Your weekly Wargamer Stereotype and Weekend Report

Howdy everyone.  Severus here again, and it’s time to give you the low down on what I learned this weekend.  Of course, I do have a new stereotype as well (courtesy of Shorereaper’s actions).

So, I actually got a good bit of gaming in this weekend (and Wednesday).  In short, my tau got rolled over in two games and my iron hands put up a good fight and pulled out a victory.  I am experimenting with lists that take minimum troop choices.  I am trying the theory that if anything scores, I will just rely on killing my opponent off objectives instead of using the objective secured rule.  Mixed results so far.  It seemed to work well with marines (both my own and the lord primarch’s ultramarines).  Tau did not fair so hot.  I miss that weight of fire 48 fire warriors bring.

I also played the eternal war missions this week.  Overall these missions stayed mostly the same.  Except for 2 changes.  Big guns and The Scouring, your heavy support and fast attack are now liabilities since they give up extra points.  They don’t gain objective secured or anything, so the are just targets for the enemy now.

The bigger change though is that in Crusade, Big Guns, and the Scouring, you roll for and place objectives after terrain setup, but BEFORE you roll for deployment type and roll off to see who deploys were.  That is a HUGE change.  Now the objectives tend to be evenly spread out, usually in fairly accessible areas.  Before I used to just hide objectives in areas I knew would be hard for my enemy to reach.  I really like the new setup.

Now, I am sure you can all hear the rumbling on the horrizon.  The Green Tide approaches.  I am pumped for the new ork models (and inevitable new codex).  My waaagh is prepping for battle as we speak.  Get ready for some orky action readers.

Before I go, I want to thank you, the readers.  We have been seeing tremendous growth in our views lately.  And to reward your loyalty, I give you another war gaming stereotype.

The Resin Junkie:  This guy loves him some forgeworld resin.  Who cares that it cost more by ounce than gold.  If there is a version of a model in plastic and resin, you can bet he will have the resin.  Every new release by the mighty forgeworld brings joy to his life.  He stock piles his purchasing so he can get the free shipping, so you can usually jump in on his order and save yourself the 15%.  He seems so addicted to the stuff, you start to wonder if he is snorting the resin fillings collecting around his hobby desk.  Oh look, they just released the MK III B.2356778 Predator Redeemer, guess he will be ordering three of them.


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