Orks iz Da Best!

For once, I would like to put my ideas down on how a book maybe improved.  Turns out a lot of the ideas that the Primarch and I had may actually be a reality in 7th edition.  Mainly, changing the damage chart to 7 is a destroyed results in stead of 6.  Well, to late to say how I would improve 7th, so I wanted to talk about how my beloved Orks could be improved.

The simplest process to go about this is to identify their weakness.  To name a few: strength 3 boyz, non-fearless warbosses, lack of anti-air, boyz low durability, and poor heavy support options.  Lets start off with the boyz.

Strength 3 boyz hurts.  If you don’t get the charge you hit with the same strength as a guardsmen.  Really?  It really hurts any of your dedicated combat units.  You can really notice the difference with nobz being base strength 4.  My solution, make the choppa +1 strength.  It would give another reason to run slugga choppa boyz, now being base strength 4 with 3 attacks each.  You can keep furious charge on everything, so strength 5 with 4 attacks on the charge.  Suddenly the beloved shoota boy is not so amazing.  Keep their armor light (aka 6+) so they can be killed out of combat really easily.  Makes a great risk reward choice for the ork player.

Non-fearless warbosses.  Seriously, this drives me insane.  My nob squad with warboss numbers 11 models.  Lose two and now I am ld 9.  I have been run down so many times it’s not even funny.  Even a boss pole can’t save me.  Make warbosses fearless.  If not fearless, then at least stubborn.  Seriously.  If I have to watch kaptain klaw and his nobz get run down again due to some horrible rolls, I may cry orky tears.  I wouldn’t even care if you increased the points of the warboss to reflect his new usefulness.  I would gladly pay more to make a warboss fearless.

Lack of anti-air.  Now, I hear you airboyz shouting, “What about the Dakka Jet”.  It’s good, I often run 2 in my list.  It’s BS 2 base with 6 strength 6 shots, twin linked.  The best I can do is glance out a helldrake or stormraven.  If I am lucky.  Yes you can upgrade him to BS3 and 9 shots.  Just give me more options, like a flakk track or something.  Or let stromboyz attack flyers.  Who wouldn’t love to see that?

Low boyz durability.  Boyz die in droves.  Generally I am okay with this.  My complaint is there seems to be no way to protect them without making them stupidly expensive (cyborg bodies or ‘eavy armor).  So, if I want to make my boyz survivable, I need to make them 10 or 11 points a piece?  I know there are ways around this (kustom force field, transports, hugging cover) but none of those play styles feel very orky to me. Solutions: decrease points cost (eh) or give me new options for durability.  Being able to take a pain boy instead of a nob or more than one squad having access to ‘eavy armor (at maybe 3 points a model) are both options.

Lastly, poor heavy support options.  The only heavy support option I take regularly is the battlewagon.  Which is great, I love it.  I have taken every other option (even flash gitz) with little success.  Walkers (deff dreads and killa kans) are a whole other issue that needs to be addressed in the main rule book.  Looted wagons are far too expensive for a tank that might work and dies in a fire way to easily.  Flash Gitz are fun, but unreliable.  They are also crazy expensive if you give them all the upgrades to make them more reliable.  I understand that unreliable wargear is an ork thing.  Just make them do more, like 2 shots base instead of 1 (which can be improved to 2 for 5 points a piece!)  Generally, I just want more options than deff rolla armed battle wagons.

Time will tell if I get my wishes.  I am excited to see some new life breathed into my orks.  I pretty much have 2 of everything in the ork collection, so I am well set when the new book drops.  Now I need to go practice my WAAAAGH, got to get it propa orky.

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