Codex Ork Review: Fast Attack!


Howdy everyone, Severus back again.  It’s time to move onto the fast attack section of our review of the ork codex.  You can check out our codex review section to catch the previous sections.  In case you missed it, I put the Trukk in the troop section.

Okay, up first is the stormboyz!  These guys saw a points drop, down to 9pts.  That puts them a mere 3 points over the basic boy.  What do you get for that points bump?  The ability to move like jump pack infantry.  Plus now they can run up to 2d6.  There is a draw back, if you choose to run, they do take dangerous terrain tests.  Personally, I think they are a solid unit.  If you position them well and move, run, and charge on a waagh turn you can have up to a 36 inch threat range.  Yes, you will take some loses from the dangerous, but come on.  That’s why you take 30 of them.

Up next, the new and improved deff kopta.  Now, this unit pretty much functioned exactly like it has in the past.  Lets be honest, we all have those black reach models, so we run them with twinlinked rokkits.  GW must be aware of this, because now they made the rokkits a free upgrade.  That’s right, a 30 point T5 2w model with twinlinked rokkits.  Not to mention it is a jetbike that can scout.  I have never been able to do it myself, but I hear they make a great flanking unit to take down armor.

Now, on to my beloved dakka jets.  These things were my babies before.  For a mere 130 points you could put out 18 strength 6 BS3 twinlinked shots at any target.  They have seen a bit of a points increase, up to for 145pt for the extra gun and and the flyboss upgrade.  They also changed the waaagh rule, now they fire and extra per gun instead of double shots.  So, objectively they got weaker.  Ultimately though, I still feel like they a strong choice.

Okay, on to the less popular flyer choice, the burna bommer.  This guy is probably a decent choice.  It has two bombs that it can drop, large blast str5, ap4, ignore cover.  Probably on of the most reliable weapons for clearing infantry in cover in the ork list.  It is fairly cheap for the basic model, 115pts.  Problem is that after it drops it’s bombs it isn’t that good anymore.  A twinlinked big shoota and supa shoota aren’t that impressive.  The missile upgrades are cool but really spendy at 10pts a pop.  I take them occasionally, but in the end, I prefer the dakka jet still.

The last flyer is the blitza-bommer.  It’s more or less an anti-tank flyer with two strength 7 ap2 armor bane large blast.  Now it has a special rule that gives it good orky chart.  A chance to fail, a chance to win, and lots of chances to be average.  Once again, after it dropped it’s bombs, its efficacy drops dramatically.  I would not rely on this one myself, but it can be fun.  Probably up there with the tankbustas with best anti-tank units.

Ahh, warbikers, these boys are going to be fun.  They are fairly cheap at 18pts a piece.  The have some pretty good shooting from the warbike and are armed with slugga and choppas for the extra close combat weapons.  It’s like a boy that can move fast, shoot well, punch hard, and take a punch.  That is a huge win.  If only they could still be troops.  Regardless, these guys are a good buy in my book.

Lastly, the lowly ork warbuggy.  Now, they are damn cheap at 25pts a piece for an armor 10 all around with 2 hp.  They are fast, can outflank, and the kicker is that they can take a twinlinked rokkit for free.  They can come in up to units of 5, so for 125pts you can have 5 twinlinked rokkits with 10hps.  I say theoretically they are a great choice.  The problem is that the model is from like 2nd edition.  It is almost embarrassing that GW has yet to update that model.  Personally, I refuse to use those models until I get a good conversion idea or a 3rd party that doesn’t cost 40 bucks.

Overall the fast attack section is packed full of good choices.  Even the bad options are not horrible and only look bad when compared to the strong choices.  Ultimately I think filling out your fast attack choices depends on what role you need to fill in your list.  Be it anti armor, anti infantry, a jack of all trades, or just a distraction unit, you got plenty of options.  Choose wisely!  Severus out.

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