Return of the Rhino Rush?




Hello readers, Ralshenik here to discuss a couple of things about 7th edition.  At this point most of you have probably heard the lunacy regarding things from the psychic phase to daemonology.  You’ve probably also heard about the demise of many of the top lists from 6th edition; Ovesha Star, Daemon Flying Circus, and (to some extent) the Eldar Seer Council.  Even the space marine list featuring white scar bikers and a billion grav guns took an (albeit slight) hit as they now must snapfire to gain their jinx save.  One type of army notably missing from the top was the fabled Rhino Rush.

It’s safe to say 6th edition might have been an all time low point for mechanized space marine armies.  After being a dominant force through 5th Rhino/Razorback Rush lists took a backseat to flyers, monstrous creatures, and psychic deathstars.  Now however the times have changed.

Thanks to GW dishing the nerfbat to Flying Monstrous Creatures, Smash Atks/Vector Strikes, Killing the Buff Commander/Riptide Combo, forcing Wave Serpents to pick between durability and firepower, and bringing the Helldrake down a peg (with the recent FAQ’s).  Rhino’s are back to being a prime candidate in any marine player’s army.

But why you may ask?  I mean they still get glanced to death as easily as before right?  So a few units who were REALLY good at killing them aren’t so much anymore, big deal. What makes the little metal boxes so useful again?  In short, two words that you will hear quite a bit of this edition; Objective Secured.

Now that quite literally EVERYTHING in the game can score many thought troops would become a thing of the past, not so fast, the best way to think of troops now is actually “Super Scoring Units”.  With the Objective Secured rule they hold any objective regardless of whether an enemy scoring unit is contesting it (unless they also have OS).  In fact I would go as far as saying troops are even more vital now with everything scoring than they were when only troops could score.

The name of the game now is mobile infantry that can grab/deny Tactical Obj’s quickly and get back to safety.  MSU (Multiple Small Unit) builds are going to be very strong in this new edition as kill point missions were their main drawback and that mission has become much more rare.

This leaves us with the Rhino, a mobile bunker that can score and has OS while transporting 1 (possibly 2) unit/s who also have OS.  If you think about it, the OS rule itself kind of kills the whole deathstar build anyway.  Why should I care about your one super unit when I have 18+ scoring units with OS?  You only have 5-6 turns, I can do math, you won’t be able to kill off all my OS by the end of the game.

Just two weeks ago the idea that MSU marines could beat a seer council was crazy talk, now you wonder why the seer council would even bother trying!  We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what the OS rule means for the game.  When I come back, we’ll take a look at some potential list builds to get the most out of this rule.

3 thoughts on “Return of the Rhino Rush?

  1. I was thinking the same but with drop pods.
    Using the entire board and tactical part of games is what I like about 7th edition seems abit more balanced.
    I can’t wait to play a game

    • Drop pods are solid, I just like the mobility of Rhinos, I suppose nothing is more mobile than planting down wherever you want though =P

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