King of the Hill (of 6th Edition)

hank devilIn preparation for an upcoming series on which army gets the biggest bump and nerf from 7th edition, I decided I should probably get down what the current hierarchy is in my opinion.  This should give you a chance to give me some feedback to work with before we come out with the biggest winners and losers.

To be clear, I have played against every army in 6th ed with the exception of grey knights (although I have seen them played in my area).  For the sake of keeping things simple, we are going to lump in all the codex supplements with their parents right now.  I have also taken a look at stats from various large tournaments to see who is most popular and who has the highest win rates.

Here is what I have come up with

  1. Chaos Daemons
  2. Eldar
  3. Tau
  4. Nids
  5. Space Marines
  6. Necrons
  7. Imperial Guard
  8. Chaos Space Marines
  9. Dark Eldar
  10. Grey Knights
  11. Dark Angels
  12. Space Wolves
  13. Orks
  14. Blood Angels
  15. Sisters of Battle

Now, you may not agree with the exact order I have placed the armies in.  Thats fine.  If you break them down into three tiers (1-5, 6-10, and 11-15), I think we could all agree on that.  With the exception of one, Imperial Guard.  I wanted to rank them higher.  I see lots of potential in the new book.  I just haven’t seen it be effective on the table yet.

Feel free to tell me what you think.  Like I said, the point of this is to try to get an idea of where everything stands right now so we can better judge each armies rise or fall as we enter 7th edition.

5 thoughts on “King of the Hill (of 6th Edition)

  1. The only changes I see would be grey knights a bit higher up an codex marines a bit lower. Which saddens me because I am a Marine player. I am working on finding that list that works for me, but I keep failing.

  2. I think it’s very difficult to order armies like this with the Allies mechanic in place, so props for the effort. I would definitely have Nids further down and Wolves higher up though. Nids have not really impacted the scene too much courtesy of being a majorly close combat army and their complete lack of allies. While a pure Wolves list has actually won a big tournament in the UK and they have definitely been considered one of the top allies in the game for at least half of the edition. In short, Nids are not Tier 1 and Wolves are not Tier 3

  3. I ranked nids high and space wolves low probably based on first hand experience rather than tournament data. In our local group, the space wolves lists got hit really hard in 6th and quickly those players lost a lot then drifted away. Nids saw a big bump with biomancy and then there book dropped and have been quite good with lots of flying monstrous creatures. I could see wolves moving up a bit, but no one is really playing them that aggressively that I have seen. What tournament are you talking about Tom? I would be really interested in seeing the list that won.

    Generally, I am trying to ignore allies and just focus on each codexes strength as a stand alone.

    Jason, like I said, I haven’t personally felt the wrath of greyknights, so they could definitely be higher if I had some more first hand experience with them. Space marines are pretty solid right now (and as a sneak preview, will probably see a big bump with 7th ed). We have lots of marine players in our group and they are seeing a big turn out in the tournament scenes from what I can tell.

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