7th or “Revised 6th”

Well, it seems that were are on the eve of a new rulebook and starter set.  Faeit broke with some rumors today that it may not be a true 7th edition but instead a “Revised 6th”.  This would be an incorporation of all the various rules (Big Rule Book, Escalation, Stronghold Assualt).

I am not sure which I would prefer at this point.  In terms of a true 7th edition, I honestly feel like it is kind of soon.  I personally would like every codex to be update in each edition.  I know that isn’t going to happen, but at least if they were trying it may level out the power curve a little.  That being said, if they did roll out a true 7th ed, we could see some big shifts in what is considered a strong codex.  Case in point blood angels from 5th edition to 6th.

A revised 6th edition is something that sits better with me.  I honestly feel like I haven’t gotten my mileage out of 6th edition yet.  A revised 6th that includes FAQ’s, Erratas, and a compilation of the various rule sets would be nice.  It is definitely a book I would consider picking up, even if my current 6th ed rule book was still viable.

Now, in terms of starter kits, there are two different rumors swirling around.  The first is a mini starter set featuring orks and blood angels.  The second is a kit eldar and astra militarum.  Now, as an ork player I want it to be the first.  Honestly though, I have trouble believing that GW would pull space marines out of there starter set.  So, I have trouble with the eldar/astra militarum rumors.

The rumored date is the 24th.  It’s going to be a long month with the rumor mills churning at full speed. I am sure we will see plenty of rumors coming.  Honestly in terms of content of the book, I probably won’t take anything seriously until about a week pre-release.  In the mean time though, I will enjoy the ride.

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