7th Edition Preview Reactions

Well, some photos of this friday’s white dwarf are making the rounds on the internet.  Here is a link to the photos.  If you read through them, they hint at some of the big reveals for 7th edition.

First off, the force organization chart.  I am not sure what bonuses you will get for the battle forged army, but I don’t think that will matter.  The idea of an unbound army list is so anathema to what we do on a regular basis, I doubt it will be widely adopted by the community.  It could be fun for some random games, but I doubt it will be a consistent form of play.

I am excited about the tactical objectives.  It sounds like it can really change how we play.   If you mission goals are shifting as the game goes, it could force a very different style of play for some armies.  If I read it correctly, it sounds like there could even be asymmetric missions.  In other words, both sides playing towards different objectives.  I had the chance to play a mission like that in a campaign and it was alot of fun.

The psychic phase was the last big reveal.  It sounds a lot like fantasy’s magic phase.  You have a specific phase to manifest powers from a dice pool that is affected by your psychers.  Your opponent also has a pool of dice to try to stop you.  There is even a chart for perils.  I love this idea.  It really brings a element of balance to psychic powers, since your really had no way to fight them effectively before in most cases.  On the other side, the caster will have to really pick and choose what powers are important and need to be pushed through this turn.

It looks like the book should be hitting the streets on the 24th.  I am excited for it.  I know a lot of us are mad we need to buy a new rule book.  I for one am glad it sounds like a significant change from 6th to 7th.  Not that I feel 6th is bad.  If I need to shell out for a new big rule book, I want it to actually be different than the one I currently own.

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  1. I’m very excited about this release, can’t wait to try out Daemonology, hope it’s not disappointing!

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