Code Orks Review: Elites!

Ork_slugga_nobHowdy everyone, Severus here today to talk about the ork elite section.  This section has seen a few changes.  Before we get into it, let’s look at the biggest change.  No more lootas, they got moved to heavy support.  They used to be the stand out choice for me, followed by nobz.  Now it seems with them out of the way, the race for those elite spots has opened up a bit.

Burna Boyz are up first.  They probably took the hardest hit out of all the elites.  Two changes, they went up a point each and now can take a trukk as a transport.  That point bump isn’t huge and access to there own transport is great.  It’s just that I still find them hard to use.  The two thoughts came to mind. Throw them in a trukk and use them as an assault unit (since they can choose to have ap3 in combat).   The other idea is to run them in a trukk right up to a line of infantry in cover and burn them out.  Problem is, at the end of the day, I think the burnas will lose the race for elite slots.  At least they are in the lists I am writing currently.

Tankbustas, who knew that these guys were going to turn out to be amazing.  They got cheaper, gained access to there own trukk, gained tank hunter, streamlined the bomb squig rules, gained melta bombs, and they turned glory hog into a whole new rule.  It no longer dictates what you can shoot at.  Instead it grants 2x the victory points if the tankbustas kill a vehicle for first blood.  These guys are legitimately scary to light and medium armor at range.  They are down right scary to all armor in close combat.  Once again, I say load them up in a trukk or battlewagon and let the fun begin.

On to my beloved nobz.  It hurts me to say this, but I think these guys may have taken a step back.  Hear me out.  They no longer have access to an invuln save and they use an hq slot to bring their painboy.  If you want an invuln for them, you need a kustom force field, so that is another HQ slot (or heavy I guess if you want a morkanaut).  So, to get the same effect that I ran previously (painboy and cyborg bodies for a 5+ invuln and feel no pain), I have to run 1 elite choice and 2 HQ’s.  Also, that invuln is only good for shooting.  So anyone wielding ap4 in close combat (power mauls…) is going to eat them.  They did drop in points slightly.  After a few games running foot nobz, I just can’t shake the feeling that they are just more fragile now.  That is just weird to say about nobz.

Now, all is not lost for my beloved nobz.  Biker nobz have pretty much stayed the same.  The increase in the bikes cost covers the points drop for the basic nob.  So they cost exactly the same.  You can now get a 3+ cover save if you flat out.  You no longer have a 4+ cover all the time.  Lets be honest, I am not upset to drop from BS2 to BS1 because I jinked with these guys.  Overall, they still seem to fill the same role in my army.  yes the painboy is still annoying to take as an HQ for them, but I think it is worth it on a T5 unit like that.

Ah, on to meganobz.  I got to say, I never really played with these before.  I didn’t want to get the old models, so seeing plastic mega nobz has me excited.  I may even get these before I get flash gitz.  Why am I excited?   2+ armor nobz with power klaws for 40 points.  You know how much a regular nob with a power klaw and ‘eavy armor cost? 47 points.  Even with a points drop, a megarmor nob is still more cost effective than a regular nob.  They win hands down in my book.  Plus they seem like a great place to throw that big mek or painboy.  I think that would be a much better return on those invested points.  I want to mess around with the killsaws.  Why?  Two close combat weapons, aka 4 chainfist attacks each!

Okay, on to kommandos.  Their points remain the same and keep the same options from the last book.  The difference is that now they gain stealth.  Quite handy.  On their own though, I don’t see myself using them.  The big difference is Snikrot.  He dropped in points and gained stealth, but otherwise stayed the same stat line wise.  The big difference is that when his unit uses the Ambush rule (that lets you come out of reserve onto ANY table edge), his unit has shrouded instead of stealth that turn.  So, take a decent sized unit of kommandos with snikrot, hop on the board near your enemy’s back lines.  Now watch your opponent turn his army around to kill some orks that could have up to a 2+ cover save if positioned well.  Interesting side note, snikrot is his own elite slot but doesn’t take up a slot if you bring kommandos.

That about covers it today for the boyz.  I probably won’t be writing tomorrow (because I got wargaming and grilling to do).  So, expect to hear from me Monday.  On a side note, for those of you wondering, those pesky ultramarines krumped kaptain klaws orks pretty good.  Back to the drawing board I guess.

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