Maelific Daemonology: For Why?


My face for the better part of my test game against Severus

Hello folks, Ralshenik here to discuss one of the most absurd things I’ve ever witnessed in a game of 40k.  This weekend I got a chance to test out Maelific Daemonology and Oh……..god……..

In that game I was able to summon over 1700 pts of extra models in an 1850 pt game, no that wasn’t a typo.  1700 pts.  15+ Plague Drones, 2 monstrous creatures, and about 40 daemonettes.  Leading to a sweeping victory in a game I had no business winning, and when I say no business winning, I REALLY mean it.

The game was long ways deployment, on a table that was sparse when it came to LoS blocking terrain against a very refined Tau list that featured a plethora of deadly shooting units (Buff Commander’d Missilesides, plasma/burst cannon crisis suits, Ion Tide, etc).  The first three turns were literally Severus’s tau shooting fish in a barrel (fish shooting fish in a barrel…..the irony).  Hell, he was even able to beat me in assault more times than I would care to mention (the highlight being Fire Warriors beating up a Plague Drone).  He was out rolling and out shooting me in a game where I had no cover to hide behind and had to take the longest possible route across the table at his army.  Given the fact me and Severus are at an equal skill level our games usually are decided by things like this; who rolls better, who does the mission/deployment favor more, etc.

None of that mattered though as he literally had no answer for my psychic powers, during each psychic phase i constantly had 20+ dice more than him, allowing me to bring in 6 plague drones and 10 daemonettes almost every turn.  As much shooting as Severus dumped in my army he probably should of tabled me almost twice over, but the fact was most of the units he was killing cost me 0 points so strategically it didn’t even matter.

Summoning is the spell everyone is talking about (and it’s stupid good) but Incursion is ridiculous at least the fact it lets you make Plague Drones is.  I was able to generate over 50 wounds worth of T5 jetpack infantry…..50 WOUNDS!!!!!  No army can deal with that much T5 except for Dark Eldar (but if you fight them you just keep making daemonettes and overwhelm them as without Eldar allies they will have NO psychic defense).  Eventually my Plague Drone conga line just overwhelmed the Tau, locked down all of his units, and grinned them down in assault.

By this time I felt like Aladdin in this scene and my Tzeentch heralds/Pink Horrors were the genie.  Fast forward to 2:05 to get the jist of the last few turns.


Daemons absolutely dominate the psychic phase, if you’re not Eldar or Grey Knights and didn’t bring a Rune Priest you don’t have a chance of stopping summons.  If you can’t stop summons you are automatically at a 1000pt disadvantage with models.  Tabling a summoning army without getting a BIG alpha strike on them will be nigh impossible.  Question being, is it too much?

Right now i’m saying yes, it’s too much in a “Necron Flyer Spam back in 6th” kind of way, meaning I see this as a list that is ridiculously overpowered currently but will be brought down to earth, much like ‘Crons where when Tau came out and had skyfire available in mass that allowed them to toast the croissants which had trolled people for so many months.

My gaming group has been discussing house rule nerfs and i’m a little iffy on the subject. House rules tend to be biased (usually unintentionally) and I don’t think it’s fair to limit an armies capability at something when it’s what they’re designed to do.  Capping psychic dice, limiting spell uses, etc is the same principle as telling a Deathwing player they can only bring so many Terminators because you don’t have that many Ap2 weapons, in my opinion.

I predict this list will be brought down to normal soon as Space Wolves are set to be released this year and I envision them being a very potent anti-psyker army (imagine if they keep Rune Priests the same O.O).  Blood Angels will probably follow suit as they are supposed to be an army of talented psykers themselves and who the hell knows what Orks will bring to the table.

The solution here is to just be selective about who you play, if you spammed night scythes at the beginning of 6th edition you eventually ran out of people to play.  No one wants to deal with a headache like that on a consistent basis and after 2-3 games of going “can I beat it?” most people will give up and realize you’re just a douche.  If you do nothing in your daemon lists for the next 3 months except spam Maelific you will run out of opponents (no one wants to fight that BS all the time)

I plan to abuse summoning for a week or two more, just to find out who (if anyone) is a bad matchup for the army and how to beat it.  Nothing would make me happier than to take a loss with it.  After that I will venture back to the flying circus as I feel rumors of it’s demise are greatly exaggerated!

Thanks for reading everyone, be back next time with some more 7th edition info!

Even More Wargamer Stereotypes

warhammer memeAfter a few good suggestions and a lot of positive feed back, it’s time for another round of Wargamer Stereotypes.  You can check out part 1 and part 2 here.  As usual, do not continue reading if you are not willing to laugh at yourself or our community. Its all in good fun, so relax and enjoy.

Rules Lawyer – The name says it all.  You will often find yourself in an abstract world when you play this gamer.  Such topics as the definition of “is” can become common place.  Interesting to note, his interpretation of the rules can often change and always seem to benefit him the most.  He is also the kind of guy who feels like pointing out your mistakes, no matter when they happened.  What’s that?  I moved my Assault marines out of initiate order in that game we played three weeks ago?  I am sorry, I am sure your fire warriors would have curb stomped them in that case.

Turtle Gamer – This gamer has one plan in every game he plays.  Defense.  Expect him to castle up and shoot at anything that comes close to him the entire game.  The double whammy in this case is they also tend to be indecisive in there actions.  A turn can take an exceedingly long time as he figures out everything.  You want to ruin his day?  Deepstrike two units next to his castle and watch his brain melt as he struggles with target priority.

The Finesse Gamer – This gamer thrives on making intricate and complex tactical plans to destroy his foes.  It’s important to him that he never wastes a shot, each bullet is precious and must always be applied in the correct location.  The movement phase is this players bread and butter, each move is precise and design to fit into his master plan.  Ultimately games end one of two ways with this guy.  Watching him smugly execute his plans with extreme satisfaction, or watching the horror on his face as his lovely plans crumble.  Remember it is never his plans fault, its always the dice, your army is over powered, the angle of the sun, the humidity, whatever.  Never his plan.  He will often grumble the phrase “That unit should have died two turns ago” when the tide starts to turn on him.

The Meat Head Gamer – Disclaimer, this one is pretty much how I play.  His tactics and game plans are very simple.  Build big things, throw big things at enemies.  Watch things die, hope they aren’t yours.  Consider him the foil the Finesse Gamer.  Any sign of strategy or tactics is abandoned as soon as he sites a big shinny target on the field.  The only reason these guys win games most of the time is through either A) ridiculous luck or B) an opponent who doesn’t take the chance to lead him around by the nose.  The phrase “never tell me the odds” pretty much describes his play style.

The ADD Gamer – This guy, as the name implies, can never seem to focus.  It goes for all things.  His games are full of interruptions either by chatting with his opponent, passers by, the wall, his models, ect.  His armies are a constantly rotating door of units and codexes.  You never seem the same list twice.  Sort of begs the question as to where these new models and armies keep coming from.  Maybe he is selling his meds to desperate college students cramming for finals.

The Stat Junkie – This guys is obsessed with tracking every little stat in the game.  How often you rolled better or worse than statically you should.  How many points he had to use to kill a unit of yours.  His win/loss record.  It’s like somehow if he can just get enough data, he can make a magical formula for writing a perfect army list.  It never happens though.  Nothing is more entertaining that watching him try to cope with you rolling above average for a turn or two.

The True Chaos Player – This guys is a little odd.  I am not talking about the run of the mill chaos guy.  I am talking about the guy that is truly devoted to the chaos gods.  They come in all the varieties you would expect.  Scrawny, long haired, finesse gamers that love Tzeentch.  Big fat smelly guys who worship Nurgle (usually a neck beard).  Creepy oddly erotic scrawny guys who love Slaanesh.  And of course the loud meat head Khorne devoted.  Expect weird little touches in there army, like actual blood mixed into the paint.  Just try to never end up alone in a room with this guy.

Thats all I got for today.  If you guys have anymore ideas, feel free to share.  Rules Lawyer and Meat Head are inspired by Adam Friend of The Overlords.  Not that he is either, I don’t even know they guy.  Thanks for the ideas Adam!


Going Back To The Future: Horus Heresy

Shorereaper and I find ourselves becoming what I like to call “30-curious”.   As in we are looking at starting horus heresy armies, aka 30k.  I guess looking at isn’t the right word, Shorereaper is closing in on 1000pts of alpha legion and has book 1 and 3.  The lord primarch has also expressed interest in trying out his legions within 30k, even playing a few test games when Betrayer dropped.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to look into what it will take to make my 40k Iron Hands army 30k compatible.  My hobby budget is definitely to tight right now to do all forge world models for it, and to be honest I am not that good at identify the various marks of armor.  Ideally, I want the models I own to be able to play in either system, while still giving that 30k aesthetic.  I know there are some models that just wont make the transition (I am looking at you storm talon and landraider redeemer/crusader.)

To go along with our 30-curious ways, the Horus Heresy weekender just happened and leaked a ton of awesome pictures.  Time for a review!

solar auxilia transport

Solar Auxilia, eh?  Looks to me like the start of some cool imperial army units.  Not my cup of tea, but I think they could make a great addition to a 40k IG army that is looking for some variety.  I could have sworn I saw some images of the troops with more detail, but I haven’t been able to find them again.


Vulkan, that pansy that ran away while Ferrus died.  All joking aside, another sweet primarch model.  Just as fancy as I would expect from a master armorer.  I think a big reason I want to try out 30k is to see the primarchs in action.

flamer sword knight

Another sweet Imperian Knight conversion.  I am a big fan of the lancer.  This dude is sporting some crazy flamer and a sword.  Should make for quite a mess.  No rules out that I have seen.  Maybe they are hiding in book 3 somewhere.  Generally, I wish the 30k knights would be 40k compatible, they could be a lot of fun.

gal vorbak

The Gal Vorbak, this one is right up the lord primachs ally.  He has a small word bears force that he wants to get off the ground.  These guys look sweet, so hopefully that will be the inspiration to get that force going.

gorgon terminators

And these are my eye candy of the weekend.  I so love me the forgeworld Iron Hand models.  More awesome quality from forgeworld.  I will probably get like 10 of these.  Not sure how well I can slot them into 40k.  Probably will have to run them as shooty terminators (boo!)

magos prime

Is he riding a giant mechanical worm dais thingy?  I know a lot of guys are getting excited about a mechanicum army.  I am not one of them

mechanicum armoured conveyor

That being said, their transports look pretty sweet.

megabolter knight

Is that a vulkan megabolter on that knight?  With a chainfist?  Sign me up!

mortarionLast, but certainly not least, Mortarion!  Dude looks amazing.  Definitely one of my favorites so far (except for my beloved Ferrus Manus).  Glad they finally got around to him, he has only had rules out since the first book.  I know forgeworld, you wanted to make mechinicum and iron hands, and I don’t blame you.


There you have it.  Anyone else feeling a little 30-curious after that?


The State of the Legion

mcBrothers and Sisters (yes there are a few of them out there), it’s has come time for us to take a look at the state of our legion.  Outsiders should also take this opportunity to reflect on there own various warbands.  Change is upon us.  The imperium is about to bestow upon us a new edict on how we wage war.  How will you treat this opportunity?

Okay, silly talk aside, the change in editions is a big moment for me.  I was out of 40k for a long time (7 years) and only got back into at the start of 6th.  When I got back into it, I did it in a big way; new army, new gaming group, new stores.  It’s time for me to look back and see what has worked and what hasn’t.

Our gaming group has started to dwindle compared to the start of 6th.  This could be because of my core group’s relocation to a new store (Critical Hit Games).  It could be that some of our members have not enjoyed 6th and either stopped gaming or migrated to different systems.  I hate to say it, but looking at the facts, our gaming group appears to be in a decline from where it was 2 years ago.

7th edition is going to change the game.  It could be good or bad, that’s not the point.  I want to seize this moment of change and try to stop the decline of my beloved legion.  I truly wish that some of the guys that have wandered away might be ready to come back and give it a go again.  I am not sure how to do that besides begging and pleading through various means of communication.

There is also a community of what I call “retired gamers” at crit.  These are guys who have an army already and experience with 40k, but never bring them in to play.  My group is there just about every Saturday.  I want you guys to join in if you are reading this.  Shorereaper and I have made a pact.  If anyone comes down to our store on a day we are there playing (usually Saturday), we will stop our game to make sure you get one in.  I want you guys to feel like part of our community, I want you to feel welcomed.

We have struggled introducing new gamers to our group.  In the past year I can only remember two guys who started playing 40k and stuck around to play with us.  Unfortunately they have seemed to have lost interest.  I don’t feel it is from a lack of trying on our parts.  The lord primarch and I both tried to help them with army design and Shorereaper played several games with them.

What has worked though for us is introducing variety into our gaming group.  In the past 2 years many of us have added new armies to our collections, greatly increasing our variety of games.  We have branched out past the core rule book to try a few homebrew campaigns and started a series of narrative events (which is set to wrap up in June hopefully).  We have played in a few local tournaments.  We have experiment with alternative mission formats (Bay Area Open).  Shorereaper is starting down the road of a Horus Heresy alpha legion army.  The lord primarch and I are looking into making our existing space marine armies 30k compatible.  We have played kill teams and apocalypse.  The only thing I think we haven’t done is escalation.

7th edition will bring a change to our community.  Some guys will stay, some will go, and hopefully some will return.  I am sure will we probably reel in our crazy game styles for a few weeks as we give the core rulebook a good read and try to get it down pat.  If you have been out of 40k and want back in, now is a great time to jump in, it will be a level playing field again.  I am sure next week and the week after will be full of impression articles on the new edition.  I think we will also try to start a codex review series discussing the winners and losers of 7th edition rule changes.  So stay tuned, and prepare for war!


Weekend in Review (Shorereaper)

After reading Severus’s weekend summaries for the last few weeks, I decided I would give it a go. I also thought that having the last weekend of sixth would be a good place to start my weekend summaries. My final two 6th edition games, that is both a sad and an exciting thought.

I seem to have settled in on my Tyranid list, I play the following list the most; almost every game I play is with this list. I will admit that it is based off a highly competitive list I read on the Internet, but I was using most of the models even before I read that list. Once in a while I will swap out some models for others, but this does seem to be my primary 2K point list.

HQ –
Swarmlord (Warlord)
3 Tyrant Guards
Flying Hive Tyrant with 2 twin-linked devourers with brainleech worms

Elite –
1 Venomthrope

Troops –
Four units of 7 Genestealers
One unit of 30 Termagants
1 Tervigon

Fast Attack –
Hive Crone
Hive Crone

Heavy –
Carnifex with Adrenal Glands
Carnifex with Adrenal Glands

I know that I have very little shooting in this army. It is very much geared up for close combat, and I have to play very aggressively. My typical strategy is to infiltrate the Genesetealers and with the speed of the three flyers, usually deployed on the table, and not held in reserves, I am in the opponents face by the end of turn one. Again, I have to play very aggressively. If there are objectives, I park the Tervigon on one, and let her spawn. The 30 Gants usually try to take another. The rest of the army is there to take out as many of the opponent units as possible.

This weekend I got two games in against the Imperial Guard at Critical Hit, I mean the Astra Militarum. I don’t remember my opponent’s list exactly. The first game, I know he had 3 psykers, three troop units in Chimeras, 2 Valkiries, and 2 Wyverns (that look a lot like Hydras). My opponent did get first blood and slay the Warlord (poor Swarmy), but by the end of the game all that he had left on the board was 1 Valkrie, and I controlled the four objectives.

The second game was for the Relic. He took a much larger troop unit, Yarric, one Valkirie, a couple of small squads, and a pair of tanks that can shoot 60 times combined (sorry, I don’t know that codex all that well). He also included an Imperial Knight, armed with the rapid-fire battle cannon. This game was much shorter. After vector striking the Knight, and using the tentaclids against it as well, the carnifexes charged in a destroyed it. Even though he had first blood, and slay the warlord (Again, poor Swarmy), the Tervigon was sitting on the objective and ready to start pulling it away. He conceded after the Knight was destroyed.

So, I ended my sixth edition gaming with two victories. The Guard must be pretty tasty. I will never say that this list is unbeatable; I have lost with it almost as much as I have won with it. But it is fun and competitive. I could swap out the Swarmlord (who is underrated) with another Flying Hive Tyrant and another Hive Crone. Also, the Genestealers points could be used elsewhere, but I like this list. I expect that as I play it more and more, my usual opponents will find its weaknesses. Just last week, Severus showed me the flaws with deploying the flyers when I do not go first.

Lighting the Funeral Pyres on 6th ed

starwarsWell, pre-orders are officially up.  7th edition is just one mere week away.  I will probably pre-order my copy tomorrow from Critical Hit.  Assume there are no supply or shipping errors (like the tau release), I should have my book in hand next Saturday for their big kick off 7th edition event.

I for one am very excited about this.  It’s not that I didn’t like 6th ed.  I am more excited about things changing; 6th ed was feeling kind of stale to me already.  I am really excited to see how the new mission types work.  The new game mechanics sounds like they could level the playing field a bit and sort out some of the weird issues that I came across in 6th ed.  I am just going to ignore the Unbound army portion of the new book.  I have no intentions of playing an unbound army or playing against one.  Enough said.

Before we dive into 7th ed next week, I think its worth taking time to give 6th edition a glorious send off.  It wasn’t all bad as some people would have you believe.  I have had some really great games with all my armies.  That goes for both competitive and fun games.

So, how do you give 6th ed a big send off?  Well, I am not sure.  I will probably wheel out all my armies tomorrow and have at it.  As many games with as many people with as many armies as possible.  Why?  This is my last chance to play this edition.  I only game on the weekends.  This is my last go around for 6th.

The good thing to remember as we say good bye to 6th and move on to 7th is this: it’s our community that defines how we play, not a book.  I have a great group of friends that I see on the weekend to game with.  It’s playing with them that makes the game so enjoyable to me.  It’s the community that make me come back week after week to play the same game.  I imagine it’s the same for all of you out there.  Remember that.

More Wargamer Stereotypes

The first article was well received, you can read it here.  It’s time for round two.  As always, I am just doing this for fun, do not take offense.  If you can’t handle laughing at yourself, you probably don’t want to read this.

The Neck Beard:  This gamer can be identified by his ridiculous amount of facial hair below the jaw line.  He doesn’t even shave. His hair just magically stops growing on his face, preferring the shady regions on his neck.  It looks itchy and it may or may not be hiding bits of food or models.  He tends to stroke this beard, for he has nothing but love for his neck pelt.  Good for him, because no one else loves it.  Seriously dude, you’re the reason female gamers run screaming from our store.

The Virgin: This gamer is defined by his discomfort caused by the female gender.  He has had so little interaction with the opposite sex that he often freezes when one wanders in.  Then his behavior will take one of two routes.  He will either A) become so uncomfortable in their presence that he shuts up and hides in a corner until she leaves, or B) Attempts to overcome his crippling shyness and talk to her.  Either way its about to get really awkward in here.

The Spammer: This guy only knows one way to play.  If one is good, 10 is better.  He sees no point in writing a balanced list, just cram as many of the same great unit or model into a list then let it rip.  Double force organization charts made this guy cream his jeans a little.  Units like the riptide, helldrake, and wraithknight made him weak in the knees.  He is the guy that is going to loose his mind with the new unbound army lists. No, I do not want to fight your 8 wraithknight list. I don’t care if it’s legal now.

The Space Wolf: Every space wolf player has the same dream.  To become a space viking and ride off into the Eye of Terror with good ol’ Leman Russ.  They will protect their beloved army from any form of insult.  They often will band together into packs when they get together, cheering each other on for more blood shed.  Take a close look at that group next time, they seem to have a lot more beards then the rest of the community.  It’s because their models have beards.

The Dedicated Father:  These guys unfortunately had to put their hobby to the side to perpetuate their gene seed.  Not a decision that most of them regret, but their gaming is now a far different experience.  Instead of hobbying or gaming in small doses frequently, they cram it all into a single day or weekend that the wife has given them off.  This is demonstrated by their months of absence at the store followed by their sudden and vigorous return.  Every minute matters to this guy.  He needs to cram in as much gaming before that phone rings and he must return to tend to his brood.  A moment of silence for our fallen brothers.

The Chameleon Gamer: His army is strategically designed to allow him to play as may codex’s as possible.  It’s paint scheme is usually neutral, allowing it to say it is a successor of any space marine chapter.  Most clever ones can make a claim to there army using the space wolves, space marines, blood angels, grey knights, dark angels, all the new codex supplements, and if they are really lucky, chaos space marines.  You never know what codex to expect, but it is usually going to be the strongest one against your army.  So, what’s it going to be today?  Feels like a Grey Knights kinda day.

The Anti-Painter: This guy is defined by the large numbers of grey plastic he fields.  He never paints anything himself.  He will buy painted models if possible.  Extreme forms of these gamers will pay to have their army painted for them.  Honestly though, they could care less about the painting, they just want to play games.

The Cheap Ass Gamer – This one is pretty self explanatory.  He is cheap.  He never buys a unit at full retail price.  Almost everything he has is second hand or old as hell.  Why buy new models, these 2nd edition orks look just fine to me.  It physically pains him when a new codex or main rulebook comes out.  He can either wait to try to get it on sale or second hand or suck it up and buy the new book to keep up.  He will often try to borrow books and make photo copies of them or try to pirate a PDF.  He also haggles like a son of a bitch.  No, I don’t think 5 dollars for my landraider is a fair offer.  Nope, 6 isn’t enough either.

The Table Flipper:  Rage is this guy’s response to everything. Rage at his models, rage at his dice, rage at your models, rage at your dice.  Rage at the neck beard that walked by an pointed out why he was going to lose.  Throwing models or dice commonly occurs with him.  A horrible turn can be accompanied by the legendary table flip and walk away.  Best not to play this guy that often.  Or with models you are attached to.

The Nay Smith:  This guy always thinks he is going to lose.  No matter the match up.  Everything terrifies him.  Regardless of how the game is going, he will constantly tell you that he thinks he’s going to lose it.  It’s even more frustrating when he doesn’t.  Regardless of how you try to point out the happenings of the game, he still thinks you’re beating him.  Yeah, I highly doubt that my unit of grots is going to march over and take the relic from your unit of terminators.  Pretty sure you got this one in the bag bro.


That’s it for today.  Have a good one, and try to laugh.

What We Think We Know About 7th Edition

Well, the rumor mill is swirling with information now.  Most of which appears to be credible, as it is taken from images from the book via Jervis Johnson’s video or from Friday’s White Dwarf.  Let’s see if we can make a list of what we know so far about 7th edition.

  1. The psychic phase – you will generate a pool of dice (D6+combined mastery levels) from which you can attempt to cast.  Your opponent has a pool also which they can use to deny you.  Some of the less credible rumors state that you can only every use mastery level +1d6 worth of dice (so a level 1 would be able to cast with 2 dice).  Still not sure what is needed to cast or deny.  Perils on a double 1 or double 6, with it’s own perils chart now.  There are no casting values on the leaked psychic powers page.  Other rumors state that you need a 4+ per dice to count as a success.  They also state that you need to have success equal to the warp charges (so a three warp charge spell would need to roll 3 dice and get 4+ on all of them).  I am not sure about that last part, sounds a little wonky to me.  It would definitely make powers less reliable though.
  2. Vehicle Damage Chart – Haven’t seen much around the net on this, but in the Friday’s White Dwarf, it states that the vehicle destroyed result is now a 7 on the chart rather than a 6.  This should make dedicated anti-tank weapons more valuable.  I am not sure it solves the issue of hull points whittling down a vehicle quickly.
  3. Daemonology – Two new psychic disciplines, one of which is leaked in the White Dwarf.  The spells look really strong, three of them allow you to summon deamons (everything from troops, to heralds, to greater daemons).  They all are warp charge 2 or 3.  So if you believe the above statements about the psychic phase, you will need to bring at best a lvl 2 and roll 3 dice, get the 4’s, not be countered by your opponent, then you can sacrifice yourself for a greater daemon.  Powerful? Yes.  Broken, maybe.  We will see who can access it and how easy it is to get off in reality.
  4. Difficult Terrain – Now is a -2 to movement.  Seems simpler, and more reliable.  No more will my terminators trip over trees for 3 turns.
  5. Scoring units – Now everything is scoring.  Interesting to note, dedicated transports now take on the force org slot of the unit that buys them.  So a drop pod with tactical marines counts as a troop (which is scoring, and possibly can’t be denied).  Seems really strong.  Of course, there could be a line in the book that says vehicles can never score (which I would be okay with) that negates all of that.
  6. Battle Forged – I believe it is when you take your whole army from one codex (aka no allies, no unbound).  Re-rolling your warlord trait and you troops now have Objective Secured.  That means your troops can score and can not be denied unless the enemy unit also has Objective Secured.  Not sure if that out weighs the benefits of the unbound armies (aka take whatever you want).  As I said previously though, I doubt you will see unbound armies commonly as most players don’t want to play against them.  If you look at a battle forged army vs a non-battled forged army (aka taking allies or whatever), I think those benefits really do shine.
  7. Primaris Powers – They way I read the White Dwarf seems to indicate this: you can only take the primaris power if you take all your psychic powers from the same discipline.  It is an extra power on top of whatever you generate.  Not sure how that will work out.  You would get an extra spell to use, but you are focusing all on one discipline.  Eh.
  8. Challenges – They are still in place.  Extra wounds caused in a challenge now carry over to the unit.  No more throwing the sergeant under the Abaddon bus.  Makes sense to me.  Challenges now become a much bigger threat.  No more sergeants taking the brunt of the pain while your chapter master beats up the enemy.  I like it, then again I am the guy that usually accepts challenges with his big combat characters so I can see how my guy stacks up.
  9. Shooting Phase – You now fire each type of weapon separately within a squad.  As in a tactical squad with bolters, a missile launcher, and a flamer would do the following.  Pick a weapon (probably the flamer), fire it (roll to hit, roll to wound), opponent takes his saves, removes casualties, then you move on to firing the next (bolters in this example) and repeat.  I think that will close the loop hole that currently exists in the game.  Right now, if I have 4 flamers and a bolter, the rules read that the flamers can allocate wounds to the enemy unit up to 24 inches away, since the bolter has 24 inch range.  It wasn’t a commonly exploited loop hole that I saw, but it did exist.
  10. Malestrom of War – 6 new missions (in addition the the eternal war missions) that use the new tactical objective cards.  You and your opponent will be playing different cards with different goals that change as you complete them and draw new ones.  The word being thrown about is it will make for a “dynamic” game, and I love this idea.  I am always for adding more mission variety.  Sounds like these malestrom ones could constantly be different.
  11. D Weapons – They are in the main book (since lords of war are in the main book).  They do now allow for invulnerable saves (unless your opponent rolls a 6 on the to wound/D weapon chart).  I like it.  Makes it possible to survive, but still keeps them as a strong weapon.  Personally, I still am not a huge fan of ranged D weapons in regular games of 40k, but we will see how these new rules work out.
  12. Flying Monstorous Creatures – Only take a grounding test now if they take a wound in the shooting phase.  Repeat, only 1 grounding test if you wound them in the shooting phase.  Suddenly those birds are much harder to deal with.  Better start stocking up on skyfire weaponry.
  13. Allied Matrix – It has been revamped.  The talk of the internet is that Tau and Space Marines are no longer battle bros.  I was never that scared by that combo.  It was the Tau-Eldar that scared me.  No mention though if they changed how allies worked now.  Please don’t let stupid things like orks and tau ally.  The tau fluff specifically states that they never work with orks.

I think that about covers it.  Or at least that covers the major changes that I can remember.  I am getting pretty pumped up for the new addition.  Can’t wait for the 24th.  How about You

Orks iz Da Best!

For once, I would like to put my ideas down on how a book maybe improved.  Turns out a lot of the ideas that the Primarch and I had may actually be a reality in 7th edition.  Mainly, changing the damage chart to 7 is a destroyed results in stead of 6.  Well, to late to say how I would improve 7th, so I wanted to talk about how my beloved Orks could be improved.

The simplest process to go about this is to identify their weakness.  To name a few: strength 3 boyz, non-fearless warbosses, lack of anti-air, boyz low durability, and poor heavy support options.  Lets start off with the boyz.

Strength 3 boyz hurts.  If you don’t get the charge you hit with the same strength as a guardsmen.  Really?  It really hurts any of your dedicated combat units.  You can really notice the difference with nobz being base strength 4.  My solution, make the choppa +1 strength.  It would give another reason to run slugga choppa boyz, now being base strength 4 with 3 attacks each.  You can keep furious charge on everything, so strength 5 with 4 attacks on the charge.  Suddenly the beloved shoota boy is not so amazing.  Keep their armor light (aka 6+) so they can be killed out of combat really easily.  Makes a great risk reward choice for the ork player.

Non-fearless warbosses.  Seriously, this drives me insane.  My nob squad with warboss numbers 11 models.  Lose two and now I am ld 9.  I have been run down so many times it’s not even funny.  Even a boss pole can’t save me.  Make warbosses fearless.  If not fearless, then at least stubborn.  Seriously.  If I have to watch kaptain klaw and his nobz get run down again due to some horrible rolls, I may cry orky tears.  I wouldn’t even care if you increased the points of the warboss to reflect his new usefulness.  I would gladly pay more to make a warboss fearless.

Lack of anti-air.  Now, I hear you airboyz shouting, “What about the Dakka Jet”.  It’s good, I often run 2 in my list.  It’s BS 2 base with 6 strength 6 shots, twin linked.  The best I can do is glance out a helldrake or stormraven.  If I am lucky.  Yes you can upgrade him to BS3 and 9 shots.  Just give me more options, like a flakk track or something.  Or let stromboyz attack flyers.  Who wouldn’t love to see that?

Low boyz durability.  Boyz die in droves.  Generally I am okay with this.  My complaint is there seems to be no way to protect them without making them stupidly expensive (cyborg bodies or ‘eavy armor).  So, if I want to make my boyz survivable, I need to make them 10 or 11 points a piece?  I know there are ways around this (kustom force field, transports, hugging cover) but none of those play styles feel very orky to me. Solutions: decrease points cost (eh) or give me new options for durability.  Being able to take a pain boy instead of a nob or more than one squad having access to ‘eavy armor (at maybe 3 points a model) are both options.

Lastly, poor heavy support options.  The only heavy support option I take regularly is the battlewagon.  Which is great, I love it.  I have taken every other option (even flash gitz) with little success.  Walkers (deff dreads and killa kans) are a whole other issue that needs to be addressed in the main rule book.  Looted wagons are far too expensive for a tank that might work and dies in a fire way to easily.  Flash Gitz are fun, but unreliable.  They are also crazy expensive if you give them all the upgrades to make them more reliable.  I understand that unreliable wargear is an ork thing.  Just make them do more, like 2 shots base instead of 1 (which can be improved to 2 for 5 points a piece!)  Generally, I just want more options than deff rolla armed battle wagons.

Time will tell if I get my wishes.  I am excited to see some new life breathed into my orks.  I pretty much have 2 of everything in the ork collection, so I am well set when the new book drops.  Now I need to go practice my WAAAAGH, got to get it propa orky.

The Weekend Report: Preparing for 7th edition

Another weekend of gaming is complete, and I have learned a little more about my Iron Hands.  I got two games in, one against Our Lord Primarch’s new necrons, and one against Shorereaper’s tyranids.  A close loss against the necrons and a nice win against the tyrands.

I will admit, I was growing discouraged with my current Clan Sorrgol list (which can be found here).  I felt like I was really light on infantry and often did not have the lasting power to make it to turn 5.  I was down to literally 2 tactical marines at the bottom of turn 5 against the lord primarch but managed to knock his unit off an objective and put one of my guys on (who then managed to stay alive until the bottom of 7).  I learned with this marine list, just keep trying to go for the objectives.  Never give up, always try to play the objective instead of kill the opponent.

I also learned that I can’t find a way to keep my dreadnought alive.  Venerable Brother Ira is pretty much used for one thing now.  Drop down, kill something, then try to take something with you when he inevitably blows up.  He is never on the table for more than 1 turn.  I am toying with running him as a contemptor (since that is what the model is), but I would need to get a lucious pattern drop pod.

Which brings me to my next point.  I am preparing for 7th edition and the rumored ork release.  My hobby budget got stretched really thin lately with a wave of forge world models and my recent entry into Netrunner.  BTW, why is it that as soon as I buy cards for a new game, none of the guys at the shop show up anymore to play?  Anyway, I putting all purchases on hold until 7th edition.  I need to save up for the big rule book and the eventual wave of orky goodness.

Effectively, that puts Clan Sorrgol in a holding pattern.  I picked up the drop pod I needed to complete my current list, and that is it.  That army will stay as is until after 7th has been out for a bit and I have caught up on some painting.  I just don’t want to re-work my list, invest in new models, then find out with new 7th ed rules that they weren’t what I needed to buy to improve my lists.

The orks are getting the dust knock off them as well.  Rumor is that a new codex is due in June, so I want to get everything table ready so I can experiment when it is out.  I have tons of guys that need repairs, stripping, and painting.  I doubt I will get that much painting done, but I can repair and get the old paint off some of them pretty easily.

That sort of leaves the tau.  They were effectively shelved when the Iron Hands hit full speed.  I don’t expect them to see much table time in the near future unless 7th ed really changes things up.  Honestly, they aren’t that fun to play right now.  It’s a point and click army, plus you almost never have an opponent that is happy to be on the receiving end.  I will probably bust them out to see how much 7th ed has changed the power curve at some point.

Before I go, I wanted to make mention of the Battle Scroll program that has been put into motion at Critical Hit.  They have made what appear to be parchment scrolls out of wooden dowel rods and cloth for each player who wants one.  You have you name stenciled on and can earn a number of different achievements to have placed on your scroll.  This ranges from painting 1000 points of an army, to playing in certain in store events, to winning an in store tournament.  There is also win tally marks, which you earn by playing other players in store.

The cool part is that there are little hooks next to the gaming tables so you can hang your scroll up next to you while you play.  So far I have my ork and vampire counts badge, a sigmar’s comet for having 2000 points of a fantasy army painted, and my first kill tally, courtesy of Shorereaper.

That about does it for this post weekend report.  I guess it’s time to be responsible and get some work done around the house.  Let me know what sort of articles you would like to see more off.  I have been trying to do a mix lately, but if you see something you want to hear more about (or less about) just let me know.