Hobby Progress: Kaptain Klaw’s Freeboota Bike Nobz!

resizedSeverus here gang, and I actually have painted stuff!  I tend to be a very slow painter.  Working here and there after work at night tends to be my routine.  I am getting pump about getting my grubby hands on that new beautiful ork codex on friday.  With that renew enthusiasm I finally finished my nob bikers!

resized 2I converted these guys out of second hand models about a year ago.  They were of course not in the best of shape.  They are missing a few guns, but I am not to concerned about that.  The biggest work I did on the basic biker was to magnetize the arms and replace the boy sized torso with nob sized torso.  I find that the magnetized arms make it really easy to track wounds and letting me change there loadout.

resized 3The biggest piece I worked on was the painboy biker.  He is a kit bash for the most part.  His quad bike is made out of an old buggy (yeah, they really are that small)  I cobbled together a rear compartment where he would keep all his gubbins.  Then I painted it white and dirtied it up, right ork style.

resized 5Painting wise I did the basic style for my boys.  Everything on them is pretty much base coat and heavy was with nuln oil or agarax earthshade.  I like my orks to look nice and dirty.  The only thing that I did more than that on is the skin.  I like my orks to be nice and bright, so I base coat in waaagh flesh, wash in biel-tan green, then dry brush in warboss green and then moot green.

resized 4The last fancy bit I tried out is the new technical paint blood for the blood god.    Load it up on a brush and made some nice splatter affects on the painboy.  I am not sure I am sold on that yet.  I hate to say this, but I know what blood looks like and that ain’t it.  So, the search continues for a good blood affect.

Now, wouldn’t it be a shame if I finished the biker and then no longer run in my army when the new book is out.  Unlikely, I really like these boys.  Up next, a forgeworld warboss on a bike!  The nobz will be led by by Kaptain Klaw’s lieutenant, Warboss Waaaaaaaagh.  (Imagine the dopplar effect as a ork drives by screaming waaaagh).

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