First Game in Seventh (Shorereaper)

Yesterday, like a lot of you, I got my first game in seventh edition at Critical Hit. It was a 2000-point game between my Tyranids and the Eldar, and I lost. We played one of the new Maelstrom Missions and the game took about 4 hours to play. This is much longer than it usually takes to play a game.

Now, rather than gove you a battle summary, I want to give some small opinions of about some of the new rules and the new mission. Playing the Maelstrom scenario, any strategy I had going into the game went out the window by turn one. For example, I drew a card that would give me a victory point if I controlled objective X by the end of my turn. Well, I had infiltrated some genestealers past that objective with the intent of attacking the Eldar. Instead, I had to turn them around and have them secure the one objective. They were my only unit in the area. So, rather then stick to my original plan, I went for the points, and that seems to be how the Maelstrom games play. Turn by turn tactics, not a game long strategy.

Now, the new psychic phase.  I had such a hard time in this game getting my powers off. The elder didn’t block everything, but with the amount of dice my opponent was able to get, I struggled to get my powers off. And it is a lot easier to perils, in fact I periled three times, although once was able to benefit me. A great example of my struggles is when I tried casting catalyst (gives me feel no pain), got it off with perils, then my opponent denied the witch. So, not only did my Swarmlord injure himself, he didn’t even get the power that would have helped with that peril. There is also this ongoing discussion about GW FAQing the Tyranids Shadows of the Warp. I personally believe that they will not change this rule at all. The rule currently makes it so that psykers leadership is -3 when they are within 12 inches of a Tyranid Psyker. That -3 is all the time, not just in the psychic phase and that can do a lot of damager if someone roles the perils. Of course, I say that after it did nothing for me in my game.

I am not making up my mind about this new edition yet. I did have fun playing yesterday, and it was a close game, with the final score was 14 to 16, and hopefully with more time the game speed will pick up. Four hours is a long time to play one 2000 point game, and I don’t even think we had the longest game of the day.

And what happened in Severus’s and Ralshenik’s game is even more entertain

3 thoughts on “First Game in Seventh (Shorereaper)

  1. I think that learning a new edition and rule set, even if the core is the same, is bound to make games a little longer during the first few weeks…

  2. I played a single game using the new rules and mission cards, but noticed some big issues that kind of screw the game up. First and foremost, the game can now be won purely by drawing better cards. For example, I start my troops on three objectives and proceed to get cards that say to capture those three objectives. Automatic 3 points earned with no effort. Example 2: in the same game my opponent gets a card for destroying a unit in the shooting phase – with a tyranid army. It’s not impossible, just difficult. And there is the issue I’ve heard from others of impossible cards to fulfill – one that says to kill a flyer for a point when your opponent has no flyers. Yes, you can trade it in next turn, but by then you’ve lost a turn to make a point and your opponent hasn’t. I think there should be house rules that say to redraw if you get an impossible to fulfill card.

    • I do agree. In both games I played, I ran into cards that were impossible to score. For example, Kill the opponents psyker by the end of the turn, except I already did that in a prior turn. There are issues, but I actually like the idea of objective cards.
      As Severus stated in another blog, there really needs to be some in house rules. If the objective card is impossible, you should be allowed a redraw. After all, it is supposed to be fun for all of us.

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