Ork Codex Review: Lords of War

633820285931151815-OrkStompaSeverus here and we are finally making it to the end of the ork codex.  Sneak preview, I feel like the Ghazghkull supplement is really ork codex part 2.  So, I will give my finally impressions of the codex after we finish that book.  For now though, we still have lords of war.

First off, let’s get this out there.  Lords of war are going to become a new unit type that GW will continue to support through out this edition.  They introduced them in escalation.  They continued to support them in the new rule book.  Now, they have them as part of the regular codex.  Even forgeworld put out a list of it’s units that can be used as lords of war.  Are they balanced as a unit type?  Only time will tell.

The first one to appear in our lovely codex is good ol’ Ghazghkull Thraka.  Statline wise he stayed the same, so no new surprises there.  Same with his points.  His special rules changed a bit based on his wargear.  The change to cyborg body means he lost his all the time invuln.  They also dropped the adamantium skull rule but gave him eternal warrior.  So, essential he lost hist +2 attacks on the charge.

Finally his waaagh received a nice buff.  It is still only allowed on turn two or later if he is alive and your warlord.  When he calls it in addition to the normal waagh affects, he gains a 2+invuln until the beginning of his next turn.  Additionally Ghazzy and all other models in his unit with mega armor can run that turn despite the slow and purposeful special rule.  He also has the prophet of the waaagh warlord trait, so he will give everything fearless until the start of there next turn.

I liked Ghazghkull before, no need to stop liking him now.  His move to the lord of war slot means he won’t hog up an HQ slot.  Overall I say he is great.  Opponents weren’t banning him before as an HQ choice, they have no reason to ban him now that he is a lord of war.  Interesting to note:  Think of all the other 4 wound special characters around the 200+ points mark in other codexes.  If we take Ghazzy here as the standard we could see a lot of things moved to that lord of war slot.

Okay, and finally the Stompa!  So, he wasn’t in the last codex, so I am comparing him to his rules in the 6th ed Apoc book.  Guess what, no changes.  He is still a big old AV 13,13,12 12hp super heavy walker.  He still has all the same guns and rules for them.  He can hold 20 boyz, hands out a 6″ fearless bubble, and can take extra rokkits.  Grot riggers give him it will not die.  Now you want to be super cheesey?  Put a big mek with a kff in him to give him an invuln save and the ability to repair.  Throw more meks in for more repair chances.

So, is the stompa worth it?  He is a huge chunk of points for most games.  I feel like if you bring him you will be a much smaller elite force.  You will have to try to kill a lot of your opponents stuff or table them.  Which is possible if you don’t lose that stompa.  It’s sort of a bet big to win big scenario in my head.

That covers it.  Ork codex (part 1) is done.  Lots of cool options.  Some nerfs.  Lords of war are going to become a more common sight I think.  At least Ghazzy.  Okay, tomorrow we delve into the supplement!  Or maybe I will share list idea that I want to use this weekend.  Take care, Severus out!

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