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Howdy everyone, Severus again.  Today it’s time to tackle the behemoth of an HQ section that the new ork codex gave us.  You can go back and check out my overall first impressions here and my first in depth breakdown here.  Enough of that business talk, lets get down to the meat of it.  The ork HQ section is full of options now (8 to be exact), which is about the same number as before.  The difference is that now they are all filling widely different roles.

First off, the warboss.  This guy has pretty much stayed the same.  Still cheap and can pack a punch.  He has access to tons of wargear options now, so you can customized to your hearts content.  His leadership 9 is going to be invaluable to avoiding the dreaded mob rule that everyone is so afraid of.  Of course he gives you a waagh, but only if he is your warlord.  The only hits I think he took were he can no longer get an invuln save.  So, keep that in mind.  Overall, I like him, still going to field at least one in each army.

Up next, the weirdboy!  He has seen an overhaul.  Now, he has the same statline (aka nob profile).  He can take powers of the waaagh or daemonology.  He can be upgraded to level 2.  He has a special rule that lets him generate 1 more warp charge if 10 or models with ‘ere we go are within 12 inches of him.  Overall, he looks like a glass hammer.  He can get some awesome spells off and give you a little defense.  His low leadership is going to hurt against perils and a 6+ save with no options means he won’t live long to a determined enemy.  In short, if you take him, plan on doing a ton of damage as fast as you can before he is killed or blows up his own brain.

Alright, time for our first new option, the mek.  Super cheap and has a boy profile.  You can take him as his own hq slot or an add on to any other hq choice.  I would never waste a slot on him, always take the add on.  Now the way I read this, if you take him as an add on, he is stuck attached to that hq choice.  I could be wrong.  Anyway, these guys are super cheap and come with the ability to repair a vehicle.  They also have access to an interesting array of range weapons and killsaws.  This guy could become a real utility option.  I will have to mess around with him to see the best fit.  Note, he is a character so i guess you could challenge things…

Now for the big man on campus, the big mek.  This guy is going to be the silent champ of the codex.  First off, his kustom force field.  Yes, it no longer effects whole unit and can’t extend outside a vehicle.  But now it is an invuln save, so screw your ignores cover crap eldar and tau.  And, it is the only way to give invuln saves to orks!  Need some insurance that your nobz in a battle wagon will make it to the enemy, throw this guy with a kff in there.  He can still sport his lovely shokk attack gun, which still works the same.  He can also use da fixer upperz, so he is probably the most reliable thing in the codex for repair options.  He can also take mega armor now (whoot!)  with a few options.  The  tellyporta blasta looks neat, but I doubt it will work well in the end.  He can also carry a kff while in mega armor.  Say hello to that!  Orks with a 2+/5++ again!  I am in the process of repainting my KFF big mek, so stay tuned for the results.

Last of the regular HQ options, but certainly not least, the painboy!  Yes, he is no longer a unit upgrade. He is a full fledged independent character.  So now you can hand out feel no pain to any unit you want.  Now this does come with some draw backs.  First off, he is a 50 point character with a 6+save.  The only way to improve that is to hop on a bike.  The second is he takes up an HQ slot.  So good luck getting more than 1 or 2 of these guys in an army with out sacrificing something else.  I like it!  I love my pain boys, so letting them jump around my army just makes me happier.

Now onto the special characters.  First up, my beloved mad dok!  I already covered him in my initial impressions article.  Let me summarize.  Feel no pain, rampage, and fearless to any unit he joins is huge.  He is a pseudowarboss profile with a power klaw.  He is an auto-include in my lists currently.  I used to run him with a whole cyborg army of orks for the giggles, now he is a competitive choice (in my opinion).  Get ready to see a ton of him.

Up next, the universe’s most famous freebooter, Kaptain Badrukk (don’t tell Kaptain Klaw I said that, he would not take it well and try to krump Badrukk).  He sports a flash git profile.  He has some nice armor, a 3+/5++ making him the only ork sporting an invuln all the time.  His gun is essentially a 3 shot plasma gun, so it is pretty darn handy.  He is a fun and fluffy choice.  Ultimately I don’t think he will be that competitive, not going to stop me from giving him a whirl though.

Boss Zagstruk is getting a lot of love on the net right now, and maybe it is right to do so.  He is SUPER cheap.  His statline is a little better than a nob.  I am not the biggest fan of his klaws now.  They give him a strength 8 ap2 hammer of wrath.  Ultimately he will probably kill a random grunt with that.  His warlord trait is solid, allowing a re-roll for moral test for everyone within 12.  The problem I have with that is you are making a model with 2 wounds, T4, and a 4+ save your warlord.  He will be splatted quickly and you lose out on having a waaaghh.  His model is a little further back in the painting queue and I need more stormboyz before I can thoroughly test him out.

And that does it for today.  How is everyone doing with those lovely green boyz?  Is the internet panic over yet?  I should have another game lined up for tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday.  Expect some play testing reports and maybe the troop section soon.  Until then Severus out.

4 thoughts on “Codex Ork Review: HQ’s

  1. Just want to quickly say Severus, I am really enjoying your review of the codex so far. I’ve yet to pick mine up, but I’ve read enough online to know the essentials so far, and you have one of the stronger, and actually thought provoking explanations of the codex so far. It’s so easy to bitch and moan over things, but I personally see it as a challenge to make the new rules work. Anything that makes you re-evaluate your army and the way you think while you play can’t all be bad, can it?
    Anyways, keep it up and I look forward to the next installment.

    • Thanks for the support Daniel. Glad to hear that you are enjoying the review! Plenty more where these first parts came from

  2. Hi Severus,
    Just thought I’d correct you on the Mek’s “Mekaniak” rule. In a nutshell, if you take a Mek using the Mekaniak rule thus not using a HQ slot it has to either be placed in any infantry or artillery unit before game start. So in essence, the Mek cannot join a HQ unit using the above rule unless the HQ is already part of an infantry/artillery unit.

    Liking your thoughts on the Codex so far, keep up the good work

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