Early Power Rankings for 7th Edition: Severus’ List

Duke-nukem-forever_86473-1440x900Howdy gang, Severus here to usher in your weekend.  We are steadily working our way through our winners and losers of 7th edition series.  I have completed all the armies that I play.  Now I know we still have the majority left to day (chaos marines, dark angels sort of, blood angels, space wolves, dark eldar, grey knight, astramilitara, necrons).  I would prefer to leave those articles up to guys who play those armies to write (hint hint).  So, I figured it was time to give my ranking on how I think things stand right now.

Remember, this is an early thought.  My opinion could totally change as new codex’s come out (please make my orks have some more options) or as new lists evolve.  You may or may not agree with me, and by all means do so.  I would love for some constructive feed back on this.  Aka, keep they hate out of it please.

Here we go!  For reference, I still assume that each army is only using one combined arms detachment.  I still haven’t strayed into the wide open spaces of multiple detachments, formations, or allies.  Let alone unbound.

  1. Chaos Daemons*
  2. Eldar
  3. Space Marines
  4. Tau
  5. Nids
  6. Imperial Guard
  7. Grey Knights
  8. Necrons
  9. Chaos Space Marines
  10. Dark Eldar
  11. Orks (4th ed)
  12. Dark Angels
  13. Space Wolves
  14. Sisters of Battle
  15. Blood Angels

So, there are some big changes here.  Space marines and grey knights both took a nice jump up.  Orks did too a little.  Blood angels fell down to the bottom, these guys really need a new book in my opinion.  The top for the most part stayed the same.  I feel like there was a huge gap between the top five armies and the rest of the field in 6th.  I feel like that gap is a lot less now.

Now, what’s with the * next to the daemons?  I have them up there because that summoning list they can run is a huge pain.  If they run that, it can be a tough time for everyone.  Now, I here rumbles on the net about people having ideas on taking down that list.  So far though I have not seen anyone do it.  The point is, without that list, I think they took a big hit with the changes to monstrous creatures and psychic powers.  So if that list falls, then I think they will drop some spots fast.

What do you guys think?  Are daemons that good or just over rated?  Which army do you think took the biggest hit in power?  Who had the biggest bump?

3 thoughts on “Early Power Rankings for 7th Edition: Severus’ List

  1. I’m not sure tau should be that high up. Guard out shoot them and most of their combos aren’t as strong anymore.

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  3. I am glad Sisters are no longer at the bottom. The anti-psyker defense and offensive abilities of the army cannot be overlooked. I am working on a list to take down the daemon summoning silliness. I do see Orks jumping up after the dex drop. With the new tech they can unleash and who knows what kind of crazy mind bullets the wierdboy can summon (please let there be the foot of Gork or possibly Mork). This is just a prediction, I see short to mid-range shooty armies being the norm that include elite close combat troops to mop up the survivors.

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