Weekend in Review

This was a decent weekend for the Tyranids. I was able to get in three more games and managed to pull out two wins, which balances out the epic, colossal, catastrophic loss I suffered against the Lord Primarch’s Ultramarines.

The first game I played was against Severus and his Tau. It was a 2000-point game that contained a Riptide, a R’varna, Broadsides, tetras and so many more units. I played my usual list, 3 Flying MC’s, Swarmlord, Carnifexes, and so many more little bugs. I have learned that I have to play extremely aggressively with my Nids, and I attacked the Tau with gusto.  I managed to pull out a victory, chasing the Tau into a corner of the board, and managed to hold almost all of the objectives.

And then it happened. I volunteered to play a second game on Saturday against the Ultramarines. The only thing I can say is that I now know how it feels to be on the receiving end of an aggressive attack. Ultramarines had the first turn, and this is where I made my first of many tactical errors. I infiltrated the genestealers as I usually do. Infiltrating, while seemingly a good tactic, could end in a disaster. With the rule that infiltrators cannot charge on turn one (at all), and the fact that the Ultramarines had won the first turn, the genestealers had to endure two rounds of shooting before they could do anything. The Ultramarines landed two drop pods directly in front of me. Ten sternguard and ten tactical marines unleashed a volley of firepower that my bugs could not survive. And from that point on, the marines just rolled over me. I can’t even say that I went down swinging, I just went down. A fight between Marneus Calgar and the Swarmlord was the one entertaining point of he game. The Swarmlord and his guard managed to cause one wound on Calgar and his guard. And in return, Calgar and his guard caused no wounds on the Swarmlord and his Guard. It was a whole lot of missing going on.

The third game was against the Dark Angels. My opponent didn’t have much to fight my flyers, so he ignored them. This tactic actually worked out because my flyers didn’t do much against him. Having said that, I have never seen such bad rolling. Sometimes the averages are just against you. Don’t get me wrong; my opponent did role a lot of sixes, but only when he was taking leadership tests. It was bad. He failed at least seven different leadership tests. We were playing the emperor’s will, and I had first blood, slay the warlord, line breaker, and my objective. I would also have probably gained control of his objective within one or two more movement phases.

So, as I played more games in seventh, I have to admit that Space Marines are actually even scarier in the seventh edition. Two 10-man tactical squads in Rhinos give them 6 possible objectives secured. If a space marine player limits his list to just two troop units, that give them plenty of points to play around with, plenty of new toys to field. And all of those could be scoring as well. And when it comes to the psychic phase? I still really haven’t made up my mind.

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