Ork Codex Review: Relics, Warlord Traits, and Psychic Powers!



Howdy everyone, it’s Severus again.  It’s time for me to start breaking this lovely ork codex down in to nice bite sized chunks for you.  Up first on our green buffet is the odds and ends.  Mainly the warlord traits, psychic powers, and the relics (or gifts of gork or mork).

Warlord traits for this book feel pretty solid.  None of them will be completely useless like some of the main books ones can be.  I guess the most useless one to me is the Might is Right result.  Most of the time I will be fielding a powerklaw warboss as my warlord, so the difference from strength 5 to 6 will not have an affect on the game.  Prophet of the Waaagh is nice, giving non-warboss warlords the ability to call a waagh and giving warboss waaagh’s a bonus.  I think Like a Thunderbolt can be incredibly useful in a fast assault army (which is the list I am currently working with).  Re-roll all the dice on run and charge for everyone within 12 of the warlord is nice.

Overall, a nice set of warlord traits.  I can see them all getting use, regardless of which warlord you end up taking.  I will probably take my traits from here instead of the main rulebook for a while to see how they do.

Up next, the powers of the waaagh.  Now, these are all very similar to what we have seen in the previous book, except now you generate them like normal powers instead of random every turn.  The primaris power is decent, a strength 6 ap3 blast.  Stand outs to me are warpath, a 1 warp charge blessing that gives the psycher and his unit +1 attack.  Say hello 5 attack strength 4 choppa boyz on the charge.  Da jump allows to you deep strike like the old ‘Ere we go, which is a ton of fun.  Killbolt can be amazing, since beams auto hit and now don’t lose strength with each thing they hit.  If you can line up a shot on 2 or 3 vehicles, get ready to blow something up.  Power vomit is also full of potential, I just doubt anyone will ever let you get that close to a big tough unit and get that power off.  Da krunch is fun, and useful for taking out infantry in cover.  The low ap can be a problem since most marines equivalents will just shake it off.

Overall, a solid set of powers.  Personally, I will be hoping to get warpath and killbolt when i roll my powers.  I need more testing with them though to see how they will pan out.

Now we get to the true orky bitz, the Gifts of Gork and Mork.  Da finkin’ kap is a deal at 10 points.  The strategic warlord chart is great (most of the time), so having an extra trait from there can be super useful.  If I have 10 points to spare, I don’t even hesitate with this one.  The Blitzbike looks good on paper (and fits my biker warboss perfectly).  It’s 35 points, which is only 10 more than a bike would normally cost.  You get an extra 6 inches on your flat out, although I doubt you will ever see that because he would need to be alone to use it.  The big change is his guns are strength 6 ap 3 assault 3 twinlinked.  Should be able to chew up a few marines.

I am still making up my mind about Da Lucky Stikk.  25 points is a big chunk in this codex.  having unlimited (sort of) re-rolls to to hits, to wounds, and saves is amazing.  The down side being that three failures of re-rolls in one turn and you are dead.  So, lets think about what you could best use this for.  My first thought is anything in megarmor.  Now you can tank wounds like a champ, until someone throws some ap2 your way.   I would never use it for shooting, that is just asking for problems.  I can see it being really useful for avoiding those dreaded 1’s to wound with a power klaw.  All and all, it does feel very orky and I will probably end up pressing my luck with it on more than one occasion.

The last three sort of fall flat to me.  Headwoppa’s Killchoppa is fun on paper, but for 20 points seems a bit much.  Might as well take a powerklaw in my mind. Da fixer upperz is a great upgrade to a big mek and not bad for 15 points.  I am just not into fixing my ork vehicles, I just bring more.  Da dead shiny shoota is a steal for it’s price.  In the end though, you will probably average 3 hits, 2 wounds, which will be saved more often than not if you hit a marine equivalent.  That being said, I have a warboss modeled up with a big sniper rifle, so I know who will get these little gun to play with.

I know this one is starting to drag on, but stay with me boyz.  We can get through the last two bits quickly.  The Ork Horde detachment is fun, the extra HQ slot is great.  The hammer of wrath bonus is situation, so I don’t think in the long run it will have that much of an impact.  Losing objective secured is huge (since you are not taking a combined arms detachment).  In the end, take two CAD if you want to be competitive, take an Ork Horde if you want to be fluffy.  The Ork Warband Formation has similar rules and drawbacks.  Except with that, you can waaagh each turn after the 2nd.  Just hope you like having a lot of boyz.  It could be fun, I need to try it out.

Okay, that does it for me.  If I keep all this orkiness going, Kaptain Klaw may just take over again.  We can’t let that happen, I am still finding squig droppings all over the place.  Next time, the HQ review.

2 thoughts on “Ork Codex Review: Relics, Warlord Traits, and Psychic Powers!

  1. Hey Severus, thanks for giving your input on the new codex! I’m totally with you on da finkin kap – it’s too good to pass up! Have any thoughts about mek/walker builds? Seems like a way around the mob rule shenanigans to me but I’m a fairly new Ork player and only just got my first walker with the Morkanaut so I can’t speak from any experience of using them. Thanks again!

    • There is definitely a mek heavy build out there. Grot riggers and meks can increase vehicle survivability. Da fixer upperz is a great piece of gear for that army. If you can put a big mek with da fixer upperz in a gorkanaut/morkanaut it can be really resilient. You could do an awesome theme. Take some trukk boyz, deff dreads, killa kans, grokanaut/morkanaut and a stompa! My only concern with a walker list like that is that it can be a slow moving force. My experience with kans and dreads has been that the enemy lets them live until they are threatening charge range, then they kill them. On the other hand, if he has too many walkers to shoot at (or is focused on a stompa) something is bound to make it to the enemy lines. Could be a fun list.

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