Ork Codex Review: Relics, Warlord Traits, and Psychic Powers!



Howdy everyone, it’s Severus again.  It’s time for me to start breaking this lovely ork codex down in to nice bite sized chunks for you.  Up first on our green buffet is the odds and ends.  Mainly the warlord traits, psychic powers, and the relics (or gifts of gork or mork).

Warlord traits for this book feel pretty solid.  None of them will be completely useless like some of the main books ones can be.  I guess the most useless one to me is the Might is Right result.  Most of the time I will be fielding a powerklaw warboss as my warlord, so the difference from strength 5 to 6 will not have an affect on the game.  Prophet of the Waaagh is nice, giving non-warboss warlords the ability to call a waagh and giving warboss waaagh’s a bonus.  I think Like a Thunderbolt can be incredibly useful in a fast assault army (which is the list I am currently working with).  Re-roll all the dice on run and charge for everyone within 12 of the warlord is nice.

Overall, a nice set of warlord traits.  I can see them all getting use, regardless of which warlord you end up taking.  I will probably take my traits from here instead of the main rulebook for a while to see how they do.

Up next, the powers of the waaagh.  Now, these are all very similar to what we have seen in the previous book, except now you generate them like normal powers instead of random every turn.  The primaris power is decent, a strength 6 ap3 blast.  Stand outs to me are warpath, a 1 warp charge blessing that gives the psycher and his unit +1 attack.  Say hello 5 attack strength 4 choppa boyz on the charge.  Da jump allows to you deep strike like the old ‘Ere we go, which is a ton of fun.  Killbolt can be amazing, since beams auto hit and now don’t lose strength with each thing they hit.  If you can line up a shot on 2 or 3 vehicles, get ready to blow something up.  Power vomit is also full of potential, I just doubt anyone will ever let you get that close to a big tough unit and get that power off.  Da krunch is fun, and useful for taking out infantry in cover.  The low ap can be a problem since most marines equivalents will just shake it off.

Overall, a solid set of powers.  Personally, I will be hoping to get warpath and killbolt when i roll my powers.  I need more testing with them though to see how they will pan out.

Now we get to the true orky bitz, the Gifts of Gork and Mork.  Da finkin’ kap is a deal at 10 points.  The strategic warlord chart is great (most of the time), so having an extra trait from there can be super useful.  If I have 10 points to spare, I don’t even hesitate with this one.  The Blitzbike looks good on paper (and fits my biker warboss perfectly).  It’s 35 points, which is only 10 more than a bike would normally cost.  You get an extra 6 inches on your flat out, although I doubt you will ever see that because he would need to be alone to use it.  The big change is his guns are strength 6 ap 3 assault 3 twinlinked.  Should be able to chew up a few marines.

I am still making up my mind about Da Lucky Stikk.  25 points is a big chunk in this codex.  having unlimited (sort of) re-rolls to to hits, to wounds, and saves is amazing.  The down side being that three failures of re-rolls in one turn and you are dead.  So, lets think about what you could best use this for.  My first thought is anything in megarmor.  Now you can tank wounds like a champ, until someone throws some ap2 your way.   I would never use it for shooting, that is just asking for problems.  I can see it being really useful for avoiding those dreaded 1’s to wound with a power klaw.  All and all, it does feel very orky and I will probably end up pressing my luck with it on more than one occasion.

The last three sort of fall flat to me.  Headwoppa’s Killchoppa is fun on paper, but for 20 points seems a bit much.  Might as well take a powerklaw in my mind. Da fixer upperz is a great upgrade to a big mek and not bad for 15 points.  I am just not into fixing my ork vehicles, I just bring more.  Da dead shiny shoota is a steal for it’s price.  In the end though, you will probably average 3 hits, 2 wounds, which will be saved more often than not if you hit a marine equivalent.  That being said, I have a warboss modeled up with a big sniper rifle, so I know who will get these little gun to play with.

I know this one is starting to drag on, but stay with me boyz.  We can get through the last two bits quickly.  The Ork Horde detachment is fun, the extra HQ slot is great.  The hammer of wrath bonus is situation, so I don’t think in the long run it will have that much of an impact.  Losing objective secured is huge (since you are not taking a combined arms detachment).  In the end, take two CAD if you want to be competitive, take an Ork Horde if you want to be fluffy.  The Ork Warband Formation has similar rules and drawbacks.  Except with that, you can waaagh each turn after the 2nd.  Just hope you like having a lot of boyz.  It could be fun, I need to try it out.

Okay, that does it for me.  If I keep all this orkiness going, Kaptain Klaw may just take over again.  We can’t let that happen, I am still finding squig droppings all over the place.  Next time, the HQ review.

WAAAAAAAAAGH Ork Codex Review!!!!

60030103005_CodexOrksENGHowdy everyone, it’s Severus.  I managed to wrestle control of the blog away from that stupid ork, Kaptain Klaw.  So, now that I am back I wanted to give you guys something we have all been waiting for, an Ork Codex Review!  I have had the codex since friday night.  I have done plenty of reading and played a few games.  This is my early impressions on the codex.

First off, the formatting has changed.  Gone is the standard template from the 6th ed books.  Previously there was a long list of units with fluff, art, there stat line, and any unit specific special rules (glory hogs for example on the tankbustas).  Then in the back you would find the unit entry with points, wargear options, ect.  Now they are all combined into one data sheet, very similar to what we have been seeing in the white dwarfs.  This makes it convenient, now you don’t have to flip back and forth to see those unit specific special rules.  I do miss the art though.

The fluff is good old orky fluff.  A lot of stuff you have seen before.  There are some new variations to it.  I think volume wise, we end up with more fluff in this book than we did the last one.  Hell, my beloved freebootas used to be a single paragraphs in the 4th ed book, now I get a whole page!

Now to the crunch of it, the rules.  A lot has changed with the green skins.  I will spare you the details of going through it unit by unit.  Instead let me highlight the big changes.  First up, we get our own force org chart!  3 HQ’s (1 required), 9 troops (3 required), 3 elites, 3 fast attacks, and 3 heavy supports.  That extra HQ slot is nice since there are so many hq options now (painboys are now hq choices).  Taking this chart allows you to re-roll your warlord trait on the ork table.  It also has a bit of a wonky rule.  If a unit made up of 10 or models rolls 10 or higher on it’s charge distance, they gain hammer or wrath.  Really situational, but extra hits are better than none.

Now, for a true orky guy, this force org chart is great; it really captures the army feel.  Here is the problem, you will not have objective secured.  You need to use the combined arms detachment to get objective secured.  In the end, if you want to be competitive, I would probably use the combined arms detachment.

Up next, the army wide special rule ‘ere we go.  I love this rule.  It allows you to re-roll one die on your charge distance.  So it’s like sort of fleet.  That one die can really save you bacon.  There is second part to this rule though.  When a warboss calls his waagh, units with ‘ere we go can run and then assault.  This is huge.  A well position ork player can reliably get off turn 2 charges.

Now, learn from my mistakes on this.  Mega armor still gives you slow and purposeful (so you can’t run).  Ghazghkull’s waaaagh allows those type of models to run.  But a regular mega-armored warboss can’t.  I forgot this and ended up having my warboss watch from the sidelines for a turn since I ended up needing a 10 inch charge since I couldn’t run.  Fun side note though, multiple warbosses allow for multiple waaghs.  Edit: Only your warlord can call the waaaagh, so that doesn’t work.  Thanks to Boss Trav-Trav for catching that.

Now for that last army wide rule, the mob rule.  Not going to sugar coat it, this one hurts a bit.  Now, you take morale and pinning checks like normal (so, leadership 7 normally).  If you fail, then you roll on the mob rule chart.  On a 1, if you are in close combat you are consider to have passed the morale check; otherwise you fail.  On a 2-3 if you have a character or independent character, you cause d6 strength 4 hits to the unit then pass the test; if you have no characters you fail.  And on a 4-6, if have 10 or more models in the unit, you cause d6 strength 4 hits then pass; if you have less than 10 you fail the test.   In review, you can damage your own boyz a lot just from morale and pinning checks.

The mob rule right now feels a little rough.  Lets be honest though guys.  Orks are not known for there courage under fire or leadership.  I see this rule in two ways.  First off, it is meant to be a draw back.  ‘Ere we go and the waaagh rules are both better than the last codex, so it makes sense that the writers wanted to give a drwa back to balance out the buff we got.  You don’t want your boyz taking leadership checks so play smart.  The other way I see this rule is it starts to force you down a certain play style with your boyz.  Bring lots of them with a nob and get into close combat as soon as possible.  This fits the army theme so well!  If you play the orks like that then theoretically, you would never run.  You may lose some boys to a heavy handed nob, but who cares.  We got plenty of boys.

Okay, down to the nitty gritty of it.  In terms of individual units, there have been TONS of changes.  I will probably save most of these for a group by group review as I get more experience with time (aka, HQ review, Troop review, ect).  For now though, let me give you a few of my favorites.

99800103018_MadDocGrotsnikNEW01Mad Dok Grotsnik!  I loved this guy before, just ask Ralshenik and his daemons.  Now he is even better!  Gone is the rule that made us lose control of him.  Now he gives the unit rampage instead.  In review, he brings in a psedowarboss profile with a power klaw, gives the unit feel no pain, fearless (which is huge with the mob rule), and rampage.  For 160pts.  There are already deathstar’s floating about the net based around this guy.  I am just going to throw him in with some regular old nobz in place of there pain boy.  Good luck trying to tarpit that unit now.  I would like to point out for the price conscious gamers, his model is cheaper than the new painboy.

99810103009_TankbustasNEW01Tankbustas, I always wanted and excuse to buy these guys.  Now they don’t compete for slots against those darn lootas (who are heavy support now).  They had a big change to there glory hog rule.  Now if you kill a vehicle for first blood with tankbustas, you get 2 points instead of 1.  Nice little buff, but also gives us control over them again.  Bomb squigs got easier to use, they hit on a 2+ and no more accidentally hitting something else.  Most importantly though, they gained two things.  There tank busta bombs are now melta bombs.  They also gained tank hunter.  So what little hits you do get you can make count now.  They can also bring a trukk, so no more wasted battlewagons.  And they got 2 points cheaper.  I think that about covers them.

Okay, long ramble aside, it time to wrap this thing up.  My initial impressions are very good about the book.  It is easier to get orks into combat now, where they have always belonged.  For the most part everything got cheaper, so you can take more of them.  Units that were not useful before got some tweaks to make them viable in my mind again.  We gained tons of new options in existing units.  We gained tons of new units.  Yes, the mob rule hurts, but come on, we got to give the opponents some weakness to exploit.  A kunnin ork player should be able to minimize the impact of the mob rule.  Overall, I think the book is very good.  I will hold off on a power ranking for now, expect to see that in the future.

In the mean time, I got to clean up all that damn graffiti that Kaptain Klaw left around here.  Take care!  Severus out.

Kaptain Klaw’s muzingz on Da Other 40k Racez

Oy, listen up you gitz!  Kaptain Klaw here again.  Dat puny humie Severus still hasn’t been able to beat da best ork der eva waz, me!  So, I am still runnin da show.  I hear from me boyz dat a lot of you gitz play wit da other racez in 40k.  Well, it’s time for da kaptain to set ya straight.

Adeptius Sororitas – Wazn’t deez girlz da sistas of batttle once?  What da hell happened, I can’t even say da new name.  Dat alone iz reazon enough to throw dez panzy girls to da side.  Although da dough bring a lot of burna and dakka.  Always good for a good scrap.

Astra Militarum – What da hell GW, wazn’t deez da puny humies that waz da imperial guard?  What’s next, better not be changing da orks to Green Space Hominids.  Dat would be lame.  Any way, deez guys iz nice and squishy, easy for da orks to krump.  Hmm, da do have a lot of dakka and armor.  Better bring me more boyz.

Chaos Daemons – Now deez lads is fun.  Dey just keep coming.  Not exactly sure where da keep coming from.  Who carez, dey love a good scrap.  Nofing better dan dat!.  Make sure you bring plenty of dakka jets, dem bird ones can be annoyning. One even tried convince my boyz he waz Mork.

Blood Angels – Spaze marinez.  Dez onez like uzing da red paint, so dey go fasta den the rest.  Dey can put up a decent fight for a big humie.  Watch out for da onez dressed in black.  Dey keep yelling something about Horus, maybe itz dere waaagh.  Anyway, dey is tough, worthy of some nobz to teach em a lesson.

Chaos Space Marines – Dez iz da spiky marinez.  Sometimes da bring doz daemon thingiez.  For some reason da is easier to scare den da rest of da marines.  Maybe da just have more respect for da orks.  Da got dis big metal bird thingy, it can sure toast some boyz.  Stay clear of dat till it getz low enough to hit it wit a klaw.

Dark Angels – Dez iz da emo marinez.  For some reason da keep looking for someting called da fallen.  Maybe dey dropped some boyz out of dere cruzer once.  Dey seem really upset about it, don’t try to talk wits dem about it.  Dey are green though, so dey can’t be dat bad.

Dark Eldar – Spiky space elves.  Day are puny and fragile.  Dey never like a good straight fight.  Dey runz around a lot and bring lotz of dakka.  One of me boyz told me dat they actually have pointy earz dat fight like a propa ork, but dere leaders keep leaving dem at home.  Guess some one got to clean da squig cagez.

Eldar – More point eared space elves.  Day would neva admitz it, but they are like dere spiky friends.  Dey run around and avoid any good scraps.  Lotz of dakka.  Dey cant runz if we haz covered da field in boyz though, can dey?  Dey can, well dere goez my brilliant plan.  Maybe good old Gork has something up hiz sleeve (or maybe Mork).

Grey Knight – Deez iz da shinay space marinez.  Dey really hate dem daemon thingies.  Good newz iz dat dey don’t have a lot of boyz.  So we orks gotz to swamp dem wit boyz.  Promise yur ladz that da first one to bring you da head getz demselves a spot in your nobz.  Den let dem die while you can get in der and krump dem shiny boyz heads.

Imperial Knights – Where da heck did dez come from?  Did da humies get some new mek boyz?  Dey keep sayin dat dey have had dez little stompas for a long time.  I neva seen dem before.  Dey can really krump some boyz, so keep an eye on dem.  Or have your mek whip up a stompa or a gorkanaut.

Necrons – Deez boyz went a whittle too far wit dem cyborg bodies da dok’s is always tryin to givez us.  I can’t evenz seez any flesh bitz on dem anymore.  Dey also can take a good krumpin and den stand back up.  Da worst of dem iz da warboss one dat keeps tricking my boyz into krumpin dem selvez.  I need to learn dat trick.

Space Marines – Ahh, da good ol’ spaze marinez.  I love deez lads.  Dey can always be counted on to give me a good scrap.  Dey tink dey iz da best.  We all know dat orks is da best though.  Dey gotz deez gunz dat da mek boyz love to use.  Putz a big hurten on da boyz.  Best to krump dem thundafire kannonz quickly.  Or bring more boyz.

Space Wolves – Now deez lads iz odd.  Dey look like dey iz part dogz and part spaze marinez.  Or maybe space vikingz.  Da gotz deyz weird boyz, dey call dem runz priest.  For some reazon dey seem less powerful dan dey use to be.  Maybe dat moon power of derez izn’t az fancy az dey tink.

Tau Empire Ahh, da good ol’ space fish thingiez.  Da sure do love deemz da dakka.  Da got deez big suitz of mega-armor wit some real good dakka.  I keepz tryin to loot me onez, but da damn thingiez ain’t built to fitz an ork of me stature.  Datz okay, maybe we can try to shovez some grotz into dem next time. I broke da last onez tryin to open, maybe I shouldn’t have uzed me klaw.

Tyranids Deez boyz givez da kpatian da kreepz.  Da iz a bunch of little gribbly bugz, which for da most partz izn’t worth da trouble to scrapz wit.  Da big onez, now dem is worth da fight.  Da got diz warboss wit four armz, called da swarmzlordz.  He iz a propa worthy kit.  I keepz telling da doks to try to may boyz wit 4 arms, but dat lot can’t seemz to get it right.  All I eva getz out of dem boyz with extra armz stickin out of dere back.  Dey just flail around and slap day boyz behind dem.

Me Name Iz Kaptain Klaw, and I am Komandeering This Here Blog

kaptainAvast you lazy Gitz, Kaptain Klaw be running this blog now.  I punted that puny grot Severus over da side, now it iz my show.  I hear some of da boyz talkin bout this new codex we iz supposed to have Friday.  Guess some confuzed Mek over at the GW gave out da wrong bitz and now we know most of da rulz.  Bet hiz warboss iz pretty mad.

So, what haz we learned bout deez new rulz?  Orks is da best, dat’s what! Now, obviously we haz always been da best, but now we got new gubbinz to be da best with.  Let me keep dis short, since yur puny grot brainz aren’t as big as my shiny brainz gork (or mork) done gave me.

11 boyz wit da sluggas and choppas in a trukk wit one of me nobz to keep dem in line with a power klaw and da boss pole.  Have da mek slap on some boarding planks to da trukk.  Da trukk can move 6 inches, da boyz can get out 6 inches.  If we have a propa waagh going dat turn, then can then run up to 6 more inches.  Den for the fun part.  Dey can charge up to 14 inches.  Add dat up and you get a whopping 32 inch possible charge range!  And if all dem boyz make it to da fighting that will be 44 strength 4, ws 4 attacks (whatever dat means, mork told me to say it).  Plus don’t forget da 4 from da power klaw (shut up mork, I am talking to me boyz ‘ere)

Now, I know dat da smart gitz among ya are saying “But Kaptain, what if da dice don’t work out.”  Fine, you lot can just plan on averages, although that ain’t propa orky of ya.  In dat case, you could go upto 24 inches!  See, not to shabby, huh lads?

That’s enough for today.  Lets go get into a propa fight, got to be in da best orky shape for when dat new shiny books comes out! (Severus will be back, after he finds wherever the kaptain is, if only he could catch that sneaky git)

Hobby Progress: Kaptain Klaw’s Freeboota Bike Nobz!

resizedSeverus here gang, and I actually have painted stuff!  I tend to be a very slow painter.  Working here and there after work at night tends to be my routine.  I am getting pump about getting my grubby hands on that new beautiful ork codex on friday.  With that renew enthusiasm I finally finished my nob bikers!

resized 2I converted these guys out of second hand models about a year ago.  They were of course not in the best of shape.  They are missing a few guns, but I am not to concerned about that.  The biggest work I did on the basic biker was to magnetize the arms and replace the boy sized torso with nob sized torso.  I find that the magnetized arms make it really easy to track wounds and letting me change there loadout.

resized 3The biggest piece I worked on was the painboy biker.  He is a kit bash for the most part.  His quad bike is made out of an old buggy (yeah, they really are that small)  I cobbled together a rear compartment where he would keep all his gubbins.  Then I painted it white and dirtied it up, right ork style.

resized 5Painting wise I did the basic style for my boys.  Everything on them is pretty much base coat and heavy was with nuln oil or agarax earthshade.  I like my orks to look nice and dirty.  The only thing that I did more than that on is the skin.  I like my orks to be nice and bright, so I base coat in waaagh flesh, wash in biel-tan green, then dry brush in warboss green and then moot green.

resized 4The last fancy bit I tried out is the new technical paint blood for the blood god.    Load it up on a brush and made some nice splatter affects on the painboy.  I am not sure I am sold on that yet.  I hate to say this, but I know what blood looks like and that ain’t it.  So, the search continues for a good blood affect.

Now, wouldn’t it be a shame if I finished the biker and then no longer run in my army when the new book is out.  Unlikely, I really like these boys.  Up next, a forgeworld warboss on a bike!  The nobz will be led by by Kaptain Klaw’s lieutenant, Warboss Waaaaaaaagh.  (Imagine the dopplar effect as a ork drives by screaming waaaagh).

Pre-Ork Power Rankings: According to Ralshenik



Hello there readers, Ralshenik here and my apologies for my lack of writing as of late, work related stuff has taken a chunk out of my gaming/writing time.  I have returned however to give what I believe to be the tier lists for the start of the new edition, this of course is with Orks just on the horizon so I look forward to seeing how they shake this up (Click here to read Severus’s list).

Anywho, my opinions are as follows….

1. Grey Knights-  They’re back folks, those lovable resplendent daemon hunters have every tool needed to compete this edition.

2.  Eldar-  Really they’re more of a 1B as opposed to 2, on top of already having a book that was generally more powerful than everyone else’s, 7th edition seemed to go out of it’s way to not hurt Eldar, Codex: Everything is Awesome still sits on top.

3  Space Marines- 7th gave these guys a massive boost, I think they have what it takes to hang with Eldar and GK’s, only the future will tell.

4  Necrons-  I’d say they’re back, but honestly Necrons haven’t seemed to go anywhere, one thing you have to give the now older book; it has staying power.

5  IG/AM-  Best shooting army in the game and shooting is still pretty over the top good. ‘Nuff said.

6. Tau-  Still a solid army, but everything they can do IG does better, Riptide not withstanding.  Meet your new top tier gate keeper!

7. Dark Angels- The boys in green are back to a respectable force after being a doormat in 6th.

8. Dark Eldar-  The mid tier is apparently a very Dark place.  DE sit at roughly the same spot I had them in during 6th.

9.  Chaos Space Marines-  They have more options now, but loyalist marines are better in almost every way, they are stuck in the same ship as BA and SW except with no hope of a new codex anytime soon

10. Tyranids-  A lack of vehicles (sensible as it is) really hurts the army, table control is good and all but with shooting at the level of power it currently is footslogging just aint gonna cut it and sadly the poor bugs have no choice.

11.  Chaos Daemons-  How the mighty have fallen, Maelific Daemonology is a HORRIBLY overrated (yes I know what I said a couple weeks ago) headache of a discipline to use. Once people figure out how to beat the pony’s one trick (hint: use Landraiders or a Knight) all this “DAEMONS ARE RIDICULOUS!!” nonsense will finally stop.  Sorry folks, dey bad now.

12.  Orks-  After 2 editions of sticking it out in the mid tier the book is finally showing it’s age, fortunately for my WAAAAGGHHHHHH enthusiasts their new codex is dropping soon, here’s to jumping a few spots in the next article green ones!!

13.  Sisters of Battle-  Poor Gals, they got a boost, but compared to the boost their loyalist brethren got it’s just kinda meh.

14. Space Wolves-  They look at codex marines and be like….Sad_Wolf_by_PaPeRDoLLLL

15. Blood Angels- They look at everyone and be like….


Early Power Rankings for 7th Edition: Severus’ List

Duke-nukem-forever_86473-1440x900Howdy gang, Severus here to usher in your weekend.  We are steadily working our way through our winners and losers of 7th edition series.  I have completed all the armies that I play.  Now I know we still have the majority left to day (chaos marines, dark angels sort of, blood angels, space wolves, dark eldar, grey knight, astramilitara, necrons).  I would prefer to leave those articles up to guys who play those armies to write (hint hint).  So, I figured it was time to give my ranking on how I think things stand right now.

Remember, this is an early thought.  My opinion could totally change as new codex’s come out (please make my orks have some more options) or as new lists evolve.  You may or may not agree with me, and by all means do so.  I would love for some constructive feed back on this.  Aka, keep they hate out of it please.

Here we go!  For reference, I still assume that each army is only using one combined arms detachment.  I still haven’t strayed into the wide open spaces of multiple detachments, formations, or allies.  Let alone unbound.

  1. Chaos Daemons*
  2. Eldar
  3. Space Marines
  4. Tau
  5. Nids
  6. Imperial Guard
  7. Grey Knights
  8. Necrons
  9. Chaos Space Marines
  10. Dark Eldar
  11. Orks (4th ed)
  12. Dark Angels
  13. Space Wolves
  14. Sisters of Battle
  15. Blood Angels

So, there are some big changes here.  Space marines and grey knights both took a nice jump up.  Orks did too a little.  Blood angels fell down to the bottom, these guys really need a new book in my opinion.  The top for the most part stayed the same.  I feel like there was a huge gap between the top five armies and the rest of the field in 6th.  I feel like that gap is a lot less now.

Now, what’s with the * next to the daemons?  I have them up there because that summoning list they can run is a huge pain.  If they run that, it can be a tough time for everyone.  Now, I here rumbles on the net about people having ideas on taking down that list.  So far though I have not seen anyone do it.  The point is, without that list, I think they took a big hit with the changes to monstrous creatures and psychic powers.  So if that list falls, then I think they will drop some spots fast.

What do you guys think?  Are daemons that good or just over rated?  Which army do you think took the biggest hit in power?  Who had the biggest bump?

A Beginners Guide to Horus Heresy Part 3: Vehicle Model Selection

glaivep5Howdy guys, Severus here.  It’s time to talk about the next part of our beginners guide to Horus Heresy, this time it’s all about the vehicles baby.  You can check out our guide to the books and the armor to get caught up.  So, let’s have at it.

Generally speaking, a lot of the vehicles you are used to seeing in 40k got there start back in the heresy.  So, a lot of what you will read about is familiar.  The big differences between 40k and 30k vehicles is the different marks of vehicles.  Often time, the 40k age vehicle is an upgrade to the old 30k model.

What that boils down to is, for a truly authentic 30k army, you will want to get period appropriate vehicles.  To some people, that is important, getting every detail right.  If you are going for a really authentic looking army, most of the traitor forces would be majority, if not all, 30k variety vehicles.  Loyalists would still be mostly 30k varieties, but they could have a few 40k era vehicles since they would have access to the newer gear later in the fight.

Now, do you need these resin forgeworld models to play?  Not really, you can use the appropriate GW plastic model.  Honestly, I don’t know to many guys who will throw a fuss about it.  Does it look cooler having the forgeworld models?  Hell yes!  As long as it is a unit from the horus heresy books though, with the appropriate wargear, I say it works for me.  Let’s start working our way through each entry.

Dreadnoughts:  They come in both varieties here in the heresy.  The old tried and true plastic dreadnought and the contemptor.  They have options for just about everything!  The big note is that dreadnoughts can be fielded in talons, aka groups of 1 to 3.  Model wise GW plastic models are appropriate for the dreadnought entry, .but there are some fancy forgeworld versions if you are so inclined.  Of course the forgeworld contemptor is the appropriate model for the contemptor slot. Side Note: Mortis patterns are available, but they are listed with in book 2, so don’t panic if you don’t see it.

Rhinos:  Here things get a little trickier.  The pattern that was most commonly available in the heresy era was the MKIC Demios pattern rhino.  There is a forgeworld model available for this unit.  The current GW plastic model is considered to be a MKIIC, which was not widely available in the heresy.  So, if you want to be authentic, go with the forgeworld model.  Fun side note, the plastic rhinos from like 3rd edition were MkIC, but they are smaller in scale than the current forgeworld variety.

Drop Pods:  As of now, there is only one drop pod model.  It’s the GW plastic model.  So it is period appropriate for both 40k and 30k (sweet!).  Now to make things a little confusing, there is a second drop pod variant, the Dreadclaw Drop Pod.  It’s separate unit entry and taken as a fast attack choice, not a dedicated transport.  There is a forgeworld model for this.  Some clever folks out there have converted plastic drop pods to dreadclaws.

Predators:  Now we start to get into some trickier bits.  As before, there is a MKIC pattern that was more common, aka the Deimos.  It is a forgeworld model, with several weapon variants (annihilator, destructor, executioner, and infernus).  The current GW plastic model is the less common MKIIC (annihilator and destructor).  Some of the many armament options are only available on the MKIC.  So, based on which variant you want to run, you may have limited model options.  Side note: the Baal predator was not available in the heresy.  Side Note 2: the deimos pattern predators executioner and infernus have forgeworld rules for 40k, so you can get dual use out of these models.

Land Speeders: Back to something a little simpler.  There is the standard plastic land speeder kit.  Model wise it is appropriate for heresy.  All of it’s weapon options are reflected in the rules.  There is also the javelin land speeders, a separate unit entry.  It has some better armor and weapon options.  It also has a pretty forgeworld model.  A nice simple choice.

Land Raiders:  Oh baby, here comes some fun.  I love me some land raiders and horus heresy is chucked full of them.  Now, the standard setup (twin-linked lascannon sponsons and twin-linked heavy bolter) has the plastic GW MKIIB and the forgeworld MKIB.  As usual, the MKIB is the more common variant at the time.  Now, the crusader and redeemer were not available then.  In terms of new variants, horus heresy has the proteus and the achilies.  Both forgeworld models.  They also have rules available for use in 40k.  Side note:  If you get the MKIIB land raider and want to put the upgrade doors on, there are a special set that fits them.  Buy accordingly.

Vinicator:  The good old vindicator.  Once again this one is fairly simple.  It has a MKIIC is the current plastic model, which was not widely available in the heresy era.  The MKIC or Deimos pattern was the more common variety.  There is a resin forgeworld model available.  Side note: there are rule options for a laser destroyer array instead of the demolisher cannon, but so far no model representing that.

Whirlwinds:  Okay, here it gets a little tricky again.  The standard whirlwind is currently available with the MKIIC, the plastic GW model. There is a Deimos pattern but it is only available with the scorpius launcher.  This is a different unit entry than the standard whirlwind.  It is a forgeworld model, you could convert it to a standard whirlwind if you were so inclined.  There is a third variant, the hyperios, and anti-air version.  It is on a MKIIC body, but is a forgeworld kit.

Everything Else:  Now, I believe that covers all the basic units you and I are used to.  The following is a list of units that are units only available from forgeworld.  If a unit has a * next to it, it means it also has published 40k rules.  Two units for the price of one!

  • Storm Eagle Gunship*
  • Legion Basilisk* (you could also use the GW plastic model, but it will lack the loading platform that is space marine sized)
  • Legion Medusa*
  • Legion Spartan Assault Tank*
  • Legion Caestus Assault Ram*
  • Legion Fellblade*
  • Legion Typhon*
  • Legion Thunderhawk/Thunderhawk Transporter*
  • Legion Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer*
  • Legion Malcador Assault Tank*
  • Primaris-Lighting Strike Fighter*
  • Deathstrom Drop Pod*
  • Legion Sicaran Battle Tank*
  • Legion Dreadnought Drop Pod*
  • Legion Glaive Super Heavy Special Weapons Tank
  • Legion Kharybdis Assault Claw* (although it’s rules are still listed as experimental in the download section of forgeworld)
  • Legion Fire Raptor Gunship*
  • Sicaran Venator Tank Destroyer
  • Legion Falchion Super Heavy Tank Destroyer
  • Legion Stormblade*

I think that about wraps it up.  I think we thoroughly covered model selection, so you should have an idea of what you can use and where to get it.  Now if you are still interested I guess it is time to take the plunge.  Speaking of which, my Iron Hands are calling.  Have a good one folks!

Winners and Losers of 7th Ed: Tyranids

nidsShorereaper here, and as the token Nid player, I guess it falls to me to write up this Winners and Losers article. Now I have to start with the fact that the new Tyranid codex was probably written with 7th edition in mind. And with all of the changes, I honestly think the Nids broke even. Yes, there are some serious cons (snapfire after jinking), but even those I think make the game better.

Starting with some of the Pros, the night fighting rule actually helps. Everything gaining stealth regardless of distance makes the Venomthrope so much better. Everything within that 6-inch bubble gains shrouded on top of the stealth and any other cover you can give them. A Tyranid player can easily give a large portion of his army 2+ cover saves if they plan correctly. I usually field just one, and while the venomthrope can easily give up first blood, he provides a solid cover save. And this comes at the expensive cost of 45 points.

The new Jink rules make the hive crone a little more survivable. Now their cover save and their armour save are 4+. It’s not a lot of help, but it is some help. Of course, jinking makes the flyers snapfire, but one can work with that. Since Vector striking happens in the movement phase, Flying MC’s can still vector strike. And yes, I know the new vector strike was greatly nerfed against tanks and skimmers, but the Hive Crone is still a fantastic anti-flyer.

One con I have to admit hurts is the new rule that swooping MCs cannot charge on the same turn that they change from swooping to gliding. That gives opponents a free turn of shooting them. However, even when I use the flying hive tyrant, I try to keep him in the air, so I would probably never want to use him in close combat anyway.

The psychic phase is both a negative and a positive. First, I find it a lot harder to get of my psychic powers, and the shadows of the warp are not nearly as effective as it used to be. That being said, a -3 to your opponent’s psykers leadership is not a small thing.  The reduced leadership makes periling results more likely to result in entertaining outcomes. Also, the rules don’t say -3 during the psychic phase; it is -3 throughout the game, providing the psykers are within 12 inches of each other. And since I am on the psychic phase, all Nids gaining their primus power of Dominion is fantastic! Every psyker, including the broodlord, gains 6-inches to their synapse range, which can come in very handy.

Wounds carrying over in close combat make the Swarmlord an even bigger beast in close combat. Sure, he is still killable when you are trying to get him into close combat, but once he get there, he can kill almost anything (except for that darn Moloc).

Yes, tanks don’t explode as often, but they are still pretty easy to wreck. The move through cover rule is nice and easy to remember.

Overall, I honestly believe that the Tyranids broke about even. Like I said though, I believe that this codex was written specifically for 7th edition. I know some of my fellow bloggers would rank the Tyranids lower, but I would list them as the 5th best Army, which is where I would have put them in 6th Edition right after the new codex came out. It’s a job to win with them, but it is very doable.

New Ork Rules Early Thoughts!

orkWAAAAAGH everyone, it’s Severus again.  Now that I have the last three white dwarfs in hand as well as leaks from this Friday’s floating around the net, I feel like it’s time to sit down and take a look at the new model rules. Remember, these are just my first impressions, they could totally change (and probably will) once I get them on the table more.

First up the Gorkanaut.  Probably my favorite rule set from this dual kit.  His gun doesn’t look that reliable, averaging 7 shots means he will hit with 2.  Eh.  Correction, he fires 3d6, so average 10-11 shots, meaning 3-4 hits, so not so bad.  He is also bringing along a few twin linked shootas, a skorcha, and 2 rokkits.  I can see getting some use out of these options.  Lets be honest though, you are not taking this guy because of his shooting.  4 attacks base with rampage, strength 10 ap 1.  That is why you want him.  He can have up to 8 attacks on the charge.  At front armor 13 with 5 hull points, he should not be that easy to take down.  I think you can offset his slow movement by giving him it will not die.  Then he should theoretically make it to combat.  Don’t forget, transport capacity of 6!

His cousin, the Morkanaut, I am a little less impressed with.  He has a better gun, essential a plasma cannon.  He loses the skorcha for a kustom mega blaster.  So, sounds a little better shooting wise.  He also can take a kustom force field that gives all ork models within 6 inches a 5+ invuln.  So that is sweet.  Stat wise, he is just as durable as his cousin.  I think he would work well with a bunch of slow moving shooting units.  Maybe a bunch of killa kans or deff dreads.  It sure would look sweet.  My biggest draw back about him is that is he can easily come in at over 300 points.  That could die to a lucky melta or lascannon shot.  The same could be said about the gorkanaut I guess.

Up next, my beloved flash gitz.  I am going to try to put aside my love for the pirate theme and the models in general and look at them strictly from a rules sense.  They got much cheaper than before.  Fully upgraded, those guys could cost you about 40pts a piece before, now we are down to 22.  To make it better, there guns are now strength 5 assualt 3.  The d6 ap is still a thing, which I am okay with.  They are sporting a nob profile still and have rules to give them bs 3 when standing still and re-roll one die on the charge distance.  Sweet!  My only complaint is that they are a 6+ armor.  Before, I could splurge and give them a 4+ if I wanted.  So, that sort of makes this unit a glass hammer.  Treat them like shoota boys.  Keep them in vehicles or in cover when you can, they won’t live long in the open.

Up next the newly expanded mek guns!  I think these might be the sleeper hit so far.  Super cheap at 18 points base for a kannon or lobba, and only a 5 point upgrade to Zapp guns.  You can add up to 4 to the group, so an artillery unit of 5!  With grots, so they are BS 3!  The new guns look like they will be fun.  The bubblechukka is a great fluffy gun, and a group of them could really put the hurting on a blob of infantry.  I can see the kustum mega kannon also being useful.  The smasha gun looks like it will be okay, unfortunately it is competing with the cheaper kannon and zap guns for that anti tank.  Although ap 1 is great now.  The new hotness though is in the lovely Traktor Kannon.  Skyfire, strength 8 and ap3; an ork has never had a better option for taking down flying thingies.  Throw in it’s special rule that adds a -3 modifier to grounding checks and adding an immobilized result to any glances or pens pushes this baby over the top.

Now onto the looted wagon.  Images have been running around the net of Friday’s white dwarf with rules for it.  Generally speaking, it stay the same profile wise.  It’s don’t touch that now occurs in the shooting phase, which is okay i guess.  It’s points though took a huge drop.  It is 37 points base and 30 for a killkannon.  A boomgun is no longer an option.  I think the unit didn’t change much other than that.  If you got good work out of it before, you still should.

Here is the problem I am seeing though.  All these new ork kits and unit are all heavy support according to the symbols in the white dwarf.  So that section of the codex is going to be pretty clogged if you keep deff dreads, killa kans, and battlewagons in there. So, some units that look good, like flash gitz and looted wagons, may get bumped just from lack of slots.  Assuming you are sticking with your single combined arms attachment.

The other problem I am hearing about is that the looted wagon is a white dwarf exclusive unit.  As in it will not be in the codex, so you can only get the rules in the white dwarf.  I am okay with this.  Hell, up until this new book, our dakka jets were white dwarf rules.  Sisters where a white dwarf codex for the longest time.  I have been picking up the ork white dwarfs just for the painting and articles, so I don’t see why this would be different.

Overall, I am really liking all the rules we are seeing so far.  They look strong so far, but still have that nice touch of orky randomness.  I can totally see this booking giving players tons of fun options.   You can bet big with all the powerful units that have a chance to screw up (flash gitz, bubblechukka, looted wagon).  You can also go with super reliable units that will get the job done (kustom mega kannons, traktor kannons, morkanaut?).  I hope this theme carries over to the rest of the book.  I am sure there will be some army wide special rules, and I have a feeling it will be the re-roll one die for the charge distance thing the flash gitz have.  Time will tell though, only 11 days until I should have a new shiny codex in my orky paws!