Hello, My Name is Severus and I have Gaming OCD

I think it’s time to take a look at a disease that has been affecting members of our gaming community for years now:  Gaming OCD.  It’s real, as my friends and fiancé can attest to.  It takes many forms and manifests in many different ways.  I am sure many of you have Gaming OCD but just don’t realize it yet.  And admitting the problem is half the battle.

Lets start with myself as an example and see if this rings any bells.  I CAN NOT leave new models unassembled.  I have a need to build whatever new model I get as soon as possible.  As in, I will sit down in the middle of a store open the box and start building.  I never come to a store without my clippers, hobby knife, and glue.  If I can resist the urge long enough to get home I will stay up all night to finish the modeling.  Several weeks ago I assembled, magnetized and primed a landraider, 10 mk 3 marines, a contemptor dread, an iron father, and a tau tetra in one sitting.  The kicker is I had 9 days off work, plenty of time to hobby at my leisure.  Instead, I crammed it all into one Sunday afternoon.

The second way my OCD manifests is in magnets.  I magnetize everything I can.  If a model has multiple builds, I always try to make every option magnetized even if I never plan on taking those options.  I have magnetized all the arms for my ork nobz.  I have magnetized every missile and bomb for my dakka jets.  I have magnetized every weapon option for my land raider (even a terminus ultra conversion kit, although I still need the side twin-linked lascannons).  I magnetize my sergeants.  The list goes on.

Those are just my quirks though.  I have seen many other examples of these quirks.  Example, drilling out your bolters or other similar weapons.  Yes, it looks better than the painted on black dot.  Once you start though, you can’t stop.  Using two sets of decals (solid tactical arrows and outlines of tactical arrows) on a tactical squad to mark out the combat squads.  Different color base rims for different squads.  The list goes on.  They all seem reasonable and designed to make the game play smoother, but in the end they become an obsession.

Those are mostly hobby examples, and maybe some of you can’t relate to those.  Here is one we all know about.  Dice.  Guys always have some weird rules with their dice.  Never letting your opponent touch yours, never re-using successful dice, only re-using successful dice, lucky dice, unlucky dice, the list goes on and on.

So, what’s the point of all this?  I guess there isn’t one.  Maybe we can all have a good laugh this weekend as we watch each other manifest our OCD’s in different ways.  As always, I will be down at Critical Hit games for the weekend.  If any of you readers are in the area and want to stop in, be sure to say hi.

One thought on “Hello, My Name is Severus and I have Gaming OCD

  1. Hmm, yeah, I definitely have a few…habits…that are probably over the top in the eyes of many!

    I do indeed drill holes into my bolters, which sometimes backfires when the drill is not quite centered. I also do a fair amount of magnatizing, though not nearly as much as Severus. I have however done quite a lot of converting over the years. Building my own wave serpent wrecks, Eldar Aurora Defense Barrier (Aegis Defense Line), complete with weapon. And yes, it is the correct length and height. I have also built a complete seer council on jetbikes with two farseers. Maybe one day I will get to put them on the table again =(. I also built a Baron Sathonyx model, and used him twice just to see what all the hype was about…that was before the new codex though… When the Codex did come out, I built a magnetized board to track what powers each warlock has…can’t imagine doing that for a council on foot…I’ll need to find a good way to mark each one. Individual runes on the robes maybe?

    For fantasy I also built my own spell book, painting each lore’s pages with iconic runes/graphics. Unfortunately I am a terrible artist, but it looks passable enough on the whole!

    As for dice, I’m not really superstitious, though sometimes I do wonder (like rolling five 1s last Saturday in a single throw). However, I do have a different Chessex dice cube for each army that I play! Matching colors of course. Oh and special dice for power and dispel in fantasy.

    I’m sure that I do plenty of other things in the hobby that seem strange and/or exteme, but I see it all as ways to enhance the experience, so I for one embrace my quirks!

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