My Weekend Routine: Iron Hands vs Minotaurs Results

A glorious battle was had on Saturday, with several legionnaires showing up to test there mettle.  As planned, Augustus and I squared off with the Minotaurs and Iron Hands.  We had Brother A-Bomb setup a table with suitable terrain for the narrative we were about to forge.  Apparently the Iron Hands “harsh” treatment of Imperial Guard units during there recent campaigns have drawn the Minotaurs attention.

Lists were as I described them in the previous post.  We rolled up purge the aliens (not sure who the alien is in this case) and dawn of war deployment.  I won first turn.  I deployed in a nice tight formation, land raider and vindicator in the center, rhinos surrounding.  Augustus didn’t seize, so I had first turn.

My dreadnought came in, so I dropped him on the middle of the table.  I moved up the rest of my vehicles in the center.  I had terrain on all sides of me, so I hoped to either slow down the minotaurs as the walked through it or gain some cover for my vehicles.  I should have popped smoke, but I totally forgot.

Augustus started off his turn by dropping a pod of tactical marines and the honor guard on my right flank in some ruined buildings and another tactical squad on my left flank.  He managed to penetrate the land raider twice, but only managed a weapon destroyed results (the assualt cannon) and to shake the land raider.

I responded turn two with my terminators deepstriking near the center of the board.  I had hoped that I could draw out the honor guard and maybe assault them as the left the building, but I didn’t want to be to close and give them the charge (Enkomi gives them rage).  My storm talon lined up to shoot the tactical marines on my left flank, I wanted to try to put as much space between my guys and the honor guard as I could.  My shooting accounted for half a tactical squad (the one on my left flank) and a few of the honor guard.  The dreadnought charged into the depleted tactical squad, but was killed by a meltabomb.

I am having trouble remembering all the details, hopefully Augustus can fill in any gaps I have.  I believe turn two was when he destroyed the land raider and my storm talon.  The rhino near the center of the table was destroyed.  The vindicator was destroyed by charging marines.  I believe it was Enkomi who killed the land raider in close combat.  The sternguard got out on my left flank, trying to stay away from the honor guard.

Turn 3 I figured that since I had one tactical squad out of a rhino, another immobolized, and the sternguard now out of the land raider, it was time to disembark all my troops.  I got two tactical squads out near my table edge where another minotaur tactical squad had dropped in last turn.  The terminators started the slow walk back towards my board edge, trying to chase down the honor guard.  My shooting finished off the injured tactical squad and took the one squad that came down in the ruins down to 3 marines.  I also killed 3 or 4 of the tactical marines from the squad in my deployment zone.

Augustus’ retaliation was painful.  His stormtalon and storm raven shot up some of my marines and killed a terminator (I think I had lost two at this point).  His sternguard dropped down behind mine and manage to kill 5 of them.  The honor guard charged one of my tactical squads I had in my deployment zone and my other tactical squad in my zone with his that I had just shot up.  THe honor guard slaughtered there targets, the other fight of tactical marines vs tactical marines was a draw.

Turn 4 I felt the game start to slip away from me.  I had done a lot of damage, but had not managed to finish off that many squads.  I dropped the orbital bombardment on the minotaur sternguard and killed 6!  The tactical marines I had in the center of the board moved over and shot the sternguard some more, taking them down to 1 marine.  My sternguard didn’t account for much, they had gone to ground to avoid dying last turn.  The combat of tactical squad vs tactical squad was a pillow fight.

Augusts moved the flyers (all in hove mode by this point) into positions to keep shooting at my troops.  He rain the lone sternguard off to hide and continued to try to hide the tactical squad that was down to 3 men in the center ruin.  Shooting destroyed the last of my rhinos and drop pod at this point (more kill points).  I believe this is when my center tactical squad was shot up and whittled down to 3.  The honor guard ran in and killed my tactical squad that was locked in combat in my deployment zone.

Turn 5 I really was behind on kill points.  I charged the sternguard off down my left flank at a hovering stormtalon and the running minotaur sternguard.  They managed to kill the stormtalon in combat.  The terminators moved back to my board edge and assualt a drop pod to get a kill point.  The last tactical squad tried to kill the other stormtalon with a meltagun but failed. They then failed the charge to kill the stormtalon.

Turn 5 for Augustus; the tactical squad was shot to death by the flyers.  The honor guard moved up the board edge and managed to assualt and kill my sternguard. He could have consolidated his honorguard away from my terminators at that point, but he decided to head towards my terminators instead.  THe game was well and truly his at this point and we wanted a good fight.

Turn 6 and 7 (we rolled for it and it kept going) was just close combat between the honor guard with Enkomi and Moloc vs my three terminators and chapter master.  Of course there was a challenge between the two main men.  The terminators killed the honor guard and Enkomi after a few rounds.  My chapter master was whittled down to 1 wound and Moloc was down to 2.

Score at the end of the games was 13 to 7, Minotaurs.  Overall, a fun game.  My army preformed how I thought.  In the future I think I may get that drop pod for the sternguard.  I really like that idea.  I also need some anti-air.  Maybe a hunter or stalker?

Side Note:  I didn’t play 40k sunday, instead opting to play netrunner.  Its a LCG by Fantasy Flight Games that I have really fallen for hard.  Unfortunately the netrunner crowd is hit or miss at Crit.  I guess I should work on building that community as well.  Let me know if any of you guys are interested in playing.

One thought on “My Weekend Routine: Iron Hands vs Minotaurs Results

  1. Turn two I was fortunate enough to have most of my flyers arrive. I wanted to take no chances, so my Raven shot everything at Severus’ Talon.

    As I had expected, the land raider was very tough to overcome. A melta from a fresh tactical squad failed to do anything, so I was forced to assault it with my honour guard. I had 12 Str 8 attacks between Enkomi and the Chapter Champion, but they each needed two 6s to glance it to death, which, luckily, is exactly what I got.

    Because of the mission, neither of us divided units into combat squads. I think this helped me the most, because it allowed Moloc to annihilate entire squads. However, honour guard proved no match to terminators as we later discovered, so things would probably gone differently if the two chapter masters had met earlier in the game. I think Severus was right in fearing Moloc’s charge though.

    In the end I was left with Moloc at half wounds, 4 drop pods, a Talon with 1 hull point, my Raven, a lone sternguard and 6 tactical marines (3 in two squads). So, even though the numbers made the outcome look like a landslide, it was definitely a very bloody battle, and closely contested for most of it.

    This was also the first game where I was able to benefit from Moloc’s preferred enemy special rule. It was most useful for him personally ( he rolled 5 1s to wound at one point) but it did allow me to get a few more wounds than I would have otherwise. On the other hand, Severus’ chapter tactics failed him completely, as I think that he only make a single feel-no-pain save the entire game!

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