Ork Shooting Horde List!

Howdy everyone, Severus here.  I have been tinkering with a few ork lists lately.  I wanted to give you guys an idea on what I am currently running.  Now granted, this list has never seen play, but I ran a similar list that did quite well.  It all but tabled a chaos marine force.  I just couldn’t bring down Abaddon.

Anyway, here it is.  Remember, my local meta plays 2000 point lists:

  • Kaptain Klaw- ‘Eavy Armor, Power Klaw, Boss Pole, Cyborg Body, Da Finkin’ Kap (warlord)
  • Mad Dok
  • Big Mek – ‘Eavy Armor, Kustom Force Field, Da Fixer Upper, Boss Pole
  • Boyz – 30 slugga choppa boys with a Nob (Power Klaw and Boss Pole)
  • Boyz – 30 slugga choppa boys with a Nob (Power Klaw and Boss Pole)
  • Boyz – 30 shoota boys with a Nob (Power Klaw and Boss Pole)
  • Dakka Jet – Additional Supa Shoota
  • Dakka Jet – Additional Supa Shoota
  • Lootas – 15 Lootas
  • Flash Gitz – 10 Flash Gitz
  • Battlewagon (dedicated transport for flash gitz) – Big shoota, Grot Riggers, Extra Armor, Deff Rolla
  • Tank Bustas – 5 with a trukk

So, here is the concept.  2 big mobs of slugga choppa boyz to move up field and put on some pressure.  I can split the warboss and mad dok up or put them into one super unit.  The shoota boyz can hold a back field objective or move up and provide support.  That makes 90 boys pushing up the field (30 are fearless and have feel no pain).  Buried in there are 5 power klaws.

Now, providing back up are the lootas and dakka jets.  They need no introduction.  The flash gitz are a new idea.  10 of them in a battlewagon can lay down some serious fire power.  They are pretty fragile out in the open, hence the battlewagon.  The big mek is there to try to keep the battlewagon alive.  That makes 4 very good shooting units in support of my pseudo green tide.

The wild card in the list is the tank bustas.  They are super cheap.  They are my answer for av13 or 14.  5 melta bombs should put an end to that heavy armor pretty well if I can get them in.  Now, the problem is that it is a super small unit and trukks aren’t durable.  So, I will have to keep them hidden until there right moment.

The big take away from that list is this.  Find a way around the mob rule.  Large mobs of boys with characters have a 5/6 chance of passing.  Yes, you will lose a few boys in the process.  What’s worse, losing boys or getting pinned/falling back?  Also, a fearless mob is useful, they can take on anything and never break.  A great tarpit for certain chosen of the chaos gods.

The units that are most vulnerable in my list are the lootas, tank bustas, and flash gitz.  I gave the flash gtiz the mek with a boss pole for a leadership upgrade.  The lootas are 15 strong to try to avoid half of the mob rule chart.  The tank bustas are pretty much screwed.  If anything does enough damage to them to require me to test on the mob rule, they are probably worthless anyway.

We will see how this list works out this weekend.  Until then, have a good weekend.

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