Preparing for me Waaaaagh!!

orkcampaignheroes02Howdy everyone, Severus here and it’s time for some orky goodness.  As you may have seen around the interwebs and white dwarf, orks are incoming.  I love me some orks.  I have a freebooter themed army, which you can check out here.  So far, no news from GW on when the new codex is out, I here roughly 2 weeks from rumor sites.  We have two new kits and rules under our belts though, so lets dig in!

The gorkanaut/morkanaut.  Big kit, two builds, really orky.  Got to say, this is a case of I like the rules that I saw, but not so much the model.  It could be how GW painted it or photographed it.  I just hate all that yellow, needs to be broken up more or dirtier up some.  Hell, I paint my ork vehicles yellow, I still try to give it some variety though.

The rules on the other hand make it look like a blast.  The gorkanaut has an awesome looking gun with a ton of shots.  Not to mention rage in close combat, so that’s sweet.  This guy could be up to 8 attacks at strength 10, ap2, I2, WS4.  The morkanaut is a little hardier than his brother.  Sporting a kustom mega blaster cannon things (strength 7, ap2, blast, 36″ range i think) and a kustom force field (which now is a 5+ invulvn for him an any model within 6″), his is more of the sit back and support role than.

They both have a transport capacity of 6, which is a bit of an odd number for orks.  I think that means he could only have things like lootas, nobz, and burna’s in him (and of course any attached characters).  Then again, I am comparing rules for a unit in the new codex to units in the old codex.  Maybe there are more ideas in the new shiny book.

Leaks of the freebooters kit and rules have been online for a week and the white dwarf is out today.  The models look amazing.  Like, I want to rebuild may entire army with these bits.  So much pirate goodness.  For god’s sake, they even paint one up in the white dwarf with white pants and red stripes.  I swear to god GW can read my mind.  Look at my orks.  They already have those pants!

The rules look pretty sweet now.  They come in at 22pts a model.  Standard nob profile, which is nothing to sneeze at, just ask my opponents.  There guns now are strength 5, apD6, and assault 3 with a 24 inch range.  Before, they were strength 4 assault 1, apD6 before expensive upgrades.  Now they also get a rule that lets them re-roll a single die on the charge distance.  So they can shoot and fight, sounds proper orky to me.

Here is my problem with the ork release, and GW’s new release model in general.  I want a gorkanaut.  I want piles of the new flash gitz.  I will NOT buy anything until I see the new codex.  I want to see what has happened to the rest of my army before I got and put a few hundred more dollars into it in shiny new models.  I am sure there are going to be tons of new mechanics to mess with in this new orky iteration.  So, despite my love of the flash gitz and the gorkanaut, I wait.  And prepare me boyz for a proper waagh!

Side note, don’t expect to see a winners and losers of 7th ed orks article until after the new codex.  Kind of feels pointless to write one, then turn around and write another when the new book eventually gets here.

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