plenty of crunch in dis little book.  First off, Ghazzy’s army has a load of new special rulez.  Biggest an’ da Best is day first rule, it makes your warlord always issue and accept challenges.  Like a propa ork should!  Da problem iz dat sometimes da weaker warboss and big meks get krumped by some of dem bigger nasties out dere.  I’m lookin’ at you Swarmylord.

Now, some of you gitz may not know dis, but Ghazzy runs his waaagh wit an iron fist (err…klaw).  So da next special rule dey git is Da Boss iz Watchin’.  It adds 2 to your rolls on da mob rule table; now though you get d3+3 S4 hits instead of D6.  Dat meanz dat you always want big mobz with characters, dat way you never have to worry about runnin’.

Now to take an army like Ghazghkull, you need to either take da formations dat we will talk about next time or Ghazzy’s own special detachment, da Great Waaagh! Detachement.  It is a normal force org (da git Severus has a note dat says “normal as in the combined arms detachment”).  Da changes iz dat you are required to take one elite choice, and can have up to 5 of demz total!  Hope ya boyz like da nobz, cause we going to have tons of dem lads.

Dat detachement comes with two special rulz.  Da right Boss for Da Plan lets ya re-roll your ghazghkull warlord trait.  Tellyporta strike is da other one.  You roll a die for each unit before da deployment.  Troops getz a +1 to da roll.  On a 6, dat unit gains da deep strike special rule.  Dat can be freakin awesome!

Now speakin of dat warlord chart, you can use Ghazzy’s chart if you warlord comes from his fromation or his detachment.   Generally speakin’, deez traits are sort of like da personal traits from da main book.  Dey make ya warlord more killy, like giving him BS 3, Crusader, Rage, or Feel No Pain.  I don’t know, I think I like da ones from da main ork book more.

Anyway, da last bit for today is Orkimedes Kustom Gubbinz (which you can only use if da model is from a Ghazzy formation or detachment).  I always liked dat git Orkimedes, but he always charges to many damn teef.  Once I want to get me a bigger and better klaw, and dat git told me he wanted 330 teef.  Well, I can’t count dat high, so I just gave him a chest dat I borrowed from Badrukk, I think it was enough.

So anywayz, Orkimedes Kustom Gubbinz are expensive.  But dey sure look like dey are worth it.  Choppa of Da Ragnarork could be awesome; a ‘uge choppa dat each round of combat it kills something, it gets +1 strength and -1ap.  Could turn ya into a strength 10 ap1 swingin’ at initiative.  Just going to take a while of krumpin’ heads to get dere.

Da big boss pole is great.  It gives whatever unit it is in fearless, for 20 points (whatever dose thingz are).  I dunno about you, but I always love me some fearless ladz.  You can always count on dem to take a beatin’.

Da Supa-Cybork is really expensive, but could be worth it. It gives a git feel no pain, eternal warrior, and relentless for 50 points.  I am sure some of you more kunnin ladz out dere can find a good use for dat relentless rule.  Although, I think dat just some good ol’ mega armor would do da job just as well.

Da Killa Klaw is a bigger and better power klaw (kinda like mine).  Da boss using it can decided to switch all his attacks for a single attack with da instant death special rule.  Squishy squishy sayz da klaw.

Da Mega Force Field is for one of ya big meks.  It works like a kustom force field but a little better.  It gives out a 4+ invuln instead of a 5+.  For only 25 points more than da regular version, I think it iz worth it.

Lastly, da Kill Dakka.  Dis crazy gun you roll for once before deployment. Based on da result it ends up being some special dakka for dat boss.  It’s got just about every option on dere you can think of.  Personally, I prefer me good ol klaw da some fancy shoota.

Anyway, dere ya go you gitz.  Dis be da Kaptain sayin…..err crap. I had something for dis, but now I forgot.  Oh well.  WAAAAAAAAGH!

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