The Weekend Report: Preparing for 7th edition

Another weekend of gaming is complete, and I have learned a little more about my Iron Hands.  I got two games in, one against Our Lord Primarch’s new necrons, and one against Shorereaper’s tyranids.  A close loss against the necrons and a nice win against the tyrands.

I will admit, I was growing discouraged with my current Clan Sorrgol list (which can be found here).  I felt like I was really light on infantry and often did not have the lasting power to make it to turn 5.  I was down to literally 2 tactical marines at the bottom of turn 5 against the lord primarch but managed to knock his unit off an objective and put one of my guys on (who then managed to stay alive until the bottom of 7).  I learned with this marine list, just keep trying to go for the objectives.  Never give up, always try to play the objective instead of kill the opponent.

I also learned that I can’t find a way to keep my dreadnought alive.  Venerable Brother Ira is pretty much used for one thing now.  Drop down, kill something, then try to take something with you when he inevitably blows up.  He is never on the table for more than 1 turn.  I am toying with running him as a contemptor (since that is what the model is), but I would need to get a lucious pattern drop pod.

Which brings me to my next point.  I am preparing for 7th edition and the rumored ork release.  My hobby budget got stretched really thin lately with a wave of forge world models and my recent entry into Netrunner.  BTW, why is it that as soon as I buy cards for a new game, none of the guys at the shop show up anymore to play?  Anyway, I putting all purchases on hold until 7th edition.  I need to save up for the big rule book and the eventual wave of orky goodness.

Effectively, that puts Clan Sorrgol in a holding pattern.  I picked up the drop pod I needed to complete my current list, and that is it.  That army will stay as is until after 7th has been out for a bit and I have caught up on some painting.  I just don’t want to re-work my list, invest in new models, then find out with new 7th ed rules that they weren’t what I needed to buy to improve my lists.

The orks are getting the dust knock off them as well.  Rumor is that a new codex is due in June, so I want to get everything table ready so I can experiment when it is out.  I have tons of guys that need repairs, stripping, and painting.  I doubt I will get that much painting done, but I can repair and get the old paint off some of them pretty easily.

That sort of leaves the tau.  They were effectively shelved when the Iron Hands hit full speed.  I don’t expect them to see much table time in the near future unless 7th ed really changes things up.  Honestly, they aren’t that fun to play right now.  It’s a point and click army, plus you almost never have an opponent that is happy to be on the receiving end.  I will probably bust them out to see how much 7th ed has changed the power curve at some point.

Before I go, I wanted to make mention of the Battle Scroll program that has been put into motion at Critical Hit.  They have made what appear to be parchment scrolls out of wooden dowel rods and cloth for each player who wants one.  You have you name stenciled on and can earn a number of different achievements to have placed on your scroll.  This ranges from painting 1000 points of an army, to playing in certain in store events, to winning an in store tournament.  There is also win tally marks, which you earn by playing other players in store.

The cool part is that there are little hooks next to the gaming tables so you can hang your scroll up next to you while you play.  So far I have my ork and vampire counts badge, a sigmar’s comet for having 2000 points of a fantasy army painted, and my first kill tally, courtesy of Shorereaper.

That about does it for this post weekend report.  I guess it’s time to be responsible and get some work done around the house.  Let me know what sort of articles you would like to see more off.  I have been trying to do a mix lately, but if you see something you want to hear more about (or less about) just let me know.

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