Ork Codex Review: Heavy Support!



Okay everyone, Severus again to bring us into the home stretch of the Ork codex review.  We got Heavy Support today, then lords of war, then the ghazghkull supplement (which I will have to break into at least two parts).  Alright, who am I kidding? I’ve got plenty of ork crap to go.  Anyway, onto the heavy sections.

Up first, the mek gunz or the unit formally known as big gunz.  These guys got a new awesome looking kit and a points drop.  The basic kannon, lobba, and zzap gun are super cheap.  Now we also have 4 new options thanks to the new kit.  They are all a points bump over the previous models, now at 30pts a piece.  Still a steal for a grot manned artillery unit.  My favorites are the traktor kannons, they are some awesome anti-air with their traktor special rule.  Overall, these units are super cheap and provide some amazing fire support that can fill any roll you army needs.  If they weren’t so damn expensive I would have 5 right now.

Up next the trusty battlewagon!  This workhorse of the army got a little more expensive but otherwise stayed the same.  The biggest change is the rules to the deff rolla.  Now it basically increases your ram strength to 9 and causes d3 strength 10 ap4 hits on a unit that elects to death or glory.  It still allows the re-roll to dangerous terrain.  All in all, now it’s not as effective as it used to be, but for only 10 points I say it is a worthy choice.

The deff dread is next. Once again, no major changes profile wise.  He is a little cheaper if memory serves me.  The biggest change to affect him is the change to grot riggers.  Now they give a vehicle it will not die.  He also sort of has a little more use now due to the changes to killa kans.  Honestly though, I think he will be out competed in this section of the codex.

Speaking of which, the killa kans.  also saw some changes.  They went up in points, but now rokkits are a free upgrade.  They can now run in units up to 6.  They lost power klaws and gain their own version called kan klaws.  It is still ap 2, but only adds +2 strength instead of doubling it.  They also more or less gained a rule that makes them subject to moral tests when taking 25% casualties. Deff dreads can make the test easier to pass as does a large mob. Overall, I feel like they got weaker.  Or at least weaker in comparison to the other heavy support options.

Okay, on to the new model.  First the gorkanaut.  Its a big old beefy walker, sporting 5 hull points.  It can still die to a lucky explodes results, so he is not a mini super heavy like we all secretly wanted.  This variant has some decent shooting with a lot of strength 6 shots.  Ultimately though he shines in close combat due to his rampage special rule.  Don’t forget he has a transport capacity of 6, so he can drop of some nobs, meganobz, or flash gitz to have some fun.  I like him, although I am still leery of investing all those points in a model that could die to a single anti tank weapon.

The morkanaut is the more survivable variety.  It has a little better shooting and can take a kustom force field (at a hefty price though).  This puts a nice big footprint out for that 5+ invuln.  I see this unit as more of a back field support unit or going up field to protect some other vehicles.  A list needs to be built around this one I think to best take advantage of it’s KFF.  Once again, my biggest complaint is that it could die to a lucky shot.

Now for our trusty lootas.  Stat wise they are the same.  They saw a little bit of a points drop (like a single point).  Every little bit helps though.  The big change is access to a trukk as a dedicated transport.  Now, of course we have to mention their move from elite to heavy support.  Just makes more competition for those heavy slots.

Finally, my beloved flash gitz.  They are a great fire support unit.  They are super cheap compared to their previous rules.  They can put out quite the volume of fire at 3 shots a piece and strength 5.  They still have their random ap value, but theoretically they can have ap3 or less half the time.  That makes them marine hunters to me.  They have nob stats with only a 6+ save.  That makes them vulnerable actually.  Good news is that they can take a trukk or battlewagon as a dedicated transport for some protection.  All in all I like them and think I will be running them for a bit.

Overall the heavy support is filled with good choices.  There are only a few that I think are not worth it, mainly deff dreads and killa kans.  The rest of them look like decent choices in my book.  So have at it and see who can make the loudest boom!

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