Winners and Losers of 7th ed: Orks (4th ed codex)

Orks_attack3Well, it’s Severus here again.  I am saddened by the continued wait for my beloved boys in green’s new book.  I am NOT a fan of the drip release GW is trying out with them.  In the mean time though, I guess I can do winners and losers for there 4th ed book.

First off, the pros!  Everything scoring seems to help.  Now I can park lootas on backfield objectives and lay down a fire.  Makes those lootas a big target now.  Troop Nobz in a battlewagon are awesomer as are there biker counterparts.  They are an incredibly tough unit to get rid off and now have that lovely objective secured.  So does there battlewagon if you bought it  as a dedicated.

Interesting side not, nob bikers are so much more awesome.  They currently always have a 4+ cover save from there exhaust.  So they never have to jink.  Granted, snap shots don’t hurt orks that much, but bs2 is still better than bs1.

Wounds spilling over from challenges makes me SO happy.  Now, if you are foolish enough to try to take on my warboss, he doesn’t have to waste all his attacks on you.  Also, single characters can’t hide in challenges.  If there are no other models to hit in the enemy unit, you can hit the guy in the challenge.  No longer will my power klaw nobz have to sit on the side lines and cheer on the warboss.

Now for the not so good.  Flying monstrous creatures only take one grounding check.  My old method of dealing with them was to put  bunch of boys around them and shoot them with everything in my army. Eventually they would fail a grounding check and then I would mob them with boyz.  Can’t do that now.  Looks like I will have to rely on my trusty dakka jets or lootas to put the hurt on them.  Or the new mek guns…

Templates hitting open topped vehicles hurts.  I know what you are going to say, that if someone uses a template on your vehicles then you made a mistake.  Lets us not forget the many was to put a template next to a vehicle quickly.  Flyers and flying monstrous creatures, drop pods, deep strike, scout moves then first turn with fast vehicles.  The flamer just needs to hit the hull of the transport.  It’s not the end of the world for your orks, but losing boys before you even get out of the transport is not good.

Probably the weirder thing that changed for orks is the weirdboy.  No longer does he have his fancy powers.  Now he has daemonology.  He is a level 1, the warphead upgrade does nothing.  Pretty much screwed over in my opinion.  I expect to see a complete rework of the weird boy in the new book.  That’s how bad it is.

So, previously I have ranked orks 13th.  I think as it stands, I will probably put them at 1th, jumping the space wolves and dark angels.  I think that the cons don’t horribly change how the orks play.  The biggest problem is the changes to flying monstrous creatures.  The pros are pretty good.  Hopefully, we will see that elusive new codex soon.

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