Mission Accomplished: Ralshenik Says Goodbye


Like his Shaqness, I leave with no regrets.


Hello again readers, once again it’s your absentee blog contributor Ralshenik!  Today unfortunately my writing is taking a more somber tone as I have made the extremely difficult decision to leave the hobby I have loved so much for the last several years.  This choice comes at a time in my life where I am looking to explore new personal ventures and honestly just don’t have the free time available to wargame like I want to.

As I said, this is not an easy choice, for the last 5-6 years I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this hobby while making friends and memories that will last a lifetime.  I was exceptionally blessed with one of the most friendly and welcoming  group of gamers any nerd could ask for.

Though my writing experience for this blog was short-lived, it was an absolute blast to be able to share my thoughts with you guys and engage fellow gamers in conversation all throughout the world.  Severus and Co. are a great bunch of guys, I wish them and this blog nothing but happiness and prosperity.

There won’t be any gnashing of teeth or angry lamentations in this article; i’m not going to sit here and tell you the reason i’m leaving is cause the game of 40k has jumped the shark or GW is just a bunch of money hungry English devils.  I’m not going to champion some other system and explain to you why it is so much better than 40k and why you should make the choice to leave like me.  None of that is true, this is simply a personal choice made due to various circumstances in my life currently.

Consider this a goodbye letter to a game that has thoroughly entertained me over the last 6 years, as I walk out the proverbial door I do it with my head high and a bright optimism about the future.

Perhaps the cold lure of the grim dark will pull me back someday? Perhaps I (like many 40k players before me) am only experiencing the first of many retirements and un-retirements?  I would never bet against that.

For at least the foreseeable future however,  I say goodbye Warhammer 40,000, thanks for the friends and fun times.  I wish all the readers of this blog the best in their hobby times, I hope the game is as good to you as it was to me.

Farewell Twenty First Legion and the 41st Millennium!   Till the day we meet again…..



2 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished: Ralshenik Says Goodbye

  1. I’m terrible at goodbye so here is a try.
    Rob, you will be severely missed. the articles you wrote were awesome to read, and so dead on. Every time I see flying demons I will think of you brother.
    May the wind always be at your back, and money always be in your poket. 🙂


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