Winners and Losers of 7th Edition: Chaos Daemons




Greetings readers, Ralshenik here to continue the series started by Severus discussing which codex’s came out on top with the new release and which ones are already missing 6th edition.

Chaos Daemons were a potent army in 6th, Severus in fact felt they were the the best codex in the game from last edition when he did his end of edition power rankings, a fact I vehemently disagreed with as I felt when you compared them and Eldar it wasn’t even close but I digress.  Point being is at the least we’ll all agree they were a top 3 army.

So how is life for the denizens of the warp now that the new edition has been released?Well to be honest, their prospects are not that great in my opinion.

A lot of people (including my fellow bloggers) feel Daemons still sit on top of the food chain due to the heavy amount of psykers the army can field and maelific daemonology.  Fair points, no army can field the amount of psykers a daemon army can and maelific has a high chance of backfiring for any other race.  The fact they can summon an entire other army potentially is crazy, crazy enough that most tournaments are discussing ways to limit summons/warp charge dice (as if someone would actually take that list to a competitive event where there are time limits and such).

Problem is the psychic phase really was just a nerf to psykers with glitter thrown on it, powers don’t cast as reliably and you don’t get to cast as many.  For an army who so heavily relied on psychic powers this is crushing, especially when you consider they have almost no non-psychic shooting (not like witchfires were great to begin with).  So you have to make a decision; do you summon or do you try to outshoot armies with your weaker guns that can be stopped much easier than summons?  That choice is pretty easy.

So yes you can field 30+ warp charges, you’ll have no shooting capability in a world where shooting is still god mode.  Your main option is summoning and unless you get incursion twice, you’ll be summoning mostly squishy models that have to run across the table at your opponent with a silly look on their face.  No Objective Secured or guns in an edition that’s all about Objective Secured and guns, starting to see the problem here?

Daemon Flying Monstrous Creatures got hosed there’s no sugar-coating it, I was once optimistic and thought I could make them work still, but the fact is they don’t have the damage output anymore to justify ever using one outside Belakor for Invis and Fatie for Warp Dice.  With the nerf to smash attacks killing Landraiders has become a most daunting task for an army that could shiskabob one a month ago.

So if you’re keeping score; their shooting is bad, many of their tank killers can’t kill tanks anymore, the already unreliable and random army became more unreliable and random, they have no prayer of putting as much Objective Secured as other armies and lack the offensive capability to kill off the OS in something like mechanized marines/eldar.

It isn’t ALL bad though; Tzeentch chariots work now, Flying Monstrous Creatures have become more durable even if it was at a loss of most of their offensive capability.  Also, you are no longer required to start half your army on the table so it’s possible to make a proper bomb list now. But yeah, everything else kind of blows.


I know bro…..I know……

Maelific is going to become this armies crutch before long, it’s a shame because many (including me recently) have lambasted the discipline for being ridiculous (which it still kind of is) because no one realizes how much 7th weakened the codex.

Right now the state of the Daemon army is depressing IMO, I would have put them  #2-3 at the end of 6th now I would put them #12-13.  The codex simply translates into this new edition very poorly, I expect many (including most of my fellow bloggers) will disagree with this and feel free!  It’s going to take some time before the dust settles, but when it does, I think many will be surprised to see how bad the most psychic army performs in the edition with THE ALL NEW PSYCHIC PHASE!!!!! ::flails arms::

Until next time!

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  1. I’ve been playing Demon’s for years. I actually believe 7th made them more powerful than six did.I totally get your complaints however. But in the tournament seen I continuously Wreck face without question. Frankly I think it’s a big confidence game to play them, and with an experienced player who knows the game, winning with them is easy. If you’re curious about how I do it shoot me an email.

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