Pre-Ork Power Rankings: According to Ralshenik



Hello there readers, Ralshenik here and my apologies for my lack of writing as of late, work related stuff has taken a chunk out of my gaming/writing time.  I have returned however to give what I believe to be the tier lists for the start of the new edition, this of course is with Orks just on the horizon so I look forward to seeing how they shake this up (Click here to read Severus’s list).

Anywho, my opinions are as follows….

1. Grey Knights-  They’re back folks, those lovable resplendent daemon hunters have every tool needed to compete this edition.

2.  Eldar-  Really they’re more of a 1B as opposed to 2, on top of already having a book that was generally more powerful than everyone else’s, 7th edition seemed to go out of it’s way to not hurt Eldar, Codex: Everything is Awesome still sits on top.

3  Space Marines- 7th gave these guys a massive boost, I think they have what it takes to hang with Eldar and GK’s, only the future will tell.

4  Necrons-  I’d say they’re back, but honestly Necrons haven’t seemed to go anywhere, one thing you have to give the now older book; it has staying power.

5  IG/AM-  Best shooting army in the game and shooting is still pretty over the top good. ‘Nuff said.

6. Tau-  Still a solid army, but everything they can do IG does better, Riptide not withstanding.  Meet your new top tier gate keeper!

7. Dark Angels- The boys in green are back to a respectable force after being a doormat in 6th.

8. Dark Eldar-  The mid tier is apparently a very Dark place.  DE sit at roughly the same spot I had them in during 6th.

9.  Chaos Space Marines-  They have more options now, but loyalist marines are better in almost every way, they are stuck in the same ship as BA and SW except with no hope of a new codex anytime soon

10. Tyranids-  A lack of vehicles (sensible as it is) really hurts the army, table control is good and all but with shooting at the level of power it currently is footslogging just aint gonna cut it and sadly the poor bugs have no choice.

11.  Chaos Daemons-  How the mighty have fallen, Maelific Daemonology is a HORRIBLY overrated (yes I know what I said a couple weeks ago) headache of a discipline to use. Once people figure out how to beat the pony’s one trick (hint: use Landraiders or a Knight) all this “DAEMONS ARE RIDICULOUS!!” nonsense will finally stop.  Sorry folks, dey bad now.

12.  Orks-  After 2 editions of sticking it out in the mid tier the book is finally showing it’s age, fortunately for my WAAAAGGHHHHHH enthusiasts their new codex is dropping soon, here’s to jumping a few spots in the next article green ones!!

13.  Sisters of Battle-  Poor Gals, they got a boost, but compared to the boost their loyalist brethren got it’s just kinda meh.

14. Space Wolves-  They look at codex marines and be like….Sad_Wolf_by_PaPeRDoLLLL

15. Blood Angels- They look at everyone and be like….


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