What We Think We Know About 7th Edition

Well, the rumor mill is swirling with information now.  Most of which appears to be credible, as it is taken from images from the book via Jervis Johnson’s video or from Friday’s White Dwarf.  Let’s see if we can make a list of what we know so far about 7th edition.

  1. The psychic phase – you will generate a pool of dice (D6+combined mastery levels) from which you can attempt to cast.  Your opponent has a pool also which they can use to deny you.  Some of the less credible rumors state that you can only every use mastery level +1d6 worth of dice (so a level 1 would be able to cast with 2 dice).  Still not sure what is needed to cast or deny.  Perils on a double 1 or double 6, with it’s own perils chart now.  There are no casting values on the leaked psychic powers page.  Other rumors state that you need a 4+ per dice to count as a success.  They also state that you need to have success equal to the warp charges (so a three warp charge spell would need to roll 3 dice and get 4+ on all of them).  I am not sure about that last part, sounds a little wonky to me.  It would definitely make powers less reliable though.
  2. Vehicle Damage Chart – Haven’t seen much around the net on this, but in the Friday’s White Dwarf, it states that the vehicle destroyed result is now a 7 on the chart rather than a 6.  This should make dedicated anti-tank weapons more valuable.  I am not sure it solves the issue of hull points whittling down a vehicle quickly.
  3. Daemonology – Two new psychic disciplines, one of which is leaked in the White Dwarf.  The spells look really strong, three of them allow you to summon deamons (everything from troops, to heralds, to greater daemons).  They all are warp charge 2 or 3.  So if you believe the above statements about the psychic phase, you will need to bring at best a lvl 2 and roll 3 dice, get the 4’s, not be countered by your opponent, then you can sacrifice yourself for a greater daemon.  Powerful? Yes.  Broken, maybe.  We will see who can access it and how easy it is to get off in reality.
  4. Difficult Terrain – Now is a -2 to movement.  Seems simpler, and more reliable.  No more will my terminators trip over trees for 3 turns.
  5. Scoring units – Now everything is scoring.  Interesting to note, dedicated transports now take on the force org slot of the unit that buys them.  So a drop pod with tactical marines counts as a troop (which is scoring, and possibly can’t be denied).  Seems really strong.  Of course, there could be a line in the book that says vehicles can never score (which I would be okay with) that negates all of that.
  6. Battle Forged – I believe it is when you take your whole army from one codex (aka no allies, no unbound).  Re-rolling your warlord trait and you troops now have Objective Secured.  That means your troops can score and can not be denied unless the enemy unit also has Objective Secured.  Not sure if that out weighs the benefits of the unbound armies (aka take whatever you want).  As I said previously though, I doubt you will see unbound armies commonly as most players don’t want to play against them.  If you look at a battle forged army vs a non-battled forged army (aka taking allies or whatever), I think those benefits really do shine.
  7. Primaris Powers – They way I read the White Dwarf seems to indicate this: you can only take the primaris power if you take all your psychic powers from the same discipline.  It is an extra power on top of whatever you generate.  Not sure how that will work out.  You would get an extra spell to use, but you are focusing all on one discipline.  Eh.
  8. Challenges – They are still in place.  Extra wounds caused in a challenge now carry over to the unit.  No more throwing the sergeant under the Abaddon bus.  Makes sense to me.  Challenges now become a much bigger threat.  No more sergeants taking the brunt of the pain while your chapter master beats up the enemy.  I like it, then again I am the guy that usually accepts challenges with his big combat characters so I can see how my guy stacks up.
  9. Shooting Phase – You now fire each type of weapon separately within a squad.  As in a tactical squad with bolters, a missile launcher, and a flamer would do the following.  Pick a weapon (probably the flamer), fire it (roll to hit, roll to wound), opponent takes his saves, removes casualties, then you move on to firing the next (bolters in this example) and repeat.  I think that will close the loop hole that currently exists in the game.  Right now, if I have 4 flamers and a bolter, the rules read that the flamers can allocate wounds to the enemy unit up to 24 inches away, since the bolter has 24 inch range.  It wasn’t a commonly exploited loop hole that I saw, but it did exist.
  10. Malestrom of War – 6 new missions (in addition the the eternal war missions) that use the new tactical objective cards.  You and your opponent will be playing different cards with different goals that change as you complete them and draw new ones.  The word being thrown about is it will make for a “dynamic” game, and I love this idea.  I am always for adding more mission variety.  Sounds like these malestrom ones could constantly be different.
  11. D Weapons – They are in the main book (since lords of war are in the main book).  They do now allow for invulnerable saves (unless your opponent rolls a 6 on the to wound/D weapon chart).  I like it.  Makes it possible to survive, but still keeps them as a strong weapon.  Personally, I still am not a huge fan of ranged D weapons in regular games of 40k, but we will see how these new rules work out.
  12. Flying Monstorous Creatures – Only take a grounding test now if they take a wound in the shooting phase.  Repeat, only 1 grounding test if you wound them in the shooting phase.  Suddenly those birds are much harder to deal with.  Better start stocking up on skyfire weaponry.
  13. Allied Matrix – It has been revamped.  The talk of the internet is that Tau and Space Marines are no longer battle bros.  I was never that scared by that combo.  It was the Tau-Eldar that scared me.  No mention though if they changed how allies worked now.  Please don’t let stupid things like orks and tau ally.  The tau fluff specifically states that they never work with orks.

I think that about covers it.  Or at least that covers the major changes that I can remember.  I am getting pretty pumped up for the new addition.  Can’t wait for the 24th.  How about You

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  1. I have been looking forward to 7th since the rumors that included a rough date hit. It will change some thing for the bad, some for the good and some changes won’t matter. Over all, I am optimistic and hopeful. We shall see however

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