Codex Ork Review: Troops (and Trukks)!


Howdy everyone, Severus again.  I am here today to continue the ork review.  Today we are covering troops and trukks.  Yes I know trukks are fast attack, but that section is clogged and troops are light, so they are going here.

Anyway, up first is the good old fashioned ork boy.  Statline and points for the basic slugga choppa boy has stayed the same.  Shootas are a 1 point upgrade.  They now come with stikkbombs for free!  Generally speaking besides the point bump for shoota boyz, these guys have stayed the same.  They did open it up to having more than one unit of ‘ard boyz, so that could become a thing.

Gretchin are up next.  Once again points and stats stayed the same.  Which is’t bad.  They are a super cheap troop choice.  So if you are trying to meet your troop min, you can take these.  Or if you are running a combined arms detachment (CAD), they come with objective secured.  Now you have a super cheap unit that you can hide until late game while the boyz take the fight to the enemy.  Personally, I like them as a meat shield for my big mek with a shokk attack gun.

Trukks are now cheaper by 5 points if memory serves me.  The big change comes in the form of ramshakle.  No longer do we get our own fun cool chart, just the chance to turn a pen to a glance on a 6.  These guys were easy to kill before, now they are easier.  But they are SO cheap you can take tons of them.  They are a fast attack choice, not sure why you would take an empty one as a fast attack though.  You can now take them as a dedicated transport for just about any unit in them, so you can really take a ton of these in a list.

Now, overall I would say the boyz got better for two reasons.  ‘Ere we go and boarding planks on trukks.  Combine those with some basic slugga choppa boys, toss a nob in with a power klaw, and you have a 150ish point unit that is INCREDIBLY fast.  On there own they move 6, get out 6, and can charge 2d6+2 (to a max of 12).  Throw a waagh in there and now you could add a d6 run to that, pushing the assault range out to 30 inches.  Yes, boys are fragile (which feels weird to say) and trukks are not a safe transport.  But each unit like this can throw out a huge threat range.  Bring multiples and hide them turn one then dive on foes turn 2.

I consider slugga choppa boyz in a trukk like suicide units right now.  They are easy to kill, so I don’t expect them to live long.  They can do a ton of hurt to something before they go.  I am still trying to figure out what the sweet spot is in terms of number of trukk boyz.  Today we are trying out three.

Now the biggest change to the troop section is that these two unit are your only options.  No more nobz as troops, no more bikers as troops, and no more deff dreads as troops.  So, better get used to taking boyz and gretching.  I have seen list ideas floating around where you meet the min troop requirements then go get tons of the new toys.  Those lists could be fun.  I have also seen lists with tons of boyz.  Follow your orky heart and have guys.  In the mean time, I hear some ultramarines have a score to settle with Kaptain Klaw.

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