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Howdy everybody, it’s Severus again.  I want to talk about the changes in the challenge mechanics in 7th edition.  Specifically, what’s there point?  A lot has changed since 6th when it comes to a good old fashioned throw down.

First off, wound spill over.  As in if you send in a sergeant to fight a warboss, any extra wounds the warboss causes spill over into the sergeants squad.  So, no more can you sacrifice that unit champion to hold up a big combat thing for a turn.  This is a real help to those characters and monstrous creature characters that are all tooled up for combat.

Second, lone characters can no longer hide in a challenge.  If the attacking models have no other enemy units to hit, they can hit the guy in the challenge.  So, no longer can you avoid the killy squad by only taking on a single guy in the unit.  This is a double edged sword. You don’t have to worry about losing attacks once you kill off a squad but still have an on going challenge.  You do lose the re-rolls that came with outnumbering your opponent though.

All the other mechanics about challenges stayed the same.  You issue them the same way.  Accepting or denying works the same way.  You can still do a heroic intervention.  So, all the other things we know about them seemed to stay the same.

That brings me to my point.  What is the reason to challenge?  If you have a big combat character in a squad of guys fighting a wimpy opponent, challenging will not change the outcome.  If you have a lone character run into combat, you can’t hide in the challenge anymore.  You could challenge one killy character in a unit with your killy character in a unit to try to slow each other down.  But where is the fun in that?

I think the point is in two areas.  First off, forging a narrative.  Now, I know that phrase can make some of you out there cringe.  Sometimes though, I just want to see if my chapter master can take down the swarmlord.  To me, that is forging a narrative.  I guess the other time to challenge is when you have something to gain, like those warlord traits or being chaos.

How do you guys feel challenges are holding up in 7th ed?  Are there any times that it could be advantageous to you that I am not seeing?  Or do you do it for the fun?


4 thoughts on “Come at me Bro! Challenges in 7th

  1. I agree that challenges seem far less useful. As a necron player I will still use them to get the best effect out of Mindshackle scarabs, making (1of) their better guys bite the bullet & die right away.
    Do wounds spill into a challenge if the rest of the squad dies, or is it not until the next round of combat the unit adds into the challenge. Need to check, but if they don’t there are some tactical applications.

  2. As soon as there are no more models to apply wounds to out of the challenge, they spill into it

  3. I think that regardless to the changes on how challenges work, they’re still unlikely to happen and very rarely will have any significant impact.

    Things like having your warlords duking it out in a challenge is like finding a unicorn in 40k. It barely ever happens, one or the other is very likely to be shot off the board before they even make it to combat let alone make it to the enemy warlord. Unless of course, this is already planned to happen by you and your opponent. Then by all means, forge that narrative.

    Also it’s not very advantageous because if rather shoot my opponent from cover than charge him get locked into combat for who knows how many turns and then potentially get shot to pieces when the combat ends.

  4. Challenges are a great thing. This game practically demands that the battles two most powerful fighters lock weapons in mortal combat. If your forging the narrative and playing space marines for example not excepting the challenge is unheard of for the astartes. If you are playing a tournament and playing Tau, knowing which stance Aun’ Shi should use in challenge can make or break a game. The point is play the game so that both you and your opponent have the most fun.

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