Pyrovore goes nuclear

Reading the recent FAQs and rereading the Tyranid codex to see if the new rules in seventh made any unexpected changes, I realized that Games Workshop made a mistake. It happens, GW is not perfect. What GW has forgotten is to FAQ the Pyrovore’s special rules. And that bring into question, does one play rules as written, or rules as intended.

Let’s look at the Pyrovore special rule.

“Volatile – If a Pyrovore is slain by a Wound that inflicted Instant Death, every unit suffers a Strength 3 AP – hit for each model (excluding Pyrovores) within D6” of the slain Pyrovore (resolve damage before removing the Pyrovore as a casualty).”

Does this mean every unit within D6? Every unit on the board? Every unit in the store? As it reads, it could easily be interpreted as every unit on the board.

So, here’s my plan for massive entertainment. Surround the Pyrovore with a unit of 30 Termagants, and go looking for a model that can cause Instant Death. At T4, that could be a Meltagun, orbital bombardment, a Tau Rail gun, and a whole bunch of close combat weapons. When he is killed instantly, and the D6 is rolled, there will be potentially 30 S3 hits to every unit on the board. Think about that for a second, 30 S3 hits on every unit on the table, including my own units.

Doing the math in my head, 30 S3 hits on a 10-man Tactical squad would be about 10 wounds. Granted the space marines get their 3+ save, but still, about 2 should die, even if they were on the other side of the board. Carrying it further, 30 Hits on the Swarmlord could actually kill the Swamlord, unlikely, but possible.

So, do I play the rules as written or do I play the rules as intended? I would love to play it once, as written, against an unsuspecting opponent. Just the laughs alone would be entertaining.

Using this would be a great way to clear board of models, especially those 30 Termagants that were just sitting there, minding their own business.

Of course, having said all of that, planning these shenanigans, I also realize that it would require me to purchase and actually field a Pyrovore.

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