New Ork Rules Early Thoughts!

orkWAAAAAGH everyone, it’s Severus again.  Now that I have the last three white dwarfs in hand as well as leaks from this Friday’s floating around the net, I feel like it’s time to sit down and take a look at the new model rules. Remember, these are just my first impressions, they could totally change (and probably will) once I get them on the table more.

First up the Gorkanaut.  Probably my favorite rule set from this dual kit.  His gun doesn’t look that reliable, averaging 7 shots means he will hit with 2.  Eh.  Correction, he fires 3d6, so average 10-11 shots, meaning 3-4 hits, so not so bad.  He is also bringing along a few twin linked shootas, a skorcha, and 2 rokkits.  I can see getting some use out of these options.  Lets be honest though, you are not taking this guy because of his shooting.  4 attacks base with rampage, strength 10 ap 1.  That is why you want him.  He can have up to 8 attacks on the charge.  At front armor 13 with 5 hull points, he should not be that easy to take down.  I think you can offset his slow movement by giving him it will not die.  Then he should theoretically make it to combat.  Don’t forget, transport capacity of 6!

His cousin, the Morkanaut, I am a little less impressed with.  He has a better gun, essential a plasma cannon.  He loses the skorcha for a kustom mega blaster.  So, sounds a little better shooting wise.  He also can take a kustom force field that gives all ork models within 6 inches a 5+ invuln.  So that is sweet.  Stat wise, he is just as durable as his cousin.  I think he would work well with a bunch of slow moving shooting units.  Maybe a bunch of killa kans or deff dreads.  It sure would look sweet.  My biggest draw back about him is that is he can easily come in at over 300 points.  That could die to a lucky melta or lascannon shot.  The same could be said about the gorkanaut I guess.

Up next, my beloved flash gitz.  I am going to try to put aside my love for the pirate theme and the models in general and look at them strictly from a rules sense.  They got much cheaper than before.  Fully upgraded, those guys could cost you about 40pts a piece before, now we are down to 22.  To make it better, there guns are now strength 5 assualt 3.  The d6 ap is still a thing, which I am okay with.  They are sporting a nob profile still and have rules to give them bs 3 when standing still and re-roll one die on the charge distance.  Sweet!  My only complaint is that they are a 6+ armor.  Before, I could splurge and give them a 4+ if I wanted.  So, that sort of makes this unit a glass hammer.  Treat them like shoota boys.  Keep them in vehicles or in cover when you can, they won’t live long in the open.

Up next the newly expanded mek guns!  I think these might be the sleeper hit so far.  Super cheap at 18 points base for a kannon or lobba, and only a 5 point upgrade to Zapp guns.  You can add up to 4 to the group, so an artillery unit of 5!  With grots, so they are BS 3!  The new guns look like they will be fun.  The bubblechukka is a great fluffy gun, and a group of them could really put the hurting on a blob of infantry.  I can see the kustum mega kannon also being useful.  The smasha gun looks like it will be okay, unfortunately it is competing with the cheaper kannon and zap guns for that anti tank.  Although ap 1 is great now.  The new hotness though is in the lovely Traktor Kannon.  Skyfire, strength 8 and ap3; an ork has never had a better option for taking down flying thingies.  Throw in it’s special rule that adds a -3 modifier to grounding checks and adding an immobilized result to any glances or pens pushes this baby over the top.

Now onto the looted wagon.  Images have been running around the net of Friday’s white dwarf with rules for it.  Generally speaking, it stay the same profile wise.  It’s don’t touch that now occurs in the shooting phase, which is okay i guess.  It’s points though took a huge drop.  It is 37 points base and 30 for a killkannon.  A boomgun is no longer an option.  I think the unit didn’t change much other than that.  If you got good work out of it before, you still should.

Here is the problem I am seeing though.  All these new ork kits and unit are all heavy support according to the symbols in the white dwarf.  So that section of the codex is going to be pretty clogged if you keep deff dreads, killa kans, and battlewagons in there. So, some units that look good, like flash gitz and looted wagons, may get bumped just from lack of slots.  Assuming you are sticking with your single combined arms attachment.

The other problem I am hearing about is that the looted wagon is a white dwarf exclusive unit.  As in it will not be in the codex, so you can only get the rules in the white dwarf.  I am okay with this.  Hell, up until this new book, our dakka jets were white dwarf rules.  Sisters where a white dwarf codex for the longest time.  I have been picking up the ork white dwarfs just for the painting and articles, so I don’t see why this would be different.

Overall, I am really liking all the rules we are seeing so far.  They look strong so far, but still have that nice touch of orky randomness.  I can totally see this booking giving players tons of fun options.   You can bet big with all the powerful units that have a chance to screw up (flash gitz, bubblechukka, looted wagon).  You can also go with super reliable units that will get the job done (kustom mega kannons, traktor kannons, morkanaut?).  I hope this theme carries over to the rest of the book.  I am sure there will be some army wide special rules, and I have a feeling it will be the re-roll one die for the charge distance thing the flash gitz have.  Time will tell though, only 11 days until I should have a new shiny codex in my orky paws!

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