My Weekend Routine: Prepping for a Game

Well, it’s that time of the week again; time to start planning for the weekend.  This weekend I have a 40k game lined up between my Clan Sorrgol and Augustus’ Minotaurs.  We both started our respective armies at the same time, and now that both are purchased and assembled, it’s time to see how they fair against one another.

It should be an interesting match.  I am not changing my list, so you can take a look at that in last week’s post.  I doubt Augustus will be changing his either.  It’s a drop pod force with sternguard, 3 tactical squads, and an honor guard with Moloc and Enkomi all mounted in drop pods.  He runs a stormraven (empty) and two stormtalons as air support.

I have played against that list once before with a farsight enclave force.  It gave me a good idea of its strengths and weaknesses.  First off, drop pod assault can be a devastating alpha strike, so I need to be cautious about my setup and first turn movement if I go first.  There is a melta gun in just about every squad.  If I can spend turn one hiding in transports I could weather the alpha strike.

This should give me the chance to try to attack his force in waves with my entire force (minus the terminators that will have to deepstrike and the stromtalon).  The sternguard are a priority with there vengeance rounds being able to take down a lot of my marines.  I know it takes A LOT to bring down that honor guard with Moloc and Enkomi, so I will do my best to stay away from them until I can try to engage them with the terminators.

He will definitely have air superiority on me.  If my stormtalon comes out before his flyers, it is pretty much going to die.  I need to play conservative with it, hopefully it can take out a stormtalon or two before it goes down.

I am interested to see how the land raider redeemer does.  Its flamestorm cannons could cause a ton of damage to those tactical marines and sternguard if I can get it in range.  Maybe bubble wrap him with rhinos?

The other idea I had was use my armies mobility to stay away from the worst of the fighting.  Once those drop pods are down, those marines and honor guard are force to walk around.  If I can survive the alpha strike and pull my forces away, I can try to throw some ordnance at them with the vindicator.

The big fight though will be between Iron Father Telavec and Moloc.  We have rolled it out a few times to see who would win and they are tied 1 to 1 right now.  Honestly, I think Moloc has the edge.  If I can keep him and his honor guard tied up with Telavec and his terminators though, I will be happy.

We will see how it all turns out.  The Minotaurs have the advantage, there special rules reflect that they are designed to hunt down space marines.  My Iron Hands though have some resiliency on there side.   We should be playing at critical hit along with a few of the other legionaries, so come on down if you are in the area.  Stay tuned for the post weekend report.

2 thoughts on “My Weekend Routine: Prepping for a Game

  1. I think it should be a pretty close fight. Your list had a lot of AP 2/1 weapons, and I’m sure there will be more than a few models left standing thanks to FNP/IWND!

    Having preferred enemy will be nice, but I’ll have to remember that this does not apply to my vehicles. I think the land raider will be a hard nut to crack, and I’ll be rellying on a lucky melta shot to bring it down! Looking forward to the game.

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